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Articles about care of houseplants, flowers. Recommendations about cultivation of vegetables and fruit, useful tips according to the maintenance of a garden and kitchen garden.
Plants: all articles
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Cultivation of pumpkin
Выращивание тыквыTo grow up tasty, juicy, nutritious, beautiful pumpkins at the dacha, it is necessary to choose correctly for this culture a site, to pave the way, in a certain time to put seeds, and then carefully to look after landings.
Pear grades
Сорта грушиThere is an opinion that large, tasty pears grow only in south countries. In recent years selectors managed to remove many remarkable grades yielding big, sweet, juicy fruits not only in regions of a midland, but also in northern areas. As to choose a reliable grade of a pear for the garden which will soon please with good harvests of fruits?
Medicinal properties of a lavender
Лечебные свойства лавандыLavender – a long-term bush as which homeland the countries of the Mediterranean are considered. Many centuries people used this flower as natural fragrance. However, except delightful aroma, the lavender possesses a number of other useful qualities thanks to which it found broad application in medicine. In this article we will tell about medicinal properties of this plant.
Useful properties of a lofant
Полезные свойства лофантаThe Lofant – a surprising plant of which the simple inhabitant or does not know anything, or everything that he knows about it, half an invention. Curative properties of this fragrant grass opened very long time ago, maybe, even too long ago because over time round a lofant the haze of myths and hearings was formed.
Pear diseases
Болезни грушиHaving put an orchard, summer residents look forward to tasty and juicy fruits. But sometimes trees suffer from diseases that affects a crop. Today will tell about the most widespread diseases of a pear that gardeners could distinguish them in time and helped the inhabitants of a garden.
Reproduction of lilies
Размножение лилийLilies combine grandeur and tenderness. Admirers and true judges of these beautifully blossoming plants have an opportunity to create the bewitching compositions thanks to a variety of types and grades. Knowing biological features of lilies, they can be multiplied easily on a country site. How to make it, and wants to tell
Raspberry grades
Сорта малиныRaspberry – very valuable and widespread berry culture in many regions. Its fragrant, appetizingly looking fruits attract not only children, but also adults. And if you think of updating of the raspberry brake, this information can be useful to you.
Medicinal properties of an osage apple
Лечебные свойства маклюрыThe osage apple (an osage apple orange, Adam's apple) - a fruit of family mulberry is from South America which grows and in Russia, in particular in its southern areas today. By the form the osage apple something reminds the orange of light green color though the smell has the specific. And in old times the fruit even was called "charisma".
Cultivation of black raspberry
Выращивание чёрной малиныOn the personal plots we got used to see grades of krasnoplodny raspberry, very much we like to regale on their remarkable berries. Having appreciated nutritious, curative and cosmetic properties of unique fruits, many gardeners already showed interest in grades with orange and yellow coloring of berries. But is also the unusual raspberry yielding fruits of black color.
Pumpkin grades
Сорта тыквыThe famous vegetable grower V. I. Edelstein once told that pumpkin will be food of the future. I think that those gardeners who tried new grades of very useful pumpkin refined, tasty, juicy, fragrant, sweet, bright in addition, will agree with this statement.
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