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How independently to make the wedding menu

For most of guests the wedding is remembered generally thanks to a wedding banquet. And if it is quite easy to deal with registration of the hall, a dress and the REGISTRY OFFICE, to make successful, generous, but without menu excesses – the real problem. imparts personal experience of the readers.

When you approximately counted number of guests (will specify this figure some days before a wedding), you need to understand accurately, how many and what food and binge it is necessary to order. If you go on a meeting with the restaurateur without similar preparation, be ready that "will load" you on full – you not that will not save, and will order nearly twice more food.

Let's begin with the list of guests. If it is possible, it is necessary to specify their preferences. It does not mean that for each guest there will be a personal menu. It is necessary to know, whether there are no people with special preferences among the invited vegetarians fasting and simply. Their wishes should be considered. Traditionally at a wedding the first table consists of salads and cold appetizers. (Minutes 30-40) guests eat the first three toasts. Further, having sated, start drinking and having fun. And so, if you manage to invite active the host, and it will be able to carry away guests cheerful competitions and ceremonies, food it is possible to order safely 30-40% less. Within the first hour have to serve hot appetizer, and giving of hot dishes and garnishes should be planned for the next 3-4 hours. By the way, it is also desirable to discuss time of giving of each dish in advance. Otherwise it can turn out so that snack and salads will end, and will not be ready more hotly yet.

Approximate calculations according to the wedding menu

It is quite logical that none of guests would not like to sit at an empty table. And for those who suits a banquet, surplus of food can cost a pretty penny. Let's try to find golden mean in the wedding menu and to count in grams how many and what food on average it is necessary on one invited.

Cuttings happen cheese, meat, fish and vegetable. Meat are formed of 2-3 types of a balyk, boiled pork and several types of sausages. On average on the person about 130-150 g of meat cutting is necessary. Cheese cutting – 35 g on the person. It is supplemented with olives, olives, grapes. Vegetable cutting – 75-80 g on the person (cucumbers, tomatoes, a garden radish, paprika, greens). It is possible to order fish cutting (a fish balyk, fillet of red fish, smoked fish) – 40 g on the person. Only all fish as, however, and chicken, for obvious reasons has to be in the form of fillet.

Salads have to be lungs! This basic rule. You will not please anybody with a fur coat or Russian salad any more. Let it will be Caesar Salad, Greek or salad with language. On each guest it is necessary to consider about 500 g of salads generally. If at you their three, then order somewhere on 160 g of each salad at the rate on the person. If you conceived to order red caviar sandwiches, at least 15-20 grams have to fall on the person, decided to order the black – on 10 grams. Can offer you also original snack – kanape, cheese balls, rolls with red fish, etc. If means allow, agree – these dishes will perfectly decorate a wedding table and will be for certain eaten.

Hot appetizer usually is served a la carte. For example, julienne. Organizers of weddings do not recommend to include portion dishes in the wedding menu at all. One person will be ashamed to ask an additive, another – at all will not touch. Hot dishes are usually ordered meat (more often meat of chicken) and fish in number of 200-250 g on the person. And here the weight of garnishes depends on their look. If it is rice, there are enough also 130 grams, if potatoes who love everything – 250 g on the person. Well, and where without wedding cake – not less than 200 g on one guest.

How to calculate quantity of alcohol

In this question there are a lot of nuances. The matter is that guests happen different (almost not drinking grandmother and the fighting old man, youth, children), and the purposes at all guests differ (to drink and dance, get drunk and to be forgotten). Therefore it is important to count separately teetotal, low-drinking guests and ardent fans. If their approximately identical quantity, conduct calculation for average recommendations if the last more – plus a stock to average value.

So, on average on 10 guests it is bought: 4 bottles of vodka or cognac (we look under the budget), 4 bottles of wine (2 bottles red and as much white), 2-3 bottles of champagne and on liter of soft drinks at each guest (in the summer - on 2 liters). It only for a banquet. Consider a buffet reception, walk and the standard "tied-up" champagne bottles on a table of newlyweds separately. Be not afraid to take with a stock – drinks will not deteriorate and will be useful further. Try to agree with an institution that the alcohol (drinks, fruit, vegetables) was bought by you. It is so possible to save well. Also be guided on weather. During a heat of very few people will drink a hard liquor, in the winter - wine is not too popular.

Additional recommendations

Besides the order at the restaurant it is important to provide drinks and food for walk and a furshetny table. On walk usually there go newlyweds and their friends. Therefore in the car of heroes of the occasion surely there has to be a champagne, a hard liquor on your taste, light meals and fruit. It is very convenient to make cuttings of the house, to turn food wrap, and on walk already to enjoy them. The plastic ware can be used, and here usual plastic glasses – do not take in head! On a photo they look awfully therefore it is better to buy plastic glasses in any large supermarket. The ring, unfortunately, will not be, and here the look will turn out worthy.

What is the buffet reception? It is a small little table at restaurant for the expecting guests. A time between a list and the beginning of a banquet (so far newlyweds walk and are photographed) can pass some hours. Guests have to spend this time with comfort. For this purpose also the separate little table is organized. On it there have to be alcoholic drinks (in wine glasses and glasses – usually wine and cognac), soft drinks (mineral water, juice, lemonade), cutting from fruit, meat and cheese cutting, small sandwiches, candies in boxes, tea, coffee. It is possible to add the list to a winter time mulled wine or a grog, in the summer – to place emphasis on the refreshing drinks and snack. Near this little table there has to be a waiter and help guests. It is also important to organize places where guests will be able to sit down. It is good if the host arrives in advance and will be able to entertain them something. Do not stint and are not lazy to organize a similar buffet reception. Believe, to stand some hours near the laid tables with an empty stomach not too pleasantly.

Also remember, a lot of things depend on the host. If at a wedding it is boring – guests will drink and eat much. And if it is too cheerful – will leave the almost hungry. Discuss this moment with the host – as it "will beat" giving of dishes and how to make so that nobody touched superfluous (more dances and competitions). Cheerful to you weddings!

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