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Councils for treatment and prevention of diseases. Besides you will find useful information about symptoms and the possible reasons of diseases in the section. In total for preservation of your health!
Diseases: all articles
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Treatment of a SARS
Лечение ОРВИThe person in a year can have such disease as a SARS several times and if correctly not to treat him, it is possible to receive quite dangerous complications, such as an acute bronchitis, otitis and pneumonia.
Treatment of a holangit
Лечение холангитаHolangit is a disease which is characterized by existence of inflammatory processes in bilious channels of a liver. Thus together with a disease the person has dispepsichesky and painful syndromes. Holangit it is considered quite widespread illness, and the disease recently given began to meet approximately for 40% more often than earlier.
Illness Krone
Болезнь КронаIllness Krone – a little widespread, but the extremely dangerous disease. This heavy chronic inflammation of all digestive tract striking even a mouth and an anus. Most often men become hostages of pathology from 20 to 45 years, children in certain cases suffer.
Halyazion, symptoms and treatment
Халязион, симптомы и лечение Halyazion name the disease which is shown in the form of inflammatory process round edge of a sebaceous gland and a cartilage of an eyelid. It is known that sebaceous glands usually settle down in a century behind eyelashes. Can be in every century of these glands to 50-70 pieces. Exactly thanks to sebaceous glands of an eye remain damp.
Treatment of a trophic ulcer
Лечение трофической язвыTrophic ulcer call ulcer educations which arise because of violation of blood supply or a metabolism, often suppurate and long time do not heal. At once it is necessary to tell that the trophic ulcer is not considered as an independent disease because most often it develops in the form of complications of diabetes, atherosclerosis, a varicosity and other diseases.
Treatment of trachoma
Лечение трахомыTrachoma is a chronic inflammatory disease of a cornea of an eye and its mucous membrane. Perhaps, this one of the most unpleasant diseases of eyes. An inflammation at trachoma the usually bilateral. Thus there are small dense centers which are called as diffusion infiltrates.
Treatment of a syndrome of the angry intestines
Лечение синдрома раздраженного кишечника"Hurts, itself I do not know where …" - each of us faced the similar. It is very difficult to calculate some diseases at the most colourful symptomatology. When the person feels unpleasant feelings in intestines, but laboratory research does not show any aberrations, speak about the syndrome of the angry intestines (SAI).
Symptoms and treatment of bulimia
Симптомы и лечение булимииBulimia - quite widespread disease presently. The mental disorder which is shown as constant unsatiable feeling of hunger is its cornerstone. Today will tell about symptoms, treatment and consequences of bulimia.
Nodal craw of a thyroid gland
Узловой зоб щитовидной железыNodal craw usually call tumoral organic education on a thyroid gland which differs from the next fabric on the structure and a structure. Sometimes the nodal craw is also called thyroid gland knot.
The small tortoiseshell at children
Крапивница у детейPractically each parent faced such widespread disease as the small tortoiseshell. This skin illness is result of allergic reactions of a fragile organism of the kid, and is shown in the form of red inflammations on skin, a peeling and hypersensitivity.
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