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How to clarify hair in house conditions

It is considered that the nature already at the birth picked up for us ideally suitable hair color but as it is frequent to us, women want to change own appearance, it is simplest to make it elementary having recoloured hair in other color.

Alas, modern paints, even the most sparing inevitably spoil hair and therefore if health, the beauty and force of hair nevertheless are for you on the first place, coloring of hair folk remedies will become for you the real rescue, after all in this case changing color, you do not damage structure of hair, on the contrary, natural ingredients add to ringlets gloss and silkiness. And how decolouration harms to hair, you for certain know firsthand, but it is possible to clarify hair and in house conditions by means of make-shifts, is not obligatory to burn down them with chemical dyes mercilessly at all.

However coloring by folk remedies has one essential minus – it is necessary to forget about firmness, be going to undergo anew procedure of coloring after 1-2 washings of the head.

We clarify hair without paint

If you, dear readers of, decided to leave chemical dyes in the past, but thus to keep a light hair color, we suggest you to clarify hair by means of folk remedies. However at once there is a wish to warn that all following ways will suit you only if you the happy owner of hair of fair-haired or light brown type, with reddish, it is possible a golden shade. Of course, the platinum blonde to become it will not turn out, and here to clarify own hair on couple of tones quite perhaps.

  1. Peroxide of hydrogen of 3%. It can be got in any drugstore. For convenience it is better to pour peroxide in any bottle with a spray and daily to splash it hair. In a week of regular use your hair will get a beautiful golden shade. You should not worry, concentration of peroxide is too small that hair could deteriorate so this way of clarification is absolutely harmless.
  2. The second way assumes use of the concentrated lemon juice which can be got in any supermarket, then it needs to be parted in a proportion 1:1 with peroxide of hydrogen and plentifully to apply on hair, leave for an hour. It is very important to buy natural lemon juice which should not be replaced with lemon acid, in this case you really do much harm to your hair.
  3. Well clarifies hair and a camomile, 100 grams of flowers should be filled in with couple of glasses of water and to bring to boiling, to boil thoroughly about 5 minutes, and then to filter by means of a gauze. Then it is necessary to add 40 grams of glycerin to the received camomile broth. The received natural paint needs to be stored in the refrigerator and to use after each washing of the head, about an hour it is necessary to hold paint on hair which surely have to be damp.
  4. Perfectly proved in clarification and apple or it is possible grape vinegar and a rhubarb. Accurate proportions in this recipe are not present, experts recommend to take more rhubarb less vinegar, only consider: vinegar surely has to cover all rhubarb, boil thoroughly it about 15 minutes and use in the first 2 weeks of reception after each washing of the head, it is necessary to store revenevo-acetum broth in the refrigerator. It is capable to give to hair a beautiful golden and platinum shade. Choosing fruit vinegar consider that you should not save on it and really qualitative product costs expensive enough and it will do hair only good – they will become more smooth and silky while the cheap option is capable to dry up them and to weaken. Similar paint has accumulative effect and is much more effective than glyceric and camomile broth.

Natural paint for clarification of hair

It is possible to call the following recipe safely the real hair-dye which received stunning comments even, however, in difference from the simple recipes given above preparation of such paint takes a lot of time from dark-haired girls though the received result of unconditional it costs.

Ingredients necessary for paint:

  • the crushed rhubarb – 50 grams;
  • qualitative apple cider vinegar – 0,5 liters;
  • camomile inflorescences – 50 grams, calendula inflorescences – 25 grams;
  • juice from two large lemons;
  • akatsiyevy honey – 50 grams;
  • the Limoncello liqueur - 70 ml (anything terrible if at you it did not appear original option, below I will tell how to prepare it from make-shifts);
  • pan from a stainless steel;
  • small sieve;
  • rubber or medical gloves;
  • hat for the pool;
  • any dense hair balm.

So, as we cook "Limoncello" in house conditions. First of all, consider that this process takes 2 weeks. Take 250 ml of alcohol of 95%, as much sugar, 200 ml of water and a dried peel from 7-8 lemons. The lemon dried peel needs to be put in a glass jar and to fill in with alcohol, to insist 10 days, without forgetting to stir up a bottle once a day. Then weld syrup from sugar and water, pour to alcohol and leave for 5 days then liqueur can be filtered.

When "Limoncello" is ready, we start creation of paint which not only will effectively clarify hair, up to several tones, but also will present them health and magnificent gloss. So, put a rhubarb in a kastryulka from a stainless steel and fill in with apple cider vinegar which as it was already repeatedly mentioned above, surely has to be quality that health of hair not only did not suffer, and and it was increased, then include slow fire and cook a rhubarb about 15-20 minutes, then it is necessary to add a camomile and flowers of a calendula to a rhubarb and to leave on the same slow fire for 5 minutes. Then broth it is necessary to filter and allow to it to cool down then we add honey, surely akatsiyevy, Limoncello and lemon juice. Liquid which turned out as a result of difficult manipulations, it is necessary to mix with dense balm or a mask for hair, carefully to apply on hair, to dress from above a hat for a shower and to leave a minimum for half an hour.

Foreign forums dazzle with really enthusiastic responses, and even brown-haired women say that paint is really capable in house conditions to clarify hair on some tones.

The clarifying mask with a camomile, a saffron, a lemon and essential lavandovy oil.

This mask also got good responses, is not difficult to prepare it at all, the most important is to find a natural saffron which concerns to one of the most precious and expensive spices. You need 2 tablespoons of inflorescences of a camomile, some gram of a saffron which need to be filled in with abrupt boiled water and then to leave in a cool place for half an hour, it is necessary for broth so much to be insisted and cool down. After broth it is necessary to filter, squeeze out juice of one large lemon and 10 drops of lavandovy oil there. The mask needs to be applied on half an hour on purely washed up hair then wash away warm water. Except the easy painting effect this mask also perfectly feeds dry hair.

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