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How to bleach skin

Someone once thought up that skin of the girl has to remind porcelain and to be similar to silk. And since then that beauties only do not do to become still a krasha. It is possible to bleach the skin in the different ways: to try it to make in house conditions or to ask for the help the expert.

House bleaching

There are people who consider that bleaching of skin in house conditions – waste of time. And in vain. By means of gifts of the nature it is possible to make the skin purer, and tone more exactly. In this case the bleaching face packs will come to the rescue. It should be noted at once that it is impossible to abuse such procedures. It will be best of all to alternate them to the regenerating and nutritious masks.

Vegetables, fruit and berries generally are a part of house masks, it can be a cucumber, raspberry, a lemon, parsley and other products which are rich with vitamin C. For a mask it is enough to use one of these components. If at you the fat type of skin prevails, as the additional bleaching tool can try hydrogen peroxide. Only often it does not need to be used as there can be an irritation and reddening of skin.

The best means for giving of skin of a light shade is a lemon. Its juice well is suitable for bleaching of the person, besides the lemon is also a vitamin C well. For preparation of a mask it is possible to take as soon as juice, and all lemon entirely. For this purpose it is necessary to cut segments of a lemon and to put them to those sites of skin which need to be bleached. Then to rub a little skin and some minutes to take a lemon segment on this place.

To bleach freckles, it is necessary to mix lemon juice, potato starch and water boiled. And this lotion to wipe skin. There is stronger bleaching means with instant effect – to mix 1 to 1 juice of a lemon and vinegar, and water. This lotion will suit owners of fat and normal skin. And if skin is inclined to dryness, it is necessary to add glycerin to mix.

Not only to bleach skin, but also the mask from egg and a lemon is capable to improve its state. It will feed skin and will smooth it. To prepare such medical mix, it is necessary to mix a lemon juice teaspoon with the beaten egg egg white. To apply a mask on skin and to hold within 15 minutes.

Very often in bleaching of skin of the girl use a cucumber. For preparation of cucumber lotion it is necessary to rub small a cucumber and to add to it three tablespoons of vodka. To allow to be drawn on cold two hours. After that the received cucumber lotion it is necessary to wipe problem sites of skin.

To prepare the bleaching mask from carrots, it is necessary to grate small one carrots, average by the sizes, to add to it the third part of a teaspoon of juice of a lemon and one chicken yolk. To achieve a sour cream consistence, it is necessary to add an oat flour to a mask. Carrot mix is put on a face for 15 minutes and washed away warm water.

Bleaching of skin srubs

Besides store cosmetics, it is possible to think out absolutely quietly the useful structures for bleaching of skin. The most important – is correct to choose base. If the person has a dry skin, it will remarkably accept a srub, at the heart of which small become shallow almonds or semolina. And here fat skin will well give in to polishing of mix from a shredded fucus or buckwheat. And the coffee srub well will be suitable for bleaching of normal skin which has a pale shade and non-uniform structure. To prepare a medical srub it is necessary to mix the steamed-out oat flakes and a coffee thick, in a proportion 1 to 1. To add couple of drops of favourite essential oil to mix. The received mix needs to be applied on previously cleared face skin, and in 10 minutes to remove roundabouts. Procedure needs to be repeated once a week for three months. Thus, skin will be updated slowly and systematically and therefore will have a fresh and healthy appearance.

If you prefer to use already finished goods, you need to know that srubs happen to the bleaching effect two types – enzimny which remove the become horny cages by means of enzymes and mechanical which physically delete the top layer by means of stones, microballs and similar. It is better for Enzimnye to use at care of gentle and thin skin, but at supersensitive they can provoke irritation. The second type of a srub will be relevant to fat, porous and dense skin. As it is correct to apply such means, usually write on packing, but the general recommendations are as follows: two once a week for fat skin and once – for dry.

Ultrasonic bleaching

This method is offered women in beauty shops. It is based on ability of ultrasonic waves in combination with professional cosmetics, to delete pigmentary spots on skin. After ultrasonic bleaching skin as if receives a new powerful push to regeneration. Besides, the ultrasound helps active components of a mask to be absorbed and get into deep layers of epidermis better. And it caused the nutritious, moistening and tightening effect of procedure.

If skin has a dim appearance, porous structure and hypersensitivity with tendency to a kuperoz, the cosmetologist will appoint a course of an ultrasonic peeling in which the bleaching serums will be used. Duration of this course depends on individual requirements of skin.

Radical methods

There are radical patients who for the sake of snow-white skin are ready to go to the surgeon. And to their services will offer a set of procedures which have so powerful impact not only on skin, and and on all organism in general then the rehabilitation period is required. After these procedures it is impossible to sunbathe including in a sunbed, and it is necessary to look after carefully skin, restoring barrier properties of skin and using protective cosmetics.

There are different methods of bleaching of skin in the surgical way. For example, microdermabrasion which is appointed for sluggish and dim skin with enlarged pores. This method is based on complex influence of fine sand and oxygen.

One more method which is appointed for skin with post-acne spots and rough relief is a deep peeling. It happens glikolevy or on the basis of fruit acid, retinoyevy, trikhloruksusny and phenolic. After a chemical peeling small wrinkles are smoothed, elasticity increases. But it is necessary to be attentive to that this method can cause an exacerbation of chronic herpes.

And apply laser polishing to prematurely grown old skin. This procedure for depth is similar to plastic surgery. By means of the laser clean not only pigmentary spots, but also deep wrinkles.

Alternative methods

There are in an arsenal of women of fashion and beauties also more original methods to approach the skin color to a desired ideal. So, if the lack of skin consists in heterogeneity of its color, "the camouflage cosmetics" in the form of multi-colored proofreaders can come to the rescue. For example, red color is neutralized by the green proofreader, it is applied on area of heat-spots and irritation, blue color will well cope with yellowness, and orange will serve good service in fight against brown specks. According to hromoterapevta, red color in general does stable production in pigment skin. Therefore sometimes it is enough to buy glasses with red glasses or to carry out every day on half an hour in the room with red walls or stained-glass windows, and skin in itself will accept a uniform and pleasant shade. Such skin which shines health, has equal tone and beautiful color, always attracts to itself looks and is a beauty standard.

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