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Symptoms and treatment of periodontosis

Smile "on all thirty two" - a success synonym at all times. Providing to a mouth full leaving, we increase the chances of avoiding the pulled-out teeth and the hours which are "pulled out" by a toothache from healthy life. However there are such artful diseases which and wait for that when we zazevatsya right there to occupy healthy "territories".

Who "steals" our teeth?

The main reason of loss of teeth is covered in a disease of gums. It proceeds, as a rule, without serious consequences and when the person after all appears in a chair at the stomatologist, already too late to rescue something - both a gum, and teeth in a deplorable state. The toothache does not know age brackets: 30 summer she attacks a carious illness, and than people is more senior torments diseases of a parodont - the fabrics enveloping tooth. From here and the name - periodontosis. This chronic destructive inflammation of a parodont and bone tissue of an alveolar shoot of a jaw. Result the teeth which - are unsteady, and even at all absent. The problem is old as the world, about it knew even more than two hundred years ago.

Gingivit also a periodontal disease - predecessors of periodontosis, its "facilitated" option. Start anew to pulse from an inflammation - so declares soft tissues of a gum himself gingivit. Unpleasantly, but it is quite tolerant. If to try "not to notice" these signals, you will be visited by a periodontal disease - inflammatory process covers a zubodesnevy sheaf and an alveolar bone (the closest areas of a parodont). Here to disregard symptoms of a disease it will not turn out: gums swell and bleed, there are firm tooth deposits and putrefactive breath. Further - it is more terrible. The following stage of a periodontal disease comes with the advent of a pathological cavity, so-called "pocket", between tooth and a gum. This different niche is filled with tooth deposits. A bone on which our teeth "sit", being under pressure, gradually collapses. The problem of a disease of gums left "on somehow then" is solved by itself - is trivial and it is unfavourable - at first teeth are shaken, then drop out.

From where periodontosis undertook?

Why there is a periodontosis, argue still. One are sure that the prerequisite of damage of gums are neurovascular and vascular diseases; others are inclined to consider that to all fault failure in endocrine system. Anyway, but periodontosis avoids absolutely healthy organism, and, so quite possibly the complex of various factors can be the cause of developing of periodontosis. For example, if work of a digestive tract is broken and brings to the owner a certain discomfort, besides there is a chronic center of an infection (it is admissible, tonsillitis), risks the "happy" owner of periodontosis for this person to become highest. And if he also smokes, the disease becomes not probable, but natural!

However in a mouth traditionally and not unreasonably tooth deposits as result of insufficient hygiene of gums and teeth are considered as the beginning of all problems. Unfair "cleaning" in oral cavities, cigarettes, saturation of an organism drugs (antibiotics, in particular) envelop teeth a yellow raid. It detains on an enamel surface various mineral substances which the saliva contains. That the raid turned into a scale, a lot of time is not required - two-three weeks. Extremely quickly this process attacks elderly people.

Whatever you may say, periodontosis - payment for a civilization. Ourselves "nayet" it... semi-finished products, sweets, fast food, a sigarette "under coffee". If earlier in fight against natural selection of people literally gnawed teeth a victory, eating fruit, korenye, crude vegetables, today chips and hot dogs "gnaw" the last forces from us. Teeth, without receiving worthy loading, become an excess element for an organism.

The enemy is exposed. How to fight?

There is no common decision of a problem for all sufferers. And councils of traditional medicine for independent house doctoring absolutely not by the way. Run to the doctor! Approach to periodontosis - versatile and strictly individual. Nature of treatment of periodontosis is defined by a disease stage, specifics of complications, and also the general condition of the patient. It can be procedures during which the scale is removed, physical therapy, vitamin therapy (the main in treatment - vitamins of group B and C), surgical and orthopedic intervention, a diet and resort treatment.

The patient's task - to provide the struck oral cavity with worthy hygienic leaving. Massage of gums suitable toothbrushes, existence in an arsenal of house ambulance of flos (tooth threads) and means for rinsing will do good.

Experts in turn by means of a rentgendiagnostika and modern computer tests will look "deep into at problems": will estimate a condition of a bone, extent of its deformation and will make the appropriate program of treatment of periodontosis. In the most, apparently, hopeless cases parodontologichesky operations come to the rescue. Their purpose - to achieve considerable reduction of mobility of a painful tooth and to give a tone to an affected gum. When the person having periodontosis has big bone pockets that is fraught with loss of several teeth, "replanting" of a missing bone tissue is possible.

Laser therapy and fotoforez - types of recovery treatment of periodontosis. Thanks to these methods the patient can forget about inflammatory process in the field of a parodont and gain the prolonged therapeutic effect.

How not to "pick up" periodontosis?

It is possible to call periodontosis an age disease - it with readiness attacks on those to whom for forty. Besides, the unfavourable tendency is observed - periodontosis "looks younger"! Active, people full of strength even more often get to the list of its victims. Therefore your age does not matter - be to you 18 or 35 - be engaged in prevention of periodontosis already now. Especially as in it there is nothing difficult.

Eat a lot of firm vegetable food is a god-send for teeth and gums. Crude apples and carrots are very useful. Painful teeth have to be immediately cured - uniform load of all tooth surfaces in the course of a food chewing is of great importance.

Scale fear like the plague! Not to allow its emergence, it is necessary to brush carefully teeth for removal from their surface of a soft raid. You should not neglect also toothpicks and special tooth threads which in an ideal have to be used every time when you threw something in a mouth.

If you "looked through" a scale and it strongly lodged on your teeth, be not too lazy to glance to the stomatologist. The doctor will remove the uninvited guest, having resorted to an ultrasonic method, and will appoint an oral cavity irrigation grass broths (we will tell, from a sage).

To clean teeth after easy having a snack when near at hand there is no toothbrush, recommends to remember old kind chewing gum.

Unfortunately, there is today no one way of treatment which during an instant will relieve you of periodontosis, there is no one vitaminka, having eaten which, it is possible to forget about periodontosis in general is only in the fairy tale the dairy boiling bathtub takes away all illnesses. It is worth approaching prevention and treatment of periodontosis very seriously and thoughtfully. All efforts spent for improvement of quality of the health already now as at most, will present to you happy years without diseases and, at least, will save to you money which should not be spent for drugs.

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