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How to manipulate men

So women are arranged, they want that their feet had a whole world. And who has to put it there? Of course, man. Only men have often in this respect other opinion. And here already depends on the woman, whether it will carry out all her whims or not. But each person has weak places, having well studied which, it is possible to be engaged in a manipulation quietly.

Of that is the man afraid?

Each man has "Achilles' heel", but nevertheless there is a certain general code of fears with which the stronger sex is subject:

  1. Fear of loss. In our world entirely consisting of the competition, it is beautiful to lose ability not less important, than to win a victory.
  2. Fear of insolvency. This fear usually comes to the man of years in 50. When he estimates what reached, and understands that will hardly manage to make even more.
  3. Fear to be mistaken or look incompetent. Men want that thought of them how about "the walking encyclopedia". Only the self-assured person can quietly recognize that he does not understand something or in something is mistaken.
  4. Fear of changes. The man is more senior, the more difficult to him to change some vital circumstances.
  5. Fear to look ridiculous. If the man hesitates of any shortcomings of the appearance, for example, of the small growth, a bald head, completeness, it is very vulnerable for people. The exit only one – to learn to laugh at itself.
  6. Fear of sexual failure. It, perhaps, the most terrible man's nightmare – to see the disappointed look of the woman or to hear irony into the account of its potentiality. Here everything depends on tactfulness of the woman.
  7. Fear to be insufficiently courageous. You should not and try to sneer at the man on a homosexual subject, especially on public if you, of course, do not want to kill him on povat.
  8. Fear of refusal. The vanity of any normal man suffers if he hears refusal. But over time, years and experience this fear decreases and becomes not essential.

If you know the main fears of the man, your opportunity will not step to him on "sick callosities".

Is at men and the small pleasures are almost children's attachment to any expensive toys and attributes of courage, for example, the weapon, the good equipment, cars etc. Besides, many men like to collect coins, hours, tubes. With it there's nothing to be done it is also necessary to encourage and participate because common interests of people pull together. It is good, if it that is pleasant to both of you – cinema, campaigns, fishing.

Manipulation bases

It is known that all manipulations are based on weaknesses. Therefore the task consists in finding the necessary button in subconsciousness of the person and it is correct to press it.

All acts of the person, as a rule, moves two incentive motives: desire to derive pleasure and aspiration to avoid pain. On them all system of manipulation is also constructed. Respectively, there are also two types of men:

  1. The first not to get to a discomfortable situation, are ready to refuse many purposes. They for certain know that they do not want and what exactly irritates them. And they act in life a little, being afraid to suffer defeat.

    If your man behaves quite so, he leaves from problems, and hardly at you it will turn out to direct him on great fulfillments, drawing the colourful future. It can join in business if knows, what problems expect it if he stands aside. Therefore make a sad voice and brightly describe to it a picture of negative consequences from its inaction.

  2. The second type of men strives for comfort, happiness and a cosiness even if the way to it promises to be thorny and difficult. Such men precisely know that they want to receive and actively influence the life. If you want from such man something to achieve, your speech has to be incendiary and inspiring, and the result to be represented bright and attractive.

Pay attention that to action of the person induce not information, but emotions. From here arise also two ancient as the world of a method: "Carrot and stick". Precisely in this case Al Capone's phrase sounds: "The kind word and the gun it is possible to achieve bigger, than only one kind word"!

Female methods of influence on men

Any method which women use to influence the man, demand skill and improvement.

  1. Coquetry. Long since women resort to such tricks as carelessly rasstyognuty top pugovichka on a dress, languishing looks and ambiguous poses, all this draws attention of the man and influences his sight and when he is blinded by appearance and the woman's habits, he will be much more loyal to requests.
  2. Flattery and praise. Irrespective of the fact which the rank, education, intelligence and age at the man, is infected with vanity practically any representative strongly of a floor. All of them like to brag, stand out and stay on a pedestal and furthermore to hear from the woman that it very best. Than also clever women use.
  3. Misunderstanding. Very popular method at women to include for a while "blonde". Even if you understand some question better than the man, give it the chance to stay more cleverly.
  4. Female tears. It is very rigid reception and it is not recommended to use it often, differently your man will cease to react to your tears.
  5. Request for the help. When the man solves some female troubles, except her huge gratitude receives also feeling of improbable satisfaction from own act. Here the main thing that problems were not global scale.
  6. Sex. Mad thirst of men for a female body sometimes gives to the lady illusion of the full power. But you should not be under a delusion because the power can quickly end if you abuse the button of a ban on sex at quarrels or you quite often "are hurt by the head".

    And here if to speak about sex on the first appointment, psychology claims that to it there not a place. Because chances after an intimate meeting at the woman to continue communication with the man are very small. Another thing is that if the man wants sex, and the woman too, but she refuses, here manipulation so manipulation. There is an occasion at both to continue further communication.

  7. Children. Unfortunately, there are such women who enjoy love of the father to children for pressure upon mentality of the man and by that achieve the. Here already everything depends on moral qualities of the woman.

Actually, the list of manipulations can be continued infinitely. The main thing, readers of need to remember that any manipulations should not be rough, and for this purpose the thicket should use them and not to rely only on any one method. Try that your methods did not become means of intimidation or the wrong pressure upon the man. In general, it is possible to tell that life of the man and woman without manipulations is inconceivable. And if someone approves the return and says that is not good to manipulate people and it is necessary to be oneself, so he strongly is fond of psychological books and hardly has own experience of the long happy relations. Therefore to the woman to live happily near the man, it is necessary to master manipulation elements, the main thing everything softly and beautifully to do, and even sometimes it is not necessary and to hide it from the man. Because the wise man and itself is familiar with such concept as manipulation and achieves with its help wished from the beloved.

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