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How to hang up blinds

You will seldom meet the apartment or office where at windows still there are no blinds. All of us understood long ago in what the main convenience of this invention of mankind and already we consider them as need. already told about criteria of a choice of this or that type of blinds. Today you learn how independently to attach them to a window.

Modern blinds happen three types — horizontal, vertical and rolled. Those who says that blinds it boringly, probably, do not know that make them of the most various materials — aluminum, plastic, a bamboo, fabric, a tree etc. And a color row is capable to satisfy wishes even the professional designer.

Vertical blinds — it is rather office option, nevertheless, they are used in a decor of premises, replacing with them curtains and curtains. It is possible to fix such blinds directly to a ceiling or to a wall over a window.

Horizontal blinds — the most widespread look. They can be hung up on an outer edge over a window, directly in a window opening or on each shutter of a window. In every way of fastening there are nuances, but about them later.

And, at last, rolled blinds. They became very popular recently. Such blinds executed in style minimalism carry out all functions of blinds moreover and look stylishly.

    By the way, about functions of blinds. With their help we can be protected from the sun if did not guess initially to establish tinted double-glazed windows. And it protects wall-paper, furniture, other surfaces from burning out. We can hide from curious eyes that is actual for those who lives on the first floors. It is easy for blinds to wash, and in certain cases they replace curtains.

We do measurements

It is one of the most important stages of all process. And the rule "Measure Seven Times — Cut Off Time", affects 100%. If you ordered production of blinds, measurements — not your problem. We recommend to address to services of experts to owners of non-standard windows — arch, etc.

So, if you decided to buy vertical blinds, simply measure dimensions of a window zone. We already said that blinds can fix to a ceiling or to a wall over a window. Therefore and it is necessary to measure height directly from a fastening place. Frankly speaking, to cut vertical blinds on height not and it is difficult but if miss with a width, and they will not block a window or a window opening, to add strips it will not turn out.

Considering that there are three options of fastening of horizontal blinds, and difficulties with measurements arises more. If you decided to hang up blinds over a window opening, you need to measure their width and height. Height can be and to a floor - the battery will so be blocked and quality of heating will decrease. Therefore most often blinds hang up so that they slightly blocked a window sill. If he wide and strongly acts, order blinds length to a window sill. Horizontal aluminum or plastic blinds can also be truncated, or to regulate on height by means of the mechanism.

If you hang up blinds directly over a window, in a window opening, know that this option is suitable only for false windows. To open a window in that case it will be problematic. For the opening windows there is still an option — to order separate blinds for each shutter. Measure the glass size, add some centimeters from above (if you fix blinds to a frame) and on a half of centimeter from both edges. Only consider existence of canopies and other window accessories which will be possible to disturb functioning of blinds.

Rolled blinds fix or over a window opening, or on near edge of the top slope of a window. Their measurements are similar to the same types of fastening of horizontal blinds. If you over blinds plan to fix curtains or curtains, choose the mechanism (left or right) so that not to podnyrivat every time under fabric of curtains.

    Consider that the price of the blinds made by your individual sizes will be many times more expensive, than purchase of blinds of the standard sizes. Therefore initially learn a dimensional grid and choose a fastening method so that to adjust the mechanism, standard by the size, to your window.

Algorithm of fastening of blinds

The design of all types of blinds is similar. They consist of a cloth (lamel), brackets with latches, the mechanism of management and the lower holders. Brackets with latches fasten to a wall, a window or a slope and the cloth is inserted into them. The lower holders fasten to a bottom of a window and densely fix blinds (they do not wave on drafts, break less).

For a start it is necessary to measure width of a cloth and to draw the horizontal line. Try to use level, the after all crookedly strengthened blinds will spoil all look and will quickly fail. Then note places of fastening of brackets. By means of a screw-driver or the screw gun horoshenechko record brackets on a wall or a slope. Now according to the instruction aggregate the mechanism of management and a cloth, having serially removed latches on brackets, record blinds in brackets. Here, actually, and all.

Now about important trifles

Many are afraid to fix blinds on a plastic window, thinking that so they will break tightness of a profile. Experts claim that it does not happen if to fix brackets to the frame. To make it quite simply, in case of unnecessary openings, they easily mask white opaque sealant (silicone). And here those who decided to fix brackets of blinds to shtapika (thin strips directly over glass), it is necessary to show care. The matter is that the zasverlivaniye of openings needs to be made the thinnest drill and far away from glass. Any of a flaw and you will spoil a window! Therefore for such installation of blinds invite experts better.

And some more councils for leaving. Before washing, wet all lamel in a bathroom with good not abrasive detergent. As soon as dirt or fat depart, simply wipe blinds a porolonovy sponge and rinse. To wash each plate very long and process this ineffective. Besides it is so very easy to damage lamels of plastic blinds.

Accurately use the mechanism of blinds. Tell about it to children. After all they "pulling for shnurochek" provoke loss of lamels or breakage of fastenings.

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