Indecision and decision-making
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Indecision and decision-making

To stay at home and watch TV or to go to bowling club with friends? would like "to open eyes" for indecisive people: the more you are afraid to be mistaken, the it becomes heavier to make the decision. And it is not surprising. After all all of us want to have good work, a family, friends. But nobody managed to leave from a choice still.
To eat vegetable salad and to adhere to a diet or to try that appetizing pie with whipped cream? To stay at home and watch TV or to go to bowling club with friends? To go on the polling precinct or to wave a hand on elections?
Our life abounds with situations which demand the unambiguous decision. And it means that you have a mass of opportunities to plunge into doubts, from here and there is an indecision.
Whether to go counter to rules how to construct relationship, where to study and work – all these questions demand the serious, weighed decisions. Well and, of course, you will reflect that to you to do. The wrong move – and near you will appear not that person, you will spoil to yourself career, you will expel from the company.

Than indecision is dangerous

Sometimes the fear to be mistaken is so great that the person uvyazat in indecision and long hesitates while it is necessary to make the fast and exact decision.
When you madly are afraid to be mistaken, you have a feeling that it is simple to resolve the matter you are not able. Long reflections not only lead you to nervous breakdown, but also, eventually, deprive of you the possibility of a choice. While you put the thoughts in order, already and there are nothing to solve. So far you scratch in a nape, the price of goods which you so wanted to buy, but were not solved, will sharply fly up, having become for you inaccessible. Documents acceptance term in institute will end. The groom will switch to searches of more self-assured bride. would like "to open eyes" for indecisive people: the more you are afraid to be mistaken, the it becomes heavier to make the decision. And it is not surprising. After all all of us want to have good work, a family, friends. But nobody managed to leave from a choice still.
With practice to make decisions becomes simpler. Next time, when you should make a choice, adopt our councils.

Decision-making stages

1. Collect information
To make the right decision, collect and consider all details of a question.
For example, if your guy makes to you a proposal of marriage, but thus you are familiar only half a year, it is quite possible to decide that it is better for you to continue to meet still at least year properly to recognize each other and to be convinced of the feelings.
If offer you new work, but you do not know for that to wait from the new chief, try to communicate to one of her subordinates. They will dispel all your doubts.
Enter the institute, but do not decide on specialty in any way? See the list of subjects which you will study on the specialties which were pleasant to you, learn with whom in a consequence you will be able to work.
If to you suggested to complete a course of manual therapy at a discount, and you do not even represent that this such, descend in library or find the necessary data in the Internet. Also it is possible to ask this question your attending physician and to learn his opinion.
2. Pros and cons list
Further, having collected all information necessary to you, recommends to analyse it. For this purpose divide a sheet of paper into two columns, entitle one pro, and another – contra. Let's say you are invited to work in other city. In the first column write all positive sides of this offer: high salary, considerable position and so forth. In a column contra list all minuses: life is more expensive, remoteness from friends and native and so on.
Having made such list, you will be able to look at current situation from the party and to make the right decision.
3. Ways to retreat
Considering any situation demanding adoption of the weighed decision, wonder: "Than I risk? If I am mistaken what worst consequences will be? What probability of what everything will turn out quite so?"
Now consider the plan of "B" – actions which you take on a case of undesirable consequences of your decision. Perhaps, you will manage to provide, what new choice will face you, and in advance to find a way out of an estimated difficult situation. Having carefully estimated of what exactly it is necessary to be afraid and that it is possible to make if fears come true, it will be easier for you to choose the correct road, having rejected all indecision aside.
For example, you are not sure, whether it is worth entering the institute because consider yourself insufficiently prepared. First, undoubtedly costs. Secondly, that make secure you can file at the same time documents to other less prestigious HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION or to try to arrive on paid office.
Remember that ways of retreat always are, but it is better to think over them in advance.
4. Ask council
If you feel that not quite imagine consequences of this or that decision, are at a loss in definition of all pros and cons or simply look for moral support, discuss choice options with the relative or the close friend.
It will be easier for your close people who observe you every day from outside to prompt the right decision. Besides, it is much simpler to solve problems of people around, than the.
5. If everything turned out not so
If you made the decision which was unsuccessful, do not reproach yourself with it. Only the right decision does not exist. Everyone has merits and demerits. Sometimes simply there is no time and opportunity to find out all details and to foresee consequences. is sure that you had no data allowing to expect that happened to you. But the main thing it that you are pure before yourself: in due time your decision was reasonable also the reasonable.
And maybe, later some time, you even will be glad that everything developed quite so. Near that house to which you wanted to move, paved the railroad. Having refused to marry the guy, you met the person with whom really fell in love. You did not go to play soccer with friends, but the wife prepared your favourite dish.
Learn to look for good in bad then it will be much easier to make decisions.

"To be or not to be – here in what a question". The problem of a choice tormented people at all times and, perhaps, will continue it to do. Our world is so various that it is simple to us not to do without decision-making. What is? What to dress? Where to go? With whom to connect the life? Every day we make the choice – important or absolutely insignificant, but together with it we confirm the freedom.
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