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Councils for a choice and maintenance of pets of all species and breeds. Read about care of cats and dogs, parrots and rodents, small fishes and reptiles: as it is correct to feed, about diseases and their treatment.
Pets: all articles
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Persian cat: features of breed
Сибирская кошка: особенности породыOnly one mention of a Persian cat causes associations with a fluffy and graceful animal, the favourite of many admirers cat's. This breed differs in mild temper and not fastidiousness in life therefore it is frequent at a choice of a kitten, sympathies incline towards Siberian.
Features of breed huskies
Особенности породы хаскиToday the Siberian Huskies is one of the most popular breeds of dog – these courageous, beautiful, clever, benevolent animals quickly found to themselves millions of admirers around the world.
Knitting of the Scottish cats
Вязка шотландских кошекBreed of cats a Scottish Fold is famous for the beautiful case of the representatives, a lovely "children's" look, soft wool and friendly temper. And the main pride of these cats – the put ears. And future factory owners need to try properly to receive healthy posterity with pure pedigree signs and not to allow possible defects.
How to deliver a cat
Как принимать роды у кошкиChildbirth at a cat – natural and magic emergence of a small miracle on light. For this reason the owner of an animal needs to be nearby and to try to support, help as much as possible the favourite and to prevent possible negative consequences.
Persian cats: features of breed
Персидские кошки: особенности породыSoft, fluffy, murchashchy kitties are everything about them, about Persians. These are very independent animals with bright character. Therefore if you decide to take yourself the Persian kitten, know that you to it will not be the owner, only the friend, such they capricious.
Siamese cat: features of breed
Сиамская кошка: особенности породыSiamese cats are, probably, the most known and one of the most ancient breeds in the world. These short-haired animals possessing unique "singing" abilities and huge bright blue eyes appeared in ancient Siam (nowadays Thailand) where to murlyka treated with special awe and respect.
Canadian sphinx: features of breed
Канадский сфинкс: особенности породыThe sphinx is one of the oldest cat breeds. Naked cats existed at the time of the Egyptian Pharaohs. According to an ancient legend, the white blue-eyed sphinx protected sanctuaries in Egypt. Aztecs regarded the cats deprived of wool also with awe. Besides they, being people practical, used these animals as live hot-water bottles.
Delivery of forages to the house – your pet will be happy!
Доставка кормов на дом – ваш питомец будет счастлив!Appearance of the pet in the house brings to newly made owners not only joy, but also a set of efforts. Questions arise different, you will gradually solve them. However, first of all, you have to take care of existence of qualitative and good nutrition for the pet.
How to look after hamsters
Как ухаживать за хомякамиThe amusing and fussy hamster cannot but raise a sweet smile. It is interesting to observe how it it is eternal something anxious runs on a cage: it is necessary to warm up, make stocks just in case, to clean a sherstka, to yawn and stretch. But whether you reflected, what this small fluffy miracle is quite vulnerable and needs caress, care and attention it is not less, than larger pet?
How to look after an overland turtle
Как ухаживать за сухопутной черепахойOverland turtles are lovely and charming in the quiet coolness. In the world more than 60 kinds of these animals are. When you at last are defined, what look to you most to liking, do not hurry to buy right there future favourite.
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