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How to take the credit without references and guarantors

To take the credit today, apparently, it is possible quite easily, actually everything is not so simple. Not all banks meet requirements of clients who need money in the shortest possible time. Or lay down very severe conditions. How to take the credit without references and guarantors - knows

The credit in short terms

Usually to take the credit in the shortest possible time, it is necessary to show to bank confirmation of the working capacity. It can be the certificate of the income of the borrower or the document on all income of a family, documents which confirm the property right to any property who in case of failure to pay can compensate a debt.

Also to take the credit, it is possible to find the guarantor who will make the written certificate that he agrees to guarantee that this credit will be paid. To it in turn, it will be necessary to collect all certificates of the solvency. Only, if, for example, the person takes the credit in Moscow, his guarantor surely has to have the corresponding Moscow registration. And as a result, in short terms this credit cannot be issued. Experts never recommend to assume others credit as the guarantor, only if it is about very loved one of whom you are sure that it will pay everything to kopek. Otherwise you can fall into clutches speculators, today there is a lot of them, and they skillfully turn bank swindles, will not manage to look back, and on you already a debt in some thousands of someone else's money.

But also desperate situations do not happen. As a last resort, it is possible to address to the loan broker. These are intermediaries between you and bank which cannot issue the credit. But nevertheless, even if you very urgently need money before taking the credit, very well think, what sum of money you can monthly allocate for its repayment. Otherwise at debt default option, the borrower will be fined and brought to trial.

Where it is possible to issue the credit

Except as directly in bank, the credit can be obtained in shop, at a choice of the pleasant goods where there is such service. Today this frequent phenomenon. This option is very convenient, but there is one but are high percent of repayment of the credit.

There is one more opportunity to take the credit without any references and guarantors are programs of social insurance. Before issuing the credit, take an interest, but whether you get under category of people it is authorized to them to take concessional loans. With their help it is easier to take the credit to a young family, the pensioner who else works, to large families, single mothers and young specialists.

If you already took the credit in any bank and extinguished it in time, it is best of all to address to the same institution again. It will be much easier to issue in it the credit. Usually then the mass of advantages are provided to borrowers – references do not demand, guarantors too, procedure of registration takes place much more simply and interest rates are lower, sometimes there is no commission for obtaining the sum that too it is very important. If you take a loan in bank, consider that it is more favorable to take target loans. Because at inappropriate crediting the big percent, as it more risky for bank undertakes.

Requirements for receiving the credit

Of course, in each bank the requirements to receiving the credit without references and guarantors. But it is possible to allocate the general nevertheless:

  1. Age of the borrower from 21 to 70 years.
  2. The passport with a constant registration.
  3. The second document is there can be an international passport or the driver's license.
  4. Existence at the borrower of the mobile phone, and other contact phone if the person works, the worker.

Pluses and minuses

Is at this credit which is made out without references, the advantages and shortcomings. It is possible to carry to pluses that it is possible to repay the loan and by means of the Internet. But it concerns private banks more, at state yet not all have such function. The second advantage is a speed and simplicity of registration of the credit. Usually such credit is made out in one day, and most often in a couple of hours. This results from the fact that employees of bank do not need to check the client, to call on a workplace, to reconsider its credit history, to consider the size of the income and to compare as far as information is authentic.

The most important and essential minus at registration of such credit that the interest rate will be quite high, especially in comparison with the same credit, for the same sum, but with registration of all documents. The rate can be about 30% per annum while any bank which demands the certificate of the income, will request no more than 20%.

If in bank it is impossible most to take the credit without references from you, it is possible to address to private investors. Conditions at them in principle same, as well as in bank, or are very similar, from documents only the passport and the driver's license will demand from you. But there is one essential shortcoming, here the rate is charged not for a year, and for a month. If to count, how many it will be gathered in a year, can leave to 700% per annum, and it is simply unreal overpayment. Therefore if you need urgently to be money at investors, take the small sum and for short term, we will tell for few weeks to a salary.

Instead of the certificate of the income

There is still other option how to take the credit without references and guarantors – it is possible to offer something to bank as pledge. Here it is necessary to pay attention to some moments, for example, that the property which is offered to bank as pledge, has to have the same material value, as well as the credit, at least, not the smaller. If the borrower is not able to pay the credit, this property will take over bank. Carry real estate, transport, securities and valuable things to such property. Before a credit capture with pledge, the borrower has to provide to bank confirmation that this property belongs to it.

Besides, to confirm the solvency, the borrower can provide to bank an extract that it has a deposit account with the sum which can in case of failure to pay by the client, will cover all loan. Many in this case have a natural question, why to take the credit if on the account and so there is money. But the answer is simple – deposit money works for the owner of the account and makes profit, they are not recommended to be removed because differently the client will lose percent.

If you have one more account where money transfers constantly arrive, it too can be provided to bank for the proof of the working capacity.

At registration of the credit can play good service and the contract on hiring on which it is visible that the borrower is an arendopoluchatel. In this contract there has to be a sum which it gets for rent of the area and penal for which action of this document extends.

In the conclusion it is worth reminding that there are two different concepts – the credit without references and guarantors and the credit in the absence of the income. In the latter case is not reasonable to take the credit at all because to receive money quite easily, but still it is necessary once and to give them. And taking the credit, especially if do not confirm the income, count ten times and think, whether there will be at you an opportunity to pay it. Whether the advantage of the credit, that risk will move that you can not pay and to lose something. If moves, dare, options weight.

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