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How to crack the page of VKontakte

Who that did not speak, and thoughts were to crack someone's account in VKontakte at all. Someone wants "to check" the guy or the girl, someone wants to revenge, and it is simply interesting to someone, what yes as. will tell you as crack pages of VKontakte.

For a start attentively read the next lines:

  1. Article 138 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. For violation of secrets of correspondences, telephone negotiations, post and other messages the penalty to 80 thousand rubles, or obligatory works till 360 o'clock, or corrective works for up to a year threatens.
  2. Article 272 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Illegal access to computer information threatens already with a penalty to 200 thousand rubles, or corrective works about one year, either restriction or imprisonment till two years.

Thus, breaking of VKontakte – a criminal offense. For it it is possible to get real penal. And, of course, it is worth affecting also moral aspect. To read someone else's messages, to watch others actions – low and meanly. Only, if you not the unscrupulous person.

Therefore we will not provide you ready algorithm for breaking of accounts. We will tell how malefactors get access to pages. And you, in turn, will be able to protect a profile of VKontakte for all 100%!

Way first. Brutfors

Brutfors comes from the English phrase brute force. Literally it can be translated as "brute force". And in general, this concept is translated as "full search". If it is simply to speak, this solution of mathematical tasks by a search method. Of course, crack with search passwords.

For a brutfors criminals use special programs. These programs serially substitute various passwords from the database - "dictionary". Speed of selection can reach several thousand passwords a second.

Let's present that 36 symbols – Latin lower case letters and figures are available to the password. Let 3 symbols be used. These are about 45 thousand options. How think, how much time you need on selection? It is less than a second.

But let 4 symbols are used is already one and a half million passwords. Total 17 seconds. 6 symbols – 6 hours, 9 symbols – 32 years!

It is possible to draw only one conclusion – put difficult passwords! Let's carry out a small educational program:

  1. Use symbols of the different register – lower case (small – abv) and capital (big – ABV).
  2. Use combinations of letters and figures.
  3. Whenever possible use special signs – underlining _, a hyphen - points and commas.

Ideally your password represents full nonsense – YbrjulfYtPf, eleCdjqGfhjkm123654789. More simply to understand, replace an apportion is a phrase Never I Will forget the Password. Easily, isn't that so? But you practically for 100% secured yourself.

Statistically, the most often used passwords are:

  • qwerty;
  • password;
  • superman;
  • 123456;
  • and others.

As you already understood, it is impossible to use them by no means. Will guess for couple of attempts and will crack your profile of VKontakte.

Way second. Phishing

The phishing too comes from the English word – fishing. It is translated simply – "fishing". And it is valid, very well-aimed name. Now we will explain, why.

The phishing purpose – to force the user most to write the login and the password. For this purpose malefactors forge the site, for example. You think that it is the real, official site and without ulterior motive enter a name and the password. But suddenly notice that "the tsar not real!" - some functions do not work or in general occurs nothing. Similar to fishing?

There is also other way – letters - "blendes". The hacker makes the letter externally similar to the letter of administration of any project. The same VKontakte, in a key of our article. In the letter it will be obligatory to send a request login and the password, answers to confidential questions. Allegedly for repeated registration or confirmation of your personality.

But remember! Any administration of any project will never ask personal data of the users! Even banks will not request information of this sort. So be vigilant!

In general, simply to distinguish swindlers. If you enter data on the site, check its address in an address line. If there is an excess letter, a hyphen or something is not enough, close a tab!

If received the suspicious letter on mail, check an e-mail address of the sender. There, most likely, will be any set of figures or letters. Official e-mails are called suitably. Look on a screenshot. Saw discrepancy – send the letter to a basket!

Do not come across tricks a cyber criminals, do not give them the account of VKontakte.

Way third. Cookies files

It is more difficult to fight against the third way because in this situation a little that depends on you. It is about the cookies files. These are such files in which your browser stores information from the sites – the kept passwords given for an entrance, etc. Thus, if the hacker gets access to these files, as they say, late to drink Borjomi.

By the way, cookies (it is read "кукис") in the translation on Russians means "cookies". Interesting and well-aimed name. After all cookies – a tidbit for criminals.

The easiest way – not to use cookies in general. But it will be not really convenient to look through the sites – it is necessary to perezakhodit constantly in accounts. To store them only before closing of the browser – the same in essence.

Optimum option – to store cookies only for the "white" list of the sites. Leave, for example, VKontakte, Google, Yandex and a two-three of the sites to which you trust. To adjust browsers very simply.

  1. For Google Chrome – we come into settings – "To show additional settings" – "Personal data" - the Settings of Content button - "Cookie Files". Farther everything on your discretion – create white and black lists or disconnect everything. Only do not forget to put a tick opposite to the "Block Data and the Cookie Files of the Third-party Sites" point.
  2. For Opera – general settings (F12) – the Expanded tab - "Cookies", and adjust on the needs further.
  3. For Firefox – – the Privacy tab - "History" to choose settings "will use your settings" - "To keep cookies".

And one more small council: visit the websites on https is a safe connection. That is, the reference will be not, but If VKontakte works more slowly, do not worry, it is normal for safe connection.

Let's sum up the result. That your account of VKontakte was not hacked, establish the difficult password, do not enter the data on the suspicious sites, adjust blocking of third-party cookies and use safe connection.

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