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Treatment of hypotonia

Today it will be a question of the condition of an organism which is characterized by the lowered arterial pressure. I will note that hypotonia among the population meets much more more often than a hypertension. But documentary not all cases as most of the patients suffering from this illness do not follow the help to the doctor, apart from itself patients are fixed.
Today will tell about a disease to which, unfortunately, physicians and scientists give attention insufficiently. And it will be a question of the condition of an organism which is characterized by the lowered arterial pressure (AP). I will note that hypotonia among the population meets much more more often than a hypertension. But documentary not all cases as most of the patients suffering from this illness do not follow the help to the doctor, apart from itself patients are fixed.
It is impossible to treat so carelessly the health, after all with the lowered pressure timely delivery of oxygen and nutrients to important bodies and fabrics – a brain, heart, extremities is broken. Continuous stay on "short rations" is fraught with serious complications. And after all not all with understanding treat a condition of a hypotensive, often them consider as the pretenders and simulators who are constantly complaining of a headache, a pulsation in temples, rocking here and there and a podkashivaniye of feet. And only when the person suddenly faints, realize that it at all not in laziness and whims business. Whether so there are ways of fight against hypotonia to return to the person opportunity to rejoice and lead a full-fledged life without great deal of trouble?
Let's talk about everything one after another.

General information about a disease

Hypotonia is the stable condition of weakness (adynamy) caused by the lowered arterial pressure. As a rule, the illness is connected with elasticity loss by walls of blood vessels and violation of their tone. At the healthy person vessels instantly react to decrease or increase of volume of the circulating blood. And here the hypotensive has a delay of these reactions therefore fabrics and bodies starve, without receiving the necessary amount of oxygen and the feeding substances. Sometimes the disease is called arterial hypotension, and even earlier doctors as the diagnosis wrote the patient the term vegeto-vascular dystonia (in abbreviated form – VSD) on hypotonic type. According to statistical these this serious indisposition more than a half of the female population and about a quarter – man's suffers. In recent years these figures grow. At medical examination the lowered blood pressure at 18% of young men and girls was revealed.

Types of hypotonia

Лечение гипотонии Physicians classify arterial hypotension on sharp and chronic.
The sharp stage can arise at strong blood loss, sharp insufficiency of work of lungs, a heart attack, a stroke, traumatic shock and heavy manifestations of allergic reactions. At such critical conditions urgent measures, and sometimes and surgery are required.
Chronic hypotonia (long condition of the resistant lowered pressure) by sign (way) of acquisition is subdivided on primary and secondary.
Primary (idiopathic) – special independently proceeding, most often the nevrozopodobny form connected with the sosudodvigatelny center which is in a brain. There is it at an emotional retension, high mental loadings, stressful situations.
Secondary (symptomatic) hypotonia is the pressure decline which is shown as a result of other pathologies of cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, endocrine systems. It arises at alcoholism, strong intoxication, anemia, the use of some medicines giving such side effect.
Kinds of physiological hypotonia:
  1. The individual – the norm option connected with heredity and the constitutional addition of the person who is not bad feeling even at low indicators of a tonometer. With age at such people pressure most often returns to normal.
  2. Fitness hypotonia – this form is characteristic for athletes because of the long and strengthened physical trainings, it as if protective reaction of an organism for prevention of overloads.
  3. The adaptive – appears at appeared in highlands, tropics or subtropics.
Kinds of pathological (primary) hypotonia:
  1. Ortostatichesky hypotension (differently called by ortostatichesky collapse) – sharp falling the HELL at change of position of a body, for example, a fast rising in vertical situation. The person faints, faints because of a weak vascular tone or lack of inflow of blood to a brain.
  2. The neurocirculator – violation of regulation of a tone of vessels (resistant or temporary and reversible).

Illness reasons

  1. Psychological injuries and neurosises.
  2. Depressions and dejectednesses.
  3. Chronic sleep debt and constant fatigue.
  4. Starvation, shortage in an organism of vitamin E, ascorbic and pantothenic acids.
  5. Congenital predisposition.
  6. Sharp change of weather or climate, the increased humidity, electromagnetic fields.
  7. The secondary form arises at course of other diseases, for example, of anemia, cirrhosis, hepatitis, stomach ulcer, injuries of a brain, arrhythmia of myocarditis and heart failure, tuberculosis, tumoral processes, cervical osteochondrosis

