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Councils for the aid to a family. The questions connected with the rights and duties of each of family members, relatives. And also recommendations to parents on education of the child, a choice and purchase of children's goods, etc.
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How to help the sluggish child
Как помочь медлительному ребенку"Oh, this dawdler. You speak quicker, and it does everything" even more slowly. These phrases are said day by day by many parents of sluggish children, even without suspecting about specific features of the children – slowness. Sluggish children are in own way special and demand a bit different approach in the course of education and development.
How to choose footwear to the kid
Как выбрать обувь малышуIt seemed that there will pass the whole eternity before my kid learns to turn over, then to sit, then to creep. But suddenly 10 months since birth flew by and the first attempts of my daughter independently to stand and stamp began. So, came to put on time these tiny and clumsy legs. And I decided to study this question in more detail.
Self-assessment of preschool children
Самооценка дошкольниковThe personality – concept rather wide also has some components. About one of them the speech will also go. So, a self-assessment – one of components of the personality. Represents the certain phenomenon which is actively developing and formed in the childhood. Therefore it is important to pay huge attention to development of a self-assessment of the child of preschool age (3-6 years).
The developing toys for the newborn
Развивающие игрушки для новорожденногоAt appearance of the newborn child young parents hurry in shops to choose the correct toys for physical and intellectual development of the kid. Modern producers offer the big range of goods, but on what really it is worth paying attention? Optimum toys for children since the birth – the rattles, mobiles developing rugs.
Crisis of three years at children
Кризис трех лет у детейSince the birth of our child we with the husband began to aspire more responsibly to the harmonious relations in a family. However began to note that during some periods our baby becomes too irritable. In this regard there was a need to learn in more detail about the characteristic features peculiar to children's age crises, for our case – crisis of three years.
Jealousy of the senior child
Ревность старшего ребенкаYou very much waited for birth of the second kid. Prepared for this joyful event of your first-born. The kid with pleasure led you to maternity hospital, rejoiced, looked forward to acquaintance to the kid. You came back home with the new member of your family. Also began … the first-born as ill luck would have it behaves as never earlier. The reason of similar children's behavior – jealousy.
How to prepare a holiday for children of 5-8 years
Как подготовить праздник для детей 5-8 летAny children's holiday will become as well your holiday if to show a little imagination and to prepare it all family. Very often small children of 5-8 years look forward to a holiday, and then are upset when it comes. It will not occur if to ask the child to help you with his organization. It becomes even more interesting to children, after all they think over all trifles.
Celebration of birthday of the child of 2-6 years
Празднование дня рождения ребенка 2-6 летThe question of birthday of the child is more important, than the adult's name-day. Here it is necessary to think over the scenario of its carrying out in advance: and that what will be a table, jewelry, and than to occupy children. It is necessary to make the menu of a holiday, to think up the program of games. It is clear, that the holiday with the main participation of two-year-old children sharply differs from birthday of the six-year-old child. Something special is interesting to each age.
How to choose the children's watercraft
Как выбрать детское плавсредствоWith arrival of summer on counters of shops various swimming means for all age and for every taste start appearing. Among them offer us both inflatable boats, and inflatable vests, rubber rings, and still there is a lot of only. As not to be lost among this variety and to choose what will suit your child?
How to pick up means of hygiene for the child
Как подобрать средства гигиены для ребенкаEach parent knows that from the first days of life the baby needs our protection, careful care and observance of rules of hygiene. Therefore responsible mothers and fathers from infancy impart to the child love to feeling of purity and need to support it. For safe leaving special means for children's hygiene are created.
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