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As it is correct to drink rum

Rum – the drink having the rich, fanned by romanticism history which began in the 17th century. At this particular time, more than ever piracy, a slave trade prospered earlier, new lands opened and seized, and this drink was the invariable companion of the people who chose for themselves so dangerous and fascinating professions.

Rum found the world popularity at the beginning of the 20th century from an easy hand of the American writer Ernest Hemingway who it is very poetical, with skill described his burning taste, the saturated aroma and color casting gold.

From rum history

Primogenitors of rum are found in an extreme antiquity. There is an opinion that drinks, on the structure similar to it, were for the first time made by ancient Indians and Chinese but only then gained distribution in other parts of the globe. For example, Malaysians made to "bra" a little thousands years ago, and the famous traveler Marco Polo mentions "very good sugar wine" which he happened to taste in the territory of present Iran in the stories.

The first rum made by fermentation was issued at the beginning of the 17th century on the Caribbean plantations of a sugar cane. The first that the by-product from production of sugar called by treacle after fermentation turns into alcohol, the slaves working at plantations paid attention. Owing to the distillation allowing to remove foreign impurity and doing this substance more concentrated, the real rum was born. However it should be noted that this drink was not really quality.

With development of production of rum on the Caribbean islands its popularity was thrown to colonial America where to cover the increased demand for rum, factories on production of this drink began to open. It is necessary to tell that the rum made in New England long time was considered as the most qualitative and even was used in Europe for calculations on an equal basis with gold.

"Sea" rum became thanks to that in those days seamen did not know how to store water owing to what it quickly became unsuitable for the use therefore surely took a rum reserve in swimming. Besides it perfectly lifted fighting spirit and warmed seafarers. And began to associate rum with fleet of Britain in the middle of the 17th century, after capture of Jamaica. By the way, after these events it succeeded brandy, drink which daily was present at a diet of seamen. Initially rum was used only in pure form, and then, executing the order of the admiral Nelson who decided to reduce influence of alcoholic vapors on subordinates it started diluting by means of lemon juice or water. It is interesting that the grog, drink consisting of rum and water received the name in honor of a raincoat from fy (grogram cloak) which was worn by Nelson.

Gradually rum got the status of the major goods in the branch. It was promoted by colonization of Australia (New South Wales). Settlers were very poor and exhausted with severe conditions of colonial life, and rum possessed ability to bring the person into drowsiness that allowed though for some time to distract from burdens of life in a colony. It is necessary to tell that similar popularity of rum created to New South Wales impartial reputation of the "drunk" settlement though on alcohol intake level, it conceded to England.

Up to the middle of the 19th eyelid all made rum was dark and was considered as the drink suitable only for poor people. Aristocrats took more noble drinks which passed double cleaning. To expand the market of sales, the Spanish royal chamber promised to encourage the one who will manage to make production of rum more perfect, than achieved improvement of quality of this drink. And Don Facundo Baccardi Maso became the most significant figure among producers of rum. Exactly thanks to its development the drink possessing soft taste and unusual aroma was born.

Types of rum

It is rather difficult to divide rum into categories, after all accurate standards are not present. As a rule, each manufacturing country submits to the laws and rules concerning production of rum. The main criteria – the fortress which varies from 40 (in Chile and Venezuela) to 50 degrees (in Colombia) and the minimum term of endurance making from 8 months to 2 years. Allocate the following types of rum:

  1. Light (silver or white). This grade differs in poorly expressed taste, however keeps sweet inherent in rum that does it by a remarkable basis for cocktails. By the way, that drink turned out really light, it sometimes subject to an additional filtration after end of term of endurance. On the basis of light rum cook known hot cocktail – punch.
  2. Gold or amber rum is more sustained, and the noble color it gets thanks to that stand him in oak barrels. Sometimes its taste is enriched by means of caramel or spices. Amber rum fruit is best of all to have a snack. It is interesting that on Caribbean Islands it is diluted with water and drunk instead of wine.

  3. Dark or black rum is maintained more long, than above-mentioned grades and that is interesting, it "ripens" in the charred barrels. Exactly thanks to it he develops a pronounced and saturated taste and aroma. When tasting such rum it is possible to feel distinctly smack of treacle or caramel with easy notes of spices. This grade as well as possible is suitable for use in cookery. Besides, black rum is remarkably combined with cigars.
  4. The flavored rum is received, enriching its taste by means of fruit additives – a lemon, a coco, mango. This grade of rum can be mixed with other alcoholic beverages of the same fortress, as well as rum. One condition: aromas of drink and rum have to coincide.
  5. Strong rum differs in extremely high fortress which can exceed a mark in 750.
  6. The sustained. Practically all rum has marking of "anejo" (sustained), it is connected with that all its grades are maintained some time. However carry rum which term of endurance makes more than 5 years to a premium class. During this time drink develops a pronounced characteristic taste therefore it can be drunk in pure form. By the way, it is drunk very slowly, savouring that will allow to take pleasure in its taste fully. And this type of rum orange with cinnamon, pineapple or a melon is best of all to have a snack, hot coffee or chocolate will become also quite good addition.

As it is correct to drink rum

Several centuries ago rum was drunk only from a bottle neck. However in modern society such way will cause the mass of complaints therefore suggests to talk about modern directions of use of rum.

The real gourmets and admirers of this drink prefer to store rum in a small silver flask, and to drink it from the small silver liqueur glasses calculated on one drink. However the similar way is considered exclusively man's. By the way, ways of drink and supply of rum directly depend on a surrounding situation and a situation. Therefore it is necessary to consider that will drink it from a flask, for example, during an invited dinner is absolutely inappropriate. On official actions rum is given in small shot glasses which fill on a third. And not to pass for the ill-mannered person, it is necessary to acquire accurately that rum is drunk small drinks, and to drink off all shot glass it is considered a bad form. Besides similar "greed" will not allow to experience aroma and taste of rum fully. To help drink to open completely all bouquet, the shot glass needs to be taken within several seconds in a hand that rum heated up in the natural way, then slowly, enjoying, to inhale its aroma through a mouth. And only then it is necessary to take the first sip, however you should not swallow rum at once – detain liquid in a mouth for some seconds, and then swallow. This way can seem a little tiresome, however it with guarantee will allow to take pleasure in all delights of taste of this drink.

On buffet receptions rum is given usually in the same shot glasses, but also wide glasses with a thick bottom are allowed. Walls of similar ware have to be thin not to complicate process of heating of drink. By the way, fill a glass on a third, and put some cubes of ice on its bottom. That to snack, on buffet receptions they are not obligatory at all, however many people, remembering rum fortress, prefer easy meat foods.

In a business community instead of traditional coffee quite often offer alcohol. Rum in a similar situation will be as it is impossible by the way. It is given in the same way, as on receptions, however it is worth remembering that in this case it is not allowed to drink more than two glasses. Otherwise you risk to make impression of not really reliable partner who is not familiar with rules of etiquette and does not know sense of proportion in binge. By the way, at business meetings women cannot be offered rum and if it occurred, it will be more expedient to refuse.

If you gather for picnic, take with yourself a rum small bottle, it will be very opportunely. However it is necessary to consider that such popular for sorties on the nature the plastic ware is not suitable for the rum use at all. The plastic glass is capable to worsen taste and aroma of drink therefore it is better to refuse it.

Finally, it should be noted that trying rum for the first time, it is necessary to be convinced of its quality, and to drink it it is necessary from a shot glass by all above described rules. Also remember, you should not hurry, after all this drink deserves the respectful relation, then it, in turn, will generously share with all of you the remarkable tastes.

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