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How to keep love

At the beginning of the relations it seems that your feelings will eternally last, but passes month, then year, passion ceases, and here already you already together with each other it is more on a habit. Not so burning kisses, not so languid views … How to make so that the love did not disappear, and was the satellite of couple for many years. About it is one more detailed today.

The theory about love phases

If it seems to you that painful excitement before appointment, the stream of tenderness and the ocean of passion, and constant desire to touch the darling already will never visit you then, you approached the final of the first stage of the relations – phases of "symbiosis". It is followed by other phase – a distancing. During this period the man, as a rule, defend the personal space, start meeting friends, find to themselves some hobby. Women during this period are very irritable, can constantly quarrel with darling and refuse to it intimate pleasures. Then there comes the fight stage for domination in a family, both partners defend the independence and personal space. Usually this stage for many couples becomes the last and conducts to a rupture of the relations. If people do not disperse and live together, all of them are equally ready to break at any time. Or start waging house war in which winners do not happen. The most important is to endure crises adequately, argue and quarrel, but do not humiliate and be not humiliated. Remember that all crises of a vremenna. It is not necessary to threaten that you will leave the partner, either leave, or are reconciled.

Love at the level of soul

When you love very strongly, there is a wish to be dissolved in darling, and this, according to psychologists, just to do and it is not necessary. In any situation remain the interesting personality who has desires, ambitions and personal space. Think of what wanted by you more often, it does the relations more sincere. Having defined the personal space, do not forget that also your partner has the right for the same own.

Often partners make a mistake: they think that having lived with the person year and two, they know it as themselves. And at this moment there comes apathy in relation to close, people cease to be interested with each other, there is an indifference. Not for nothing say that if leave, leave forever, instead of them other person comes back already.

Besides, interest in the partner allows to establish a healthy distance between people. Without it the equal and full-fledged relations are simply impossible.

Very often in love in the course of the relations, start asking not directly about something or to ask, and in the roundabout ways that he guessed. And by that, one partner starts manipulating another, instead of that to ask waters, we tell how getting thirsty, and any manipulations with each other is a first step to loss of feelings. Be honest. When speak about something, watch not only words, but also the intonation. If you make a declaration of love to the person, and your tone will indicate the opposite absolutely, the person will hear implication. Also do not forget to talk with each other, disconnect the Internet, switch off the TV, and speak, speak, speak …

Love at the level of a body

It is necessary not only to store the love in heart, but also in every possible way to show. Usually, if couple has some problems in the relations, they seldom tell each other words of love. To the contrary, people who often repeat treasured three words, are connected by strong bonds of warm-heartedness. Therefore it is not necessary to hide the feelings, embrace darlings, make a declaration of love to them, kiss and not only houses when nobody sees you, but also in public. Do it not only under good mood but also when you in quarrel when your partner becomes angry, instead of reproaches tell it that love it, look, reaction will be remarkable.

Very important in the relations to be generous and not only in the spiritual plan, but also in material. Give to darlings gifts and accept them with gratitude. Often it happens that we give gifts easily, and here we accept hardly. Because on subconsciousness the artful belief sits that if accept a gift, you are obliged to this person by something. And it is pleasant to nobody. Or other option when people are not able to give, think that will not choose a suitable gift or money is not present on expensive surprise, so at all not to give better. And after all the gift is too expression of love, and its size or cost, attention is not important – is invaluable.

The second moment is an ability to care of itself at the corporal level, as a rule, leaving happens in a hurry, and it is very important to be able to relax and have a rest soul and a body. And, of course, there are no full-fledged relations between the woman and the man without sexual satisfaction. The big mutual confidence consists in sex, it is important not to forget that, as well as you, and your partner wishes to derive pleasure maximum, satisfy requirements each other and thus you keep love at the level of a body.

It is necessary to love intelligently

The person is so arranged that he has always not enough of all however many was, it is necessary more and more. Same concerns also the relations, to aspire to the best and it is necessary to reach it, of course, but it is worth and appreciating that you already now have. When you learn it, will see that good in life becomes more and more. If your darling feels that he is not enough for you, you need him, he will make everything to be near. Thus it is not necessary to try to change the person, accept darling such what it is actually, all of us are not ideal. Other person too the personality, he not that is not obliged, he also should not resemble you. On the other hand, all people change – and it too a reality. And if at some point your partner ceased to work on himself and to aspire to something, wonder first of all that you do for this purpose that he ceased to do it. It is simplest to leave, to find another not difficult, to keep the relations – here where wisdom and mind is useful. Love, first of all, live in the head, but not in heart.

It is possible to create the soil to keep love, using so-called "conditioned reflexes". With their help it is possible to inflate the smoldering fire and former feelings will flash with a new force. Each couple has stimulators. The most widespread is a song which both consider as the. Over time many couples cease to listen to this song, even it can be a shame to them and it is awkward from memories of what they were young and ridiculous in the period of love. But it is not right, such moments need to be protected and cherished in memory at the right time to cause necessary association. It concerns also spirits which once demented your partner. These spirits can seem to someone already old-fashioned, but only not to your darling. Or continue to call each other by pet names which you thought up when only began your relations. And let friends, perhaps laugh, they simply envy you.

And even all acquaintances sat down consider you as ideal couple, there are periods when there is a wish to be disappointed both in the partner, and in the choice. And at these moments all that good that was between you, is lost behind quarrels and offenses. And you return when everything only began, remember that bewitched you in the elect, return to the present and live happily.

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