Symptoms and symptoms of a disease

Лечение гипотонии About that the blood pressure in an organism went down, will prompt the device a tonometer and external manifestations of an illness. Here such indications of a tonometer happen at hypotension: lower than 110/60 (if age till 25 years) and 110/65 (30 years are aged more senior).
If to consider symptoms separately, they can seem both not such significant and powerful. But here when everything leans at one stroke, will seem torture.
I will try to describe hypotensives. For them leanness, pallor, fast fatigue, slackness, apathy is characteristic. As constantly the brain lacks for oxygen, not seldom there is a poshatyvaniye here and there, nausea, dizziness and even unconscious states. Some days in a row happen headaches or have an effect periodically. Pain can arise in the morning or after a mental and physical activity, after the excessive use of food during feasts or a nourishing lunch, after long walking. If pressure jumps, the pulsation in temples, a darkness or a nape is felt. If outflow of blood from a cranial cavity is complicated, there is other type of pain – weight in a nape and as if pressure from within upon a cranium. If the person woke up in the morning with such pain, after walking it ceases, after all the venous tone returns to normal and outflow of blood is stabilized.
Hypotensives are quick-tempered, irritable, emotional. Do not like to stand in a queue and to go in public transport. Their mood often depends on weather and a season. In the afternoon hypotensives often want to sleep, and closer by the night process of falling asleep is complicated, a light sleep. For restoration of forces the night dream has to proceed 8-11 hours, and here ordinary people have enough 6-8 hours. After awakening having a hypotonic illness do not feel freshness and cheerfulness, they "are shaken" and come to a working rhythm about two hours. In the afternoon as I already spoke, they want to lie down, and only by the evening there is a peak of activity and aspiration something to do. If to observe hypotensives, it is possible to notice that they quite often yawn, but even not that did not sleep – to them does not gasp, the brain does not receive with a blood-groove of the necessary amount of oxygen. For the same reason in a condition of rest joints or muscles can ache. Such ache passes after active movements.
Hypotensives distinguishes meteodependence and sensitivity to differences of atmospheric pressure. And at hit in other climate adaptation takes place more difficultly. And still such patients do not transfer closeness, not can is long to stand, for example, on a stop, they want to sit down. Sometimes at the patient neurosis symptoms – heartbeat, causeless concern and fear for themselves and relatives are added.
As a rule, the health worsens in the spring or in the summer, after the postponed colds or other infectious diseases.
Symptoms of hypotonia:
  • periodic darkening in eyes or flashing of "front sights";
  • hypersensibility by a heat, closeness and cold;
  • frequent sweating of palms and feet;
  • sometimes body temperature decreases to 36 °C;
  • tendency to an ukachivaniye in transport;
  • emergence of discomfort and pain in heart, increase of a warm rhythm at physical activities;
  • slackness, drowsiness in the afternoon and decrease in working capacity at office and labor productivity, for example, at plant or a country site;
  • absent-mindedness, carelessness, memory impairment;
  • strengthening of sensitivity to loud sounds, the speech with voices raised and to bright light;
  • failures in a menstrual cycle at women;
  • problems with a potentiality at men.

Possible complications at hypotonia

  1. With age or at the wrong drug intake the patient can have a hypertension, and it proceeds will much more difficult and badly respond to treatment.
  2. Danger hypotonia during pregnancy as the fruit does not have enough oxygen and food, bears its growth, formation and development can be slowed down.
  3. At strong pressure drop there is a risk of cardiogenic shock and a faint. In such cases quick medical care is required.
Sometimes having an illness even does not feel deviations in health, but, at times, they very negatively affect working capacity and a way of life. In spite of the fact that according to researches, hypotensives live for 10 years more long, there is also a number of complications. Therefore at deterioration of a state it is necessary to address to the specialist doctor – the psychotherapist, the neurologist, the cardiologist. The doctor will define a type of an illness by the research called by a kardiointervalografiya will be able to reveal vegetative violations, their character and degree of expressiveness. At present it is not enough medicamentous ways of treatment.

Treatment of hypotonia medicines and folk remedies

  1. Most often such patient the doctor appoints the general stimulators containing sodium caffeine-benzoate.
    Лечение гипотонии
    Sodium caffeine-benzoate
  2. In more hard cases when pressure very low, some doctors use in the practice for appointment to the patient inside or in a vein a preparation gutron (midodrin), capable to narrow vessels and to increase pressure.
  3. At complaints to a headache it is possible to accept the complex preparations incorporating caffeine, for example Askofen-P, Tsitramon-P, Kofitsil-Plus, Pentalgin ICN.

