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How to force itself to work

The way of life of most of modern people is formed in such a way that the catastrophic lack of time for end of important issues, carrying out time with native or simple human rest is often observed.

There is quite logical question: "Why, working all day long, I am in time nothing?". Unfortunately, almost all office workers, the most part of time spending behind the computer face such problem. In this article Mirsovetov will prompt how as much as possible to optimize the activity, to learn discipline and to derive pleasure from life!

Concentrate on work

Easier to say, than to make, the truth? How to force itself to concentrate at work at office when from a corridor fragments of an amusing joke reach, in Skype friends wait for communication, and on a table fresh issue of the favourite magazine lies?

  1. Ideal workplace. Clear all things which you do not use in operating time the table. First, foreign subjects will not distract your attention, secondly, it will be easier for you to find a necessary thing, without rummaging in a lot of stuff. The same concerns all working space. If you have a separate office, make clear-out, having cleaned excess books, figurines, photos etc. from shelves.
  2. And here on your order there was a lot of free space. Fill it with things, necessary for work. If you work with documents, get the holder for folders, with figures – the calculator, with customers – a notebook for records and stickers. Let your office will become the most functional and practical place where all near at hand and is ready to work!
  3. Make the plan of work where there will be at first most urgent and most complex challenges, and at the end – easier put. When since morning you come to work, the level of your concentration and working capacity is at peak. Till a lunch you will easily be quit with the most important issues, and then, slowly finish the working day simple and not urgent tasks. If for some reason you did not manage to cope with the remained tasks, transfer them to the beginning of the list of affairs next day.
  4. Limit access to entertaining Internet resources. If will power does not allow you to make it, use special programs for blocking of these or those domains.
  5. For settling of personal records use breaks. You should not give up work if you were called by the acquaintance or colleague decided to share the latest news. To business – time, a fun – hour.

Strategy of productive work

When you learned to concentrate on working process, and your office is a sample for imitation, be engaged in development of strategy of successful activity.

  1. Divide big projects and large tasks into some small parts. It is much simpler to cope with small problems, than to pore over serious work and to exhaust itself in vain. Besides, big and responsible projects will not seem such frightening and excessive if to carry out them step by step. The logical chain of career growth is so formed: you more often take serious problems, the management estimates yours efficiency and advantage for the company, you go up an official ladder!
  2. If you take the leading positions, competently distribute work. It means that the monotonous, simple or monotonous work which is taking away a lot of time can be charged to the subordinates. Show the abilities and talent in more important tasks, but do not forget to control performance of all aspects of the project and to thank subordinates. Eventually, all of you work on one project.
  3. In all ways avoid conflict situations at work. Not important, with the colleague, the subordinate or the CEO of the company. Any conflict not only breaks working harmony, but also destabilizes your own psychoemotional background. Naturally, in life of each person there are ambiguous situations which it is difficult to leave "dry". Anyway it is necessary to settle the conflict by an apology that the situation was not aggravated. If you are not able to cope independently with similar questions, be not afraid to address to the expert. In any big company where in one building works hard people, without fail there has to be a professional of settlement of disputes and conflict situations. Also remember, it is not obligatory for you to be on friendly terms with all colleagues, sometimes rather elementary politeness at all.

Change a way of life

When work it is intolerable exhausts, and rest does not give relief and pleasure, it is necessary to think seriously of changes in life. Otherwise, it can lead to a nervous breakdown, diseases and more deplorable results …

  1. Have a rest. You will not earn all money, how many work. But if you aimed to soar up up a career ladder and considerably to increase income level, always remember that high-quality rest – the key to success. Present yourself on the chief's place. Whom would you prefer to promote – the cheerful and healthy person who is not afraid of work, or eternally tired toiler with circles under eyes who is spending the night at office? The answer is obvious! Good rest first of all means a healthy sleep (7-8 hours). Entertainment program on days off and after work – at will, but the dream is obligatory.
  2. Play sports. To anything to say that physical activities are useful to health – all and so it know, but for some reason persistently avoid them, preferring lying on a sofa and quiet walks. Sports activities are extremely necessary for people with "sedentary" work. If you are not able to afford regular campaigns in a gym, take a situation under own control – squat at home in the mornings and to evenings, use a ladder instead of the elevator, do jogs.
  3. Support good mood, and it is even better – give it to all people around! Excessively serious relation to the work can play against you. Yes, efficiency will increase for some time, but whether for a long time you will be enough if work does not bring any pleasure? The good mood, an optimistichnost and ease will help you joking to cope with big loadings and will gain colleagues and the management. Agree, it is much more pleasant to come to work where all are glad to you, than know that at office you only the next mountain serious and "very important" waits for literary trash …
  4. Use a break to the maximum. If you work behind the computer, during a break do not even look in its party! Let eyes, mentality and hands will have a rest from work. During a break it is possible to eat, communicate to colleagues, to esteem or resolve private matters. But it is best of all to devote this time to physical activities – knee-bends, easy jog or push-ups. As they say, the best rest is a change of activity.
  5. Think up to yourself incentives. For the sake of what you go every day to work? To bring to society benefit or to earn on the new car? Remember, why you work and visualize it. If you dream to go to round-the-world travel, make a collage or a reminder on a computer desktop that minutes of fatigue or laziness you could get to work with the increased eagerness! Imagine life without this work. That would you lose, what could never afford, what people would not meet?
  6. Encourage yourself. If you successfully implemented the drawn-up plan in time if felt that efforts came true or you worried difficult and intense working week, please yourself with any trifle. Any achievements have to be rewarded. It can be a campaign to the country, a tasty dinner at restaurant or simply big pizza in a circle of friends. Pleasant small awards for itself favourite, only to emphasize a demand of the work. Accustom yourself to small pleasures, and soon you will notice that became easy and pleasant to work!
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