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How to play curling

Chess on ice. Game in the "roaring" stones. So briefly and neatly characterize curling – competition which was entered in the list of the Olympic sports not so long ago. And after all play curling already more than six hundred years! Now much of readers of it is bewitched watch how participants twenty second Winter Olympic Games compete in different types of sport.

In this article we will tell of curling emergence history, the basic rules of game. We will try to show that curling is not simply strange big stones round which on ice participants of competition, and exact strategy, skill, passion and somewhat luck of curlers fuss and shout with brushes in hands.

To an ice platform there are two competing teams consisting of men or women. In each team on 4 players. Serially someone from participants of each team lets on ice, filled in and prepared in a special way, heavy shells – granite stones. And on ice there is a marked target.

Interesting story

This game in Scotland arose. There was it long ago – in the sixteenth century. Also there are to that confirmations. In Danbleyna, at the bottom of the drained pond (or lakes) the shell for curling on which date of its production – is engraved 1511 was found. In abbey of Paisley in monastic chronicles there are records about curling, they are dated 1541st year. Besides, Pieter Bruegel in 1565 in two pictures represented the Dutch peasants with enthusiasm playing on a surface of the frozen lake an aysshtok (it is very close to curling). Researchers and historians believe that the name of game comes from one of the Scottish verbs of "curr" describing a roar or low growl. Honestly, when the granite shell called by a stone slid on ice, concerning its jags, it was possible to hear the characteristic sound similar to a roar or growl. In annalistic books of one of the Scottish towns – Darwell, is told that for game in curling weavers were accustomed to take after work with themselves heavy freights which, generally, had such mission as bends for the weaving loom. Such stone freights had a handle which if necessary was removed. So earlier shells for curling were a various form. And only in the eighteenth century the form began to take a modern cylindrical form, the exact size and weight. In Scotland a frigid climate therefore game became so popular. Then it extended to Canada, the USA and worldwide. The first serious competition – the world championship among men, was carried out in 1959 in Edinburgh. And men from Canada became winners then. The female championship was organized in 1979 besides in Scotland, but already in Perth. The national team from Switzerland won then. And here in Russia curling very long did not get accustomed. At first attempt in the nineties of the nineteenth century by foreign diplomats became. Then were created in St. Petersburg and Moscow curling clubs. But then there was a revolution. Then in the twenties the twentieth century wanted to revive curling again, but recognized such sport as bourgeois game and forbade. And here on the basis of one of academies of physical culture in 1991 curling club was created. In the Winter Olympic Games curling was brought in 1998.

What is necessary for curling?

For carrying out game definitely the ice platform is filled in and prepares previously. It is a rectangle which one party can be from 44,5 to 45,72 meters, and another – from 4,42 to 5,0 meters. On a platform the target, which diameter of 3,66 meters is marked. It is called as "house".

Very few people know that the weight of a game stone of nearly 20 kg and if is more exact – 19,96 kg. Also do these shells only of special solid granite. Get it on the Scottish island Ailsa-Craig. The stone is processed and polished with diamond powder, has the sliding surface and the handle in the top part allowing to operate a stone. The curler at first slides on a platform with a stone, holding it for the handle, and then lets out in free sliding, its way can be from 20 to 30 meters.

Still players have special brushes, they are made of carbon fabrics, fiber glass or other strong synthetic polymers, and the rubbing surface is executed from a kardura. To it the player rubs an ice surface before a stone when it moves.

The curler throwing a stone for sliding puts on teflon sliders footwear. Professional curling footwear expensive, it practical, warm and convenient. To prevent injuries, it is authorized to use kneecaps.

What basic rules?

The victory is awarded to that team which will score more points for a match. The game periods happens ten, they are called by endam. Each team includes four players. A task of athletes during an and: to try to use the best efforts that to the center of "house" (a test target) there were as much as possible "curling stones" released the team players. By the end of an and the team receives a point for each stone which was placed closer to the center of a target (if to compare to the provision of stones of the rival).

In total for game 160 stones are issued. That is in every period on 16 shells, this quantity shares equally on 2 playing teams. It turns out that each player from team will start on two apparatuses. "Task" gives to each stone a skip, so call the player who is settling down in "house". Everything depends on tactics and a situation in "house". Sometimes it is necessary to try to make so that the stone stopped in a place necessary to team. And sometimes it is necessary to make release so that "the" stone beat out stones of rivals from the marked test zone. When the stone moves, players should not concern it any more. And here it is possible to grate ice before a stone, it is called as a sviping. It becomes to change a condition of a surface of ice in a certain place of a platform. It is so possible to try to support (or slightly to change) a trajectory on which the stone slides, and to prolong a little a way of its independent movement. Occupation it at all even not simple as it can seem to the audience. During a sviping at the player pulse reaches 180 beats per minute, muscles of feet and hands are strongly loaded. These movements do not come within miles of how we rub a house floor when cleaning! Sometimes in case the stone rose very successfully, it try to protect, that is to create difficulties for the opponent's stone that that did not beat out it. The most important – the last throw of team, it almost also solves everything. In the first and (period) draw decides destiny of throws for teams. And in the subsequent – the main, decisive throw behind that team which lost previous and. But in game it is necessary not only force, dexterity, but also tactical moves. For example, some teams specially do not productive last throw. After all in this case the team though will lose a possible point, but will receive a primary last throw further. At the end of a match the sum of the scored points is counted. If the quantity of points at teams turns out equal, one more period of game will be appointed, it call extra-endom. In the player of that team who lost in previous, that is the tenth and will be mute to do the latest start of a stone.

What does the curler have to be able?

Refer his ability and ability to give to "a curling stone" the necessary speed and to set the direction of its sliding on a platform so that to criteria by which it is possible to judge skill of the athlete:

  • the shell stopped in that place where it was conceived;
  • got to the opponent's stone under the necessary corner and displaced it, and it is even better – beat out from "house".

For implementation of goals it is necessary to calculate efforts at the moment when pushing away from a block is made, and to set the direction. Actions have to be accurate and coordinated.

The success of game in many respects depends not only on skill of team players, but also on coordination, the clearness of their actions and a stock of tactical combinations. Here curling also received the informal name for nuances and tactical moves – "chess on ice". The people knowing rules and subtleties of this game assure that it is interesting and spectacular. wishes good luck to athletes at the Olympic Games which are taking place now!

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