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Culinary recipes of dishes and useful tips on their preparation. You learn how to cook various soups and salads, meat and fish, garnishes and sauces, desserts and cocktails. National dishes and their ornament.
Cookery: all articles
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The recipe of a saute from vegetables
Рецепт соте из овощейWhat can be better than a vegetable dish directly in the middle of summer? Today we want to provide to your attention a saute from vegetables which will not leave indifferent a uniform gourmet.
Recipe pile
Рецепт начосThe pile – world famous Mexican snack, which popularity is not limited to kitchens of the native land. It is possible to treat to a juicy exotic dish guests or to arrange itself an unforgettable holiday in one of boring weekdays. And the most pleasant that the one who never did anything more difficult than fried eggs will be able to prepare a pile even!
Useful properties of an anisetree
Полезные свойства бадьянаAnisetree call a plant of their family of Limonnikov. It is also called by the Chinese anise, a star-shaped anise or the Siberian anise. The homeland of this plant Southeast and East Asia is considered. The very first known mentions of an anisetree are available in ancient ayurvedichesky letters.
Recipe of a marrow pie
Рецепт кабачкового тортаAs sometimes there is a wish to please itself with something tasty in hot summer days! But what to do if in the refrigerator there is nothing, except a couple of vegetable marrows, tomatoes and a pack of mayonnaise? Even it is possible to build quite decent snack which will be pleasant to all house or suddenly appeared suddenly guests from these products. Meet – a tasty and nourishing marrow pie!
Advantage of almonds
Польза миндаляAlmonds are the real well of nutrients. It is difficult to overestimate advantage of almonds as the kostochkovy fruit rescues from anemia, cough, problems with a stomach, impotences, asthma and many other diseases. Besides almonds are effective means for care of natural beauty of skin, hair and teeth.
Rolls from vegetable marrows
Рулетики из кабачковIn the middle of summer the most seasonal dish is vegetable marrows. As soon as do not cook this vegetable of the hostess: also fry under mayonnaise, and bake "boats" in an oven, and pickle. And it is possible to prepare from them one interesting dish - rolls from vegetable marrows.
The products containing iodine
Продукты, содержащие йодDeficiency of iodine in an organism can bring serious consequences. Therefore it is very important to use daily the products containing this element. But what it for products? Today we will talk about them.
Advantage of cashew
Польза кешьюThe homeland of cashew Brazil is considered. These nuts are allocated among other with the unusual form in the form of a comma. Curved nuts of cashew are in a firm cover. Thus between the top cover and the nutlet there is one more cover which is very poisonous and even is capable to cause burns in the person.
Advantage of kefir
Польза кефираKefir – the tasty fermented milk product familiar to us since the earliest childhood. All know, what kefir is useful at any age, but what specifically disappears under this extensive word "useful"? Today we will try to declassify all "kefiric" secrets and to tell why this product by all means should be included in the diet.
Recipe "Mother-in-law's language"
Рецепт «Тещин язык»The dish "Mother-in-law's language" has many variations of the recipe. It happens sharp, stewed, boiled, baked, from the eggplants or vegetable marrows cut by straws, slices, brusochka, petals. Each hostess trains him in own way, but it always turns out tasty.
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