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Iberotel Makadi Oasis – hotel for all family

Family rest becomes more popular every year. To choose hotel where it will be comfortable to you is one business. And here is how your children – a task not of tour operator, but only yours will feel there. And if comfortable stay of your child in hotel has paramount value – you to the address. Iberotel Makadi Oasis – just one of those hotels.
Family rest becomes more popular every year. To choose hotel where it will be comfortable to you is one business. And here is how your children – a task not of tour operator, but only yours will feel there. And if comfortable stay of your child in hotel has paramount value – you to the address. Iberotel Makadi Oasis – just one of those hotels which perfectly is suitable for family rest.
Отель Iberotel Makadi Oasis

Ways paths

The Makadi Oasis hotel is a suburb of Hurghada. We flied the checked and introduced Mostrevel company. From the company at the airport of Egypt we were met by the guide who for all the time of rest is in hotel and is ready to answer all questions.
At once on arrival in the airport of Hurghada the visa is made out. Taking into account a turn order it will take from you 30-40 minutes. At once behind turnstiles you are met by the guide who sees off all in the bus. Buses which carry to hotels, there is a lot of. At once I want to warn readers of if for some reason you were not in time with the group in one bus, do not worry and do not panic. Even without knowing language, it is enough to call hotel. Drivers perfectly understand, why you arrived and where it is necessary to you.
The road to hotel equal and smooth that defines the smooth movement. Comfortableness of buses will please you with existence of the conditioner and a toilet. But prepare, drivers will likhachit. And as already all want to get rather to a terminal point, nobody is indignant.


In the central hall of hotel to you will suggest to listen to the guide and rules of behavior in these or those situations. Will give out room keys and will invite to have supper (to have dinner, breakfast, depending on time of day in which you will arrive to hotel). All questions what arose at this moment, should be set at once. Also to demand all necessary personally – it is desirable for you in the first day. Psychology of behavior of the service personnel including the guide, such is what exactly in the first days they try to make good impression and are surprisingly sympathetic. So, having learned in advance, on what we can count, we right there asked the personnel to provide a separate crib in number, radio nurse (for them it is more clear "бебифон"), a set of additional bed linen for this bed arena, a pillow. All brought within 15 minutes and put there where we wanted.
Отдельно стоящую детскую кроватку принесли в номер в течение 15 минут и поставили там, куда нам захотелось

Difficulties of the translation

Small complexity was only that the personnel of hotel does not know Russian at all. But it is really insignificant detail in communication, and you understand it at once. The personnel (in the majority) knows English, German and a set of the Russian phrases as the last is very difficult for them when studying.
Already in the middle of holiday it became clear that the Arabs holding good positions in hotel on a reception, in shops and bars, perfectly speak French. But for you from the very first day the sign language will become priority.

Children's accessories

In a double room of our hotel there was a king size bed and in a distance the sofa provided for the child. We had to work to explain that children still small to sleep on the sofa and to us the arena with a protection is necessary. They suggested me (having decided that I do not know) to sleep with the child nearby as it strengthens the relations of mother and the kid. But soon the barrier was removed, and to us brought an arena. With a mattress, a pillow, bed linen.
Many vacationers who took with themselves small children carried with themselves carriages. A half when transporting was simply destroyed as in flight wheels fall off, and repair of baby carriages in hotel is not present. Be not troubled! The carriage to you will be offered in hotel on a choice. The quantity them is limited, but all very decent and on different age categories. At that time, when I came to choose a carriage, to me offered on a choice – 5 pieces. Two of them for chest lying kids, three – strollers.
Детскую коляску вам предложат в отеле на выбор
Radio nurse – is convenient, but not so far catches as it would be desirable as around thick walls of numbers. Reception goes on 300-500 meters. There is quite enough to leave the child to sleep and leave number to bar.
Now it is possible to settle down and look round on the parties.

