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Iberogast's application

Many know that medicinal herbs well influence health, can relieve of unpleasant symptoms of diseases, eliminate their reason. But not always there is time to do infusions, broths, tinctures of herbs. Today will acquaint readers with Iberogast. This preparation is created on a vegetable basis, it is capable to improve a condition of a digestive tract.

Whether such feelings when in a stomach suddenly at an inopportune moment starts humming are familiar to you, there is a weight, the raspiraniye, swelling which is followed by a congestion in intestines of gases? The listed symptoms periodically arise at a third of the population. In such cases the person has an impression as if the eaten food collects in intestines and is not digested. There is it and because of violation of physical activity (motility) of a digestive tract, the muscles of a stomach then relaxed, "depressed" do not carry out the functions therefore fast transportation of the food which arrived and started being digested is impossible. And if the food long remains undigested, does not come to intestines for further splitting, there is a weight in a stomach. And gases and swelling appear at the course of chemical processes of splitting. If muscles of a stomach are relaxed, it does not allow a stomach to stretch.

File of a preparation

More than 55 years in the different countries of the world Iberogast helps people to eliminate the symptoms connected with problems of work of a stomach and intestines. The history of a preparation began in the late fifties the last century when research associates of the Shtaygervald company actively researched curative herbs. Therefore they created a combination from 9 herbs which and formed further the basis of the phytopreparation which received the name "Iberogast". And here in 1960 in Germany its release was adjusted. The researches conducted from 1980 to 1986 showed that at a preparation the double principle of action. That is, depending on an initial condition of a gastrointestinal tract the phytopreparation can on the one hand – relax his muscles, and with another – to raise their tone. It was conducted many researches which proved that the preparation is safe, and patients well transfer it. In the next years it was succeeded to reveal new positive qualities of Iberogast. For example, in 2001 it was established that Iberogast can reduce production of hydrochloric acid, preventing thereby inflammatory processes. And also the preparation promotes stimulation of formation of a protective plyonochka on mucous a stomach.

In 2003 researchers opened ability of this vegetable complex to work selectively. That is, it weakens the top part of a stomach, and the lower department, on the contrary, stimulates. In recent years Iberogast is considered one of the most popular means bought in Germany at problems with a stomach. Now this vegetable preparation can be got and in the Russian drugstores.

About structure and medical action

In 100 ml of Iberogast such spirit extracts contain:

  • camomile petals – 20 ml;
  • fresh-gathered bitter iberis – 15 ml;
  • herbs of a chistotel May – 10 ml;
  • melissa leaves – 10 ml;
  • glycyrrhiza roots – 10 ml;
  • thistle fruits – 10 ml;
  • caraway seeds fruits – 10 ml;
  • roots dyagilya – 10 ml;
  • peppermint leaves – 5 ml.

As an auxiliary component ethyl alcohol undertakes.

The prepared tincture is packed up in the flakonchik supplied with a dropper on 100, 50, 20 ml.

The conducted researches proved that all nine plants of this complex possess medicinal properties, strengthening merits of each other.

Muscular activity (motility) of a digestive tract that promotes advance of food consistently on departments of digestive system is normalized. At spasms the preparation eliminates them, without weakening thus a vermicular movement. Iberogast shows anti-inflammatory and antimicrobic action (Helicobacter Pylori is relative), thereby protecting mucous a stomach. There is a decrease in acidity, improvement of properties of gastric slime, reduction of intensity of ulcerations of mucous fabric follows.

Indications to application

  1. Any treatment of functional disorders of a digestive tract, and also SAI (syndrome of the angry intestines) which are shown often by spasms in a stomach, nausea, an eructation, weight in a stomach, the meteorizm (raised by gas generation), diarrhea or locks.
  2. In complex treatment of gastritises, and also stomach ulcer or 12-perstny gut.

How to apply a preparation?

Before application surely stir up a bottle as at storage sometimes solution grows turbid or at the bottom of a flakonchik there is a small amount of a deposit. It is admissible, therapeutic properties of medicine thus do not worsen.

Drops of Iberogast should be used three times a day before food or during food. Otkapayte in a glass where previously poured a little boiled water, 20 droplets from a bottle with medicine, and then drink. In most cases treatment lasts four weeks. Then the doctor can or recommend to continue the begun therapy, or to make a break, and then for fixing of effect to conduct a repeated course. In that place where you store Iberogast, there should not be a penetration of direct beams of the sun, and temperature should not exceed 25 °C. Certainly, it has to be inaccessible to small children.

About contraindications and side effects

Iberogast it is not appointed at:

  • pregnancies and in the laktatsionny period;
  • hypersensibility to those components that are specified in structure;
  • kalkulyozny cholecystitis.

This means is not appointed to children and teenagers till 18 years, it is connected with insufficiency of clinical data. However, there are data that in Germany these vegetable drops are appointed even to babies.

Medicine contains alcohol therefore the producer warns that it should be applied with care at alcoholism, craniocereberal injuries, diseases of a liver and brain. Amount of ethanol in Iberogasta from 29,5 to 32,6% - comrade. It turns out that at a daily dose (60 drops of a phytopreparation) there are about 0,72 grams of ethanol. Quantity it is not enough therefore abilities of the person to operate the transport or other difficult mechanisms demanding speed of reaction do not change.

Most of patients well transfer treatment by Iberogast. And only in rare instances can let know about themselves side effects, such as:

  • allergic reactions on integuments;
  • podtashnivaniye, desires on vomiting;
  • short wind;
  • diarrhea.

If there were specified phenomena, stop reception of this preparation, report about everything to the doctor.

Having received medical treatment for this vegetable preparation, you can get rid of the unpleasant symptoms and problems connected with digestive system.

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