    Лечение гипотонии
    Лечение гипотонии
    Лечение гипотонии
    Лечение гипотонии
    Pentalgin ICN
    At very severe pains the doctor will appoint Vazobral containing caffeine and an extract of an ergot in the form of drops.
  4. The vegetable biostimulators raising a tone of vessels and arterial pressure. For example, pharmaceutical extracts or tinctures – an eleuterokokk, a magnolia vine Chinese, levze saflorovidny, araliya Manchurian, zamanikh, rhodiolas pink, a ginseng, a preparation Pantokrin. This medicine is taken in a dosage from 20 to 30 drops by 2-3 times a day in 30 minutes prior to meal of courses from 2 to 4 weeks. To carry out the last reception of a preparation no later than 15 hours that did not arise sleeplessness, overexcitation and inflow of forces by the evening. Is at these plants and contraindication. For example, they can provoke growth of tumors therefore the doctor has to appoint them.
    Лечение гипотонии
    Rhodiolas extract liquid
  5. Very well the uterine milk of bees influences a hypotensive organism. This product can be got at bee-keepers in pure form or added to natural honey. Tasty and useful honey is enough to be used in the morning on an empty stomach on 1 or 2 tea spoons, slowly rassasyvy in a mouth.
    Honey with a uterine milk
    Still the uterine milk in the dried-up look is in a pharmaceutical preparation Apilak. It is necessary to rassasyvat these tablets in a mouth 3 times a day in 20-30 minutes prior to food. It is obligatory to store tablets, honey or a uterine milk in the refrigerator on a door shelf.
    Лечение гипотонии
  6. Still sick with hypotension it is useful to eat in the morning on 3 tea spoons (without top) flower pollen in 20 minutes prior to a breakfast.
  7. Hypotensives are inclined to a depression therefore the doctor sometimes appoints antidepressants. There is a known plant which is natural antidepressant – the St. John's Wort which is made a hole. I recommend to readers of Mirsovetov to use it in the form of infusion or tincture.
  8. If the doctor reveals that hypotension is secondary, all treatment will be directed on the main disease which is the reason of pressure decline.

Hardware methods of treatment

Aeroionoterapiya is an inhalation of the air which is previously enriched with ozone.
Darsonvalization of hairy area of the head, a neck and a segment of skin under which heart is located. It is medical procedure which is carried out by means of high-frequency pulse currents.
Galvanic collar. It is a kind of physioprocedures on Shcherbak's method with use of special electrodes.

Some councils to hypotensives

  1. Try to find the psychoemotional reason of developing of hypotension, reading books on this subject and the help of the skilled psychotherapist will be useful here. Whenever possible try not to worry on trifles, not to take all events very much to heart, to avoid stressful and conflict situations, after all they can become the pressure drop reason.
  2. Remember that the organism of a hypotensive needs not less than 8-10 hours of a good dream.
  3. After awakening it is impossible to jump sharply from a bed, it can provoke ortostatichesky collapse with an unconscious state. At first it is useful to execute some simple exercises for hands and feet, then accurately to sit down, then to lower a foot. Sit a little and be adjusted on a positive harmony, and already then get up.
  4. Exercise, the called diafragmalny breath will be useful. For feet it is possible to include such exercises as "bicycle", "scissors", raising of feet in easy gymnastics up and their lowering back. All these movements become lying on a back. For hands it is possible to execute "boxing", stirring, rise and lowering, these exercises too are done in a prone position on a back.
  5. During the long day eat properly – often and gradually. Products, vitamin-rich and microcells – eggs, milk, cottage cheese, greens, vegetables, fruit, seafood are useful to you. Surely at preparation of dishes use the spices which are well influencing a tone of vessels, for example, chili powder, a turmeric, a curry.
  6. Some prefer by a coffee breakfast. It is possible, but moderately.
    Лечение гипотонии
    Indian coffee
    And I nevertheless would recommend a cup of freshly brewed fragrant tea and chocolate bitter, with high content of cocoa beans; cheese sandwich, in it is the useful calcium, fats and salt necessary to a hypotensive for pressure raising. In cheese there are substances improving mood. Salty products – a small fish, cucumbers, nutlets as they promote increase of pressure in vessels are recommended to patients.
  7. If you love grapefruits, plums or use for treatment of other diseases chistotet, a guelder-rose, a calendula, a yarrow, by all means during this period control the pressure as all listed can lower it.
  8. The aromatherapy will help to fight against manifestations of an illness, oil of a verbena or a sage will improve an emotional state, will lift pressure. The aromalamp can light or to grease whisky and area of wrists with one of oils.
    Лечение гипотонии
    Essential oil of a verbena
  9. Massage, including the dot will help to relax and improve exchange processes in fabrics. Good results are yielded by acupuncture, a magnetotherapy, a semyanoterapiya and other techniques of SU Jock.
  10. It is desirable to train vessels by means of douche by cold water or a contrast shower.
  11. Lead an active and vigorous life, alternating loadings and rest. Be engaged in walking, run, swimming in driving by bicycle and other feasible sports. It is better to run or go in park or the wood. The beautiful nature, a smell of needles, flowers, the rustling leaves, the singing birds – all this pacifies, distracts from vanity, cares, problems.
  12. Watch the blood pressure and be followed up by a doctor.
  13. If health is expensive to you, it is necessary to refuse addictions, after all cigarettes and alcohol worsen a condition of vessels.
Thus, the best way of prevention and fight against hypotonia is maintaining correct and the active lifestyle full of positive emotions. Good rest, a balanced diet, reasonably picked up physical activities and procedures promoting strengthening of vessels will render good health assistance. Do not give up to an illness, as that frog who appeared in a jug with milk from a known parable and lowered pads. Act as the second frog, having got to a jug, she worked and turned milk into oil, could get out of a dark vessel. Actively act and adhere to the recommendations made in article then you will get out of the dark tunnel of despondency, apathy and fatigue.
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