That in number

Floor – a tile. Be not surprised, but this the first that you will notice as on a habit, having entered the room, remove footwear and will feel, what it cold. I advise readers of to note that practically in all hotels of Egypt a floor from a tile, cold. Be not too lazy to take a slipper, or it is necessary to walk in sandals and slates.
Практически во всех отелях Египта пол из плитки, холодный
Практически во всех отелях Египта пол из плитки, холодный
Pleasantly you will be pleased by existence of the refrigerator. It small, but quite contains all necessary: drugs, water. To store food in number and to bring them from restaurant it is not allowed, but practice shows that refrigerators hammer everything. At most that threatens you, the remark. In our case – in the refrigerator constantly there was a baby food, juice, milk, mashed potatoes.
В холодильнике постоянно находилось детское питание, соки, молоко, пюре
Arabs very much love children, probably, therefore I in all 10 days of holiday never heard objections. The child dragged in number everything from restaurant. Russian soul.
The TV … there is a wish to believe, what you should not turn on it, not for same flied on other continent? But if the desire is stronger, you were lucky – channels much.
Bathroom – the shower and a toilet – correspond to hotel of 4 stars.
Ванная комната – душ и туалет – соответствуют отелю 4 звезд
В номере есть фен (не придется брать с собой) и набор полотенец, которые меняют каждый день
There is a hair dryer (it is not necessary to take with itself), a set of towels which change every day. It is worth noticing, tide up Iberotel Makadi Oasis every day, damp, with washing of floors and change of bed linen. If something seems to you dirty – leaving, throw on a floor. They take away dirty and bring new linen. In 10 days, we could not seize the opportunity when all of them do? In other numbers – yes, from outside. And here they get into your number somehow imperceptibly. Very pleasantly.
Iberotel Makadi Oasis – отель для всей семьи
Уборку в Iberotel Makadi Oasis делают каждый день, влажную, с мытьем полов и сменой постельного белья
There is one more remarkable thing in number – the conditioner which works both for cooling, and for heating.
Кондиционер в номере работает как на охлаждение, так и на обогрев
The second will appear more pleasant function, as feature of climate such is that in the afternoon hot, and in the evening cold – to 10-12 degrees of heat. Check its working capacity at once that in the first night not to get cold. In number there is internal phone by which it is convenient to communicate with friends in the next numbers or to address on a reception.
Iberotel Makadi Oasis – отель для всей семьи
Iberotel Makadi Oasis – отель для всей семьи

Behind a window: for you and children

Continually on perimeter of all hotel pools with cold and warm water are provided to you.
На каждом шагу по периметру всего отеля вам предоставлены бассейны с холодной и теплой водой
Nakhodka for families with children are paddling pools of 40-50 cm in depth and a rough tile that the child did not slide on it.
Детские бассейны глубиной 40-50 см и шершавой плиткой, не позволяют ребенку скользил по ней
In paddling pools water always the warm. Near each pool a minibar, plank beds in a huge number. On towels take a card. A card change every time for a new pure beach towel that exempts you from thought where and as to dry it. In the same point of reception delivery of beach towels ask inflatable matrasik or circles for your kid – they can be free.
В пункте приема-выдачи пляжных полотенец можно взять надувные матрасики или круги для вашего малыша
Right there the smart playground, the complex made of a tree and ropes as protections comes into the view. The territory of a platform is filled up with sand, around – little tables, shops.
Детская площадка отеля Iberotel Makadi Oasis
Everything is made in order that you could have a rest, watching your child from any point.


In hotel animation pleased. This the first about what it is worth learning from the operator when you are going to fly with the child to holiday.
В отеле Iberotel Makadi Oasis есть продуманная анимация для детей
Iberotel Makadi Oasis is considered family hotel and completely justifies this rank. Here it is enough married couples with children. Acquaintances begin already next day, as in hotel mainly tourists from Russia and Germany.
There is a lot of animators, but Russians – two girls. Feature of the Russian animation and leisure for children that till 3 years it is necessary to be near the child. It is possible to leave it in the room with children and the tutor in case the child in 2-2,5 years speaks. Children after 3 years – do not leave it. Since the morning they wait for arrival of the charming tutor because here it is possible to do everything! In the room there are a lot of toys, pencils, raskhodnik like paints, plasticine, brushes … to all will get. Draw on sheets (skills of a batic), mold, are engaged in application. The Russian animation from 10th morning to the 18th evening, 5 days a week works.
Animation for Europeans allows to leave the child from half a year provided that he will be provided to all necessary. To you, I think, it is not useful as with our mentality does not even go in as it is possible to leave such kid in this day nursery. Another story if it is the nurse-bebisiter. Services of such nurse cost about 10 dollars an hour. Difficulty only that is not enough of them, and persons interested to leave the child for a couple of hours – much.
Iberotel Makadi Oasis – отель для всей семьи


