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Review of Ice Age 3: Era dinosaurs

Idler Cyd, a saber-toothed tiger of Diego, couple of opossums and two mammoths – hmurovaty Manfred whom friends call simply Mannie, and his cheerful spouse Ellie, come back to us from first minutes of the animated film. In new part of "Ice Age" all have to have couple or at least children, as Cyd. The one who does not "parutsya" in the animated film suffers.
    Name: "Ice Age 3: Era dinosaurs" ("Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs")
    Genre: comedy, adventures, family, animated film
    Duration: 94 min.
    Country: USA
    Director: Carlos Saldana, Mike Trumeyer
    In roles: John Leguizamo, Quinn of Latif, Denis Leary, Simon Pegg, Josh Peck, Ray Romano, Shonn William Scott, Karen Disher, Chris Wedge, Eunice Cho
    Roles duplicated: Anton Komolov, Olga Shelest, Alexander Gruzdev, Vadim Galygin, Ilya Bledny
    Scriptwriters: Michael Berg, Peter Ekerman, Mike Reyss
    Composer: John Powell
    Producers: John S. Donkin, to Laurie Forta


Old good friends: an idler Cyd (in the Russian version it is sounded by the leader Anton Kamolov), a saber-toothed tiger of Diego, couple of opossums and two mammoths – hmurovaty Manfred whom friends call simply Mannie, both his cheerful and cheerful spouse Ellie (her role the TV host Olga Shelest duplicates), come back to us from first minutes of the animated film.
In new part of "Ice Age" all have to have couple or at least children, as Cyd. The one who does not "parutsya" in the animated film or suffers from melancholy as Diego, or goes crazy as the new character – caress Buck – Indiana Jones an era of dinosaurs.
Ellie is going to become a mother, and at future father Mannie on this soil the maniacal syndrome develops – he builds a playground and of anything another cannot think, except as of future replenishment in family. Diego's tiger is lonely and becomes weaker every day. In this "pack" it becomes boring for it, and it is going to leave.
The sad mood passes to the lifelong optimist – Cyd's idler. He too feels lonely without Mannie's attention and in search of new friends encounters huge eggs which with pleasure and inspiration is going "to sit out". How here not to remember the hypertrophied maternal instinct of an idler shown by it at education of a little human cub in the first part of "Ice Age". When, to everyone's surprise, from eggs small tironazavrik which, it seems, died out hatch, it becomes clear that meetings with their adult relatives – dinosaurs not to avoid.
The real hostess of these eggs escapes from a vault where, the reserve of prehistoric pangolins appears, remained, and takes away the cubs together with an unlucky idler. The ill-matched pack moves off in searches of the friend and gets to the world overflowed with dinosaurs. Here also improbable adventures of all company begin. As well as in former parts, ridiculous nonsenses of a ridiculous idler unite almost incompatible characters in one link.
    In the first weeks of hire the third part of "Ice Age" surpassed part in collecting at number two which was called "Global warming" more than twice, having collected 67,5 million dollars. For today the general collecting "An era of dinosaurs" surpassed a mark of 550 million dollars at the budget in 90 million – undoubted success.
In "pack" there is a new character – schizophrenic caress by the name of Buck. Buck grew up in this environment, survived and adapted. He learned to treat dinosaurs, but lost mind. During the animated film the Tank that talks on a stone as by phone, marries pineapple. This role is duplicated, by the way, by Vadim Galygin from "Comedy club".
    According to founders of the animated film, they tried to create brighter and colourful underground world to diversify infinite white landscapes of "Ice Age".
But the main highlight of this part, as well as two previous – it is natural, a krysobelka by the name of Skret who in the eternal pursuit of a desired acorn meets a nice little squirrel-letyagu of Skretti. It differs from Skret in cunning and existence of brains. Their joint pursuit of food gradually turns into a romance novel. Together they raise a rating of the animated film and add to it dozens of thousands of audience around the world.
    By the way, darling the audience of Skret could "be lost" to an exit of the first part on the bench of the director. Then, in the 2002nd year directors Chris Wedge and Carlos Saldana seriously reflected on removal of this minor character from a picture.

Children's animated cartoon with serious jokes

The animated film "Ice Age 3" of can safely carry to children's animated films. Cheerful adventures of amusing animals, colourful special effects which especially beautifully look in 3-D format. In "An era dinosaurs" are sliped by a couple not of so children's jokes, however, most likely, children simply will not understand their true sense.
    It is already declared plans of creation of the fourth part of this world which is fallen in love to the audience under the name "Ice Age". According to producers, in continuation heroes of the animated film will appear before us in the form of the recovered characters of the modern historical museum.
As it was already told, "Ice Age", will be pleasant first of all to children, somewhere years to 16. Perhaps, some attractive moments will be found in a picture by their parents. But the general feeling develops such that it would already be time to finish this infinite screen version of adventures of prehistoric animals – the plot is used for 100% and anything new does not promise.
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