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Treatment and prevention of a gipovitaminoz

It is not necessary to be the physician independently to decipher the term "gipovitaminoz". It is clear that it is about vitamins, and the prefix "hypo -" means their lack of an organism. This pathological state does not pose threat for human life, but extremely negatively influences its health and activity.

Gipovitaminoz develops when a consumption of vitamins exceeds amount of biologically active agents coming to an organism. Vitamins play not the last role in splitting of nutritious and mineral substances and release of energy from them therefore at deficiency of certain vitamin components at the person the health because of pathological dysfunction of bodies and systems considerably worsens.

Considering achievements of modern medicine, gipovitaminoz proceeds in rather easy form today and without effort will respond to treatment. However if in time not to solve a problem, because of partial deficiency of vitamins B an organism avitaminosis – 100% lack of vitamins of a certain group which can cause not only development of disability, but also a deadly outcome of the person develops.

The factors promoting development of a gipovitaminoz

First place in a rating of "responsible" for shortage of vitamins B an organism is won by alimentary (food) insufficiency. Here under what conditions it develops:

  • poor concentration of vitamins B to food which this or that person got used to eat;
  • long and wrong storage of food, their wrong culinary processing owing to what there is a destruction of vitamin substances;
  • unbalanced chemical composition of a diet.

Also can lead the following reasons to an acute shortage of vitamins:

  • long reception of antibacterial preparations;
  • chemotherapy;
  • the gastrointestinal tract diseases connected with impossibility of full absorption of vitamins B the food channel and also with pathologies of an exchange of vitamins;
  • teenage age, pregnancy and period of a lactation.

Mirsovetov hurries to note that in the conditions of frequent stresses, a hard physical activity and accommodation the need for vitamins increases in a place where the frigid climate prevails, for 50–60%.

Main signs of different gipovitaminoz

Initial symptoms of a disease do not cause fears, but can become a serious problem if to go to seed and to treat gipovitaminoz.

Enough vitamins of group A is of great importance for adequate perception eyes of visual information. Deficiency of these substances undermines immunity of the person and negatively affects a condition of his skin. Painful wounds in mouth corners of which quickly not to get rid become the first "call" saying that the organism desperately needs vitamins. At complication of a state sight continues to worsen, the night blindness develops (sharp decrease in visual acuity in a night-time).

The group of vitamins B has direct influence on many aspects of our health. Deficiency of these active agents results in mental unbalance, diseases of skin and weakening of hair, difficulties of pre-natal development of the child, diseases of joints, gastrointestinal tract dysfunction, frustration of attention and memory, anemia.

The lack of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is expressed by decrease in protective forces of an organism, frequent colds, chronic fatigue. At aggravation of a situation of people faces bleedings from a nose and ulcers in a mouth (scurvy).

Rickets – a consequence of deficiency of vitamin D. The main symptoms of an illness are the increased sweating, violation of structure of hair (thinning), reduction of durability of bones because of defective assimilation by a calcium organism. Shortage of active agent constitutes big danger to children – the skeleton which is in a phase of active growth can strongly be deformed.

Diagnostics of deficiency of vitamins

Inspection of the patient with suspicion on gipovitaminoz begins in an office of the gastroenterologist. The expert will take out the preliminary diagnosis on the basis of complaints of the patient and symptoms of a state which torments him.

If conditions of laboratory allow, conduct research as a result of which it is possible to define amount of each vitamin B of blood. In a case when there is an assumption that gipovitaminoz appeared because of an associated disease, carry out additional diagnostic procedures, for example, the analysis a calla on availability of helminths.

Elimination of a lack of vitamins

About features of treatment of a gipovitaminoz the patient is told by the doctor. For this purpose use replacement therapy which is based on application of the vitaminized means and the food containing the maximum concentration of the necessary vitamin.

Deficiency of vitamins at many people is expressed, as a rule, by a lack of an organism of several active agents therefore for correction of this state it is expedient to accept polyvitaminic preparations which will balance the maintenance of all vitamin components. Here some of medicines which quite often appoint at a gipovitaminoza:

  1. Undevit – for elderly people on 2 dragees 3 times a day for a month.
  2. Ayevit – for the people doing active cerebration or hard manual work on 1 tablet of 1 times per day.
  3. Dekamevit – for people during restoration after heart and neurologic diseases on 1 tablet of 2 times a day for 20 days.
  4. Geksavit – at deficiency of vitamins of group A and B on 1 dragee 2 times a day.
  5. Tocopherol acetate – at shortage of vitamin E in a dose of 30 mg/days within 30 days.

And D in an organism begin completion of amount of vitamins C with a dietotherapy and oral administration of vitamin C of 100 mg/days and solution of vitamin D in a daily size 300 ME within 45 days respectively.

Deficiency of vitamin K is eliminated, strictly being guided by koagulogramma indicators. At insignificant shortage of substance orally apply Vikasolum on 30 mg/days, at essential exhaustion of internal stocks of substance use Fitamenadion in the form of subcutaneous injections on 20 mg/days.

Correction of a diet in the medical purposes

At insignificant deficiency of this or that vitamin B an organism it is possible to correct a situation without drugs. For this purpose it is necessary to analyse attentively what exactly you eat and these products are how useful.

As a part of natural food is not only vitamins, but also the whole set of acids, flavonoids and polyphenols thanks to which the substances lacking us can effectively be acquired by an organism. For this reason so important correctly and rationally to eat.

Shortage of ascorbic acid will be filled by blackcurrant berries, hips, sweet pepper and a sea-buckthorn. Potatoes, peas, beans, buckwheat, oat and millet grain – a natural well of vitamins of group B. In food of an animal origin (in meat, fish, a liver, eggs and milk) is more than sufficient concentration of vitamins A, D, B12, PP. Vitamin E is present at crude sunflower oil, kidneys, a liver and eggs.

Dairy products, fruit and vegetables (not less than 450 g), bread of a rough grinding, various grain have to become daily obligatory food for the adult. Ready dishes store in the refrigerator no more than 12 hours, otherwise their use will be senseless – as a result of long storage of vitamins they will lose absolutely.

Prevention of a disease

Never to puzzle that such to eat for completion of valuable vitamins, it is necessary to take the medicine presented to the person by the nature from time to time. The all-strengthening phytocollecting prepared by the hands not only will win gipovitaminoz, but also will raise the general tone of an organism. Try the tasty vitaminized tea which is pleasant for drinking as in a cold, and hot season.

For its preparation take on 1 tablespoon of berries of an ordinary mountain ash and fruits of a cinnamon dogrose, connect them and fill in with boiled water (0,5 l). Boil "medicine" within 10 minutes, then remove from fire and densely close capacity a cover. Let's tea be drawn about 3 hours then filter. Take useful drink on 0,5 glasses in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening.

At will the mountain ash in this recipe can be replaced with berries of raspberry, cowberry or blackcurrant. Good luck!

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