The hotel is located in the second line, it means that to the sea it is necessary to pass through hotel of the first line. Occupies it minutes 10-15.
At the sea – the beach, sand and bar.
Right there it is possible to receive a mask and flippers (it is included permits in the price) for rent.
Пляж отеля Iberotel Makadi Oasis
На пляже отеля Iberotel Makadi Oasis

Health service

It is one of the unpleasant moments. In Makadi Oasis hotel there is no doctor. Or rather, you will be assured that it is, but it works on certain days. Never saw medical staff in hotel during holiday.
Perhaps, never we also did not learn that with medicine so badly if the doctor is not necessary for us. Usual temperature at the child. If day not reception at the doctor (in all hotels it is therapists), it has to be caused. A call of the doctor from Hurghada – 300 euros. The prices bite on each position. For example, an analginum prick – 200 euros. About 100 euros – survey and prescription of medicine. As that in hotel is not present ambulance. There is no it and in other nearby hotels.
As a way out from a situation I recommend to readers of to take with myself all set of drugs for all occasions. To store there is where, in each number a refrigerator. And in the first day to write down number of the mobile phone of the doctor not to look for it through the guide. All information on medical services is placed directly at point. In the same place – the prices.


В отеле Iberotel Makadi Oasis есть морские блюда на любой вкус
Kitchen excellent, focused on the Russian tourist and the European. The restaurant on level of service and the menu is higher than 4 stars, very comfortably, purely, tasty.
В отеле нет отдельного детского меню, но ассортимент блюд такой большой, что даже для полуторагодовалого ребенка можно составить завтрак, обед и ужин как дома
But excited first of all – the children's menu. As separately it is not present that, but the range of dishes such big, what even for the one-and-a-half-year-old child it is possible to make a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner as at home.
Кухня отличная, ориентированная на русского туриста и европейца
Any allergies, everything tasty and is useful. At restaurant will offer you stools for feeding if it is required to you such.


Excursion can order in guides of "Mostrevel" and it is better that all unpleasant moments got under an insurance. The statistics remains sad – barkers from the street do not answer for anything. Children till 2 years go free of charge, but to readers of – the child of such age such excursion will not transfer my council normally. Very much hot and all travel last long.
The prices accepted from 50 to 150 c.u., children till 11 years in the half-prices. Among excursions "Sea walk", "Evening fishing", "A motor-safari", "Saint Anthony and Pavel's Monastery", Luxor and Cairo are in demand (the last are calculated on the whole day).
на экскурсии в Каир
Will offer you immersion with an aqualung (45 c.u.), individual sea trips (400 c.u.), and also unforgettable "The Russian fishing" (fish hooked by you will prepare right there under any you the chosen drink).
Trip to Jerusalem for one day – 300-400 c.u. But show unforgettable. The olive mountain (a panorama of Jerusalem), the Wailing Wall, the Way of the Cross, the Temple of the Lord's Coffin, visit of a place of the Last Supper and a tomb of the tsar David, and also a stop in Bethlehem where you will see the Church of the Nativity constructed on the birthplace of Christ. This travel on the Dead Sea comes to an end with Sea walk (so take a bathing suit in a trip).


In the markets of the city and in shops it is possible to speak about purchases and pleasant pastime infinitely. The most important that it is worth remembering – bargain with all. At Arabs this favourite business. They even wait from you that you will beat down the price, and they are ready to sell as a result a souvenir at half price, and even it is less.
About all sights of hotel and services you will be able to find on the site of hotel or in the Mostrevel company.
Successful rest to you and your children.
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