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Hydrophilic oil for washing – a holiday for skin

The number of enthusiastic fans of natural cosmetics grows every day. Cosmetic on the basis of natural ingredients "will not offend" your skin, will only make even more beautifully. Judge, environmentally friendly means for care of appearance do not contain hormones, preservatives and synthetic dyes; vitamins and useful mineral substances – their bargaining chips.

Hydrophilic oil for washing – the new word in natural cosmetology. For those who is not aware yet, we will specify that this means for removal of a make-up. Yes not simple, and with the sekretiky! Perfectly dissolving even the most resistant cosmetics on dry skin, oil becomes a gentle and easy emulsion at the slightest contact with water. Without problems it is washed away, without leaving on a face and a trace.

Oil you will not spoil skin!

Hydrophilic (water-soluble) oil for very short period became the worthy competitor for other means of a demakiyazh: skins, gel, two-phase emulsion. This real rescue for those who cherishes excessively sensitive face skin and bodies from irritations and allergic rashes as the apple of the eye. The secret that in the union of oil with water the most delicate milk which does not break gidro-lipidic balance is born and leaves Ph indicator in norm. As a result – also the blossoming reflection in a mirror is fresher.

For creation of such oils use the vitaminized vegetable means on a radio basis which easily get into deep layers of skin to present us a part of natural energy. Oil "does not extend" moisture from epidermis therefore skin after application of means does not dry up. This natural product is necessary on temper to any type of skin, the people especially sensitive to detergents can use it even.

To delete a make-up from a face – not the only problem of hydrophilic oils. This fine means which is thoroughly clearing skin of BB-creams. They can wash simply for disposal of a greasy luster on a face, it is possible to apply on a body to clean the pores polluted in a day, and still, undoubtedly, tips of the dry injured hair "will be delighted" to oil.

90% of essential oil (or combinations of oils) and 10% of emulsifier – traditional structure of hydrophilic means. The concept "emulsifier" does not hide anything superdifficult: the substance connects unjoinable – oil and water – in uniform mix. Emulsifiers happen natural (wax, honey, milk) and a chemical origin (receive in laboratories).

We clean a face in a new way assures you, there is nothing more simply and more useful than procedure of washing with hydrophilic oil!

Put oil on a dry face, accurately massage skin. When massaging a century be careful: try that means did not get to eyes. Wet palms water of room temperature and once again "walk" fingers on the person. During such manipulations you will feel as oil will be transformed to an emulsion milk which needs to be washed away. Finish procedure by washing with the skin suitable your type of skin.

What it is necessary to consider when using hydrophilic oil? All know how it is important to clear face skin in the evenings, after all we not only wash away cosmetics, but also the fat secret allocated by a time for creation of a protective layer from not always beneficial effect of environment for skin. If incorrectly or it is not enough to clean a face, a time is blocked by the fat which collected in a day and loses opportunity normally to function. The result will not keep itself waiting long: black comedones, the inflamed gnoynichka, hypodermic hillocks of fatty tumors, enlarged pores … You will not think up a picture more sadly!

Hydrophilic oil effectively copes with the fulfilled secret of a grease time, namely – dissolves it at once after drawing. Therefore you should not hurry, at once mixing oil with water. Carefully mass oil those areas on a face with which appearance you are most of all dissatisfied. When you moisten a face, water connects not only oil, but also those skin pollution to which means came into contact. So you without special work clean a time on a face.

And one more important nuance. Some claim that after removal of a hydrophilic emulsion from a face, it is necessary to wash more nothing – say, and so well skin cleaned. It is possible to argue with it. First, after use of oil on a surface of an integument there is a thin oil film (a part of not dissolved oil). It needs to be washed away that it did not disturb access of oxygen to a time. Secondly, the time cleared of fat needs the final stage of clarification – in it there can be still a quantity of a grease secret. Using a skin for washing, you as much as possible clean the time "hammered" in a day.

Unexpected pleasant bonus: regular "friendship" with hydrophilic oil in the best way affects a condition of eyebrows and eyelashes (stimulates their growth and strengthens).

We "conjure" with oil

In the past the cosmetics was done in house conditions – from this that appeared near at hand. Now this tendency again in fashion, after all that is born in our kitchen – absolute naturprodukt!

As easy as shelling pears to prepare hydrophilic oil independently. For this purpose it will be necessary for us:

  • oils for a basis (on your choice – oil of germs of wheat, apricot oil, almond oil, for example) – 85%;
  • essential oils (a tea tree, a lavender, a myrtle and others) – to 5%;
  • polysorbate-20 or polysorbate-80 (as emulsifier). The substance prepares on the basis of vegetable components, most often from olive oil;
  • small small bottle for oil storage.

So, we mix basic (main) oils. You can pick up them on the discretion: light oil of grape seeds, hazelnut oil, for example, for fat skin and avocado oil, macadamia nut oil for the dry. Then we add on some droplets of essential oils which you chose. Thoroughly we mix the turned-out mix. Do not forget that the volume of the main oils – 90 g on 10 g of polysorbate. We pour in part of emulsifier in mix 1/9. Polysorbate has a specific smell which, as a rule, kills aroma of essential oils. But it is trifles in comparison with that surprising effect which is capable to render means on skin. Business it is necessary for small – to pour ready hydrophilic oil in glass capacity. All ingredients for preparation of means can be found without effort in specialized shops for soap makers or to order on the Internet.

For a start prepare a small amount of means. In the course of use of oil you learn how quickly it is spent in your case, and will understand, what volume of a product should be prepared next time. Just before washing shake up a flakonchik with oil – polysorbate can settle on a capacity bottom (it normally).

In a beautiful body – happy soul

Regularly looking after face skin, you should not forget and about a body. It also demands our attention, especially during the winter period. Therefore after will prepare hydrophilic oil, surely prepare a hydrophilic tile for a body. Here will see, this very fascinating and interesting occupation!

The hydrophilic tile for a body – the remarkable conditioner which fully humidifies and nourishes skin with useful substances. Proves in the same way, as well as oil, at contact with water forming an easy milk. Only any shower gels after application of a tile it is not necessary to use – it is only worth being rinsed with warm water and to blot skin with a towel.

To prepare a hydrophilic tile in house conditions, it is necessary to kindle by means of a water bath beeswax and the pleasant batter (for example, cocoa butter or shi). We mix warm oil liquid with emulsion wax before full dissolution. The substance of light yellow coloring turns out. Before pouring mix on formochka, we will add the loved liquid and essential oils (orange or a ylang-ylang there as option), properly we stir everything. The standard recipe of preparation of a tile looks so:

  • beeswax – 10%;
  • batter – 50%;
  • liquid oil – 25%;
  • emulsion wax – 13%;
  • essential oil – 2%.

The prepared means quickly enough stiffens at the room temperature and if to place it in the refrigerator, it will be ready in 15 minutes! In soul clear a body of pollution, steam out a little, and then be safely rubbed with a tile. At regular use of this simple means skin becomes soft and humidified.

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