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How to draw an anime

Anime – the popular technology of animation which arose in Japan. Wonderful colourful characters, emotional, bright and various heroes of fairy tales bewitch and please the audience. The most surprising in an anime what to learn to draw as the true professional can everyone.

Even without having art education, it is possible to create unique animes characters at home! In this article of Mirsovetov will describe the main technicians of drawing of an anime, and you are convinced, so it is simple and fascinating.

History of an anime

Initially the anime was positioned as stories in pictures. The most ancient archeological finds of Japanese culture testify that bases of an anime arose long before emergence of animation and printing trade. Still find drawings in tombs of ancient Japanese governors, the structure and which ideology distinctly reminds a classical anime.

It is considered to be the founder of modern style of an anime and manga Osama Tedzuk. He created the unique style which was fallen in love to people worldwide, and became an example for imitation. For many years the creative activity Osama drew more than 500 comic books, some of which were not limited to couple of pages, and borrowed to 5 volumes! He was the real fan of comics. Obsessed with passion to an anime, Tedzuk transferred the emotions to artists of the whole world and left the great heritage living and to this day.

Unlike many other cultures, Japanese animation is not afraid of loss of the identity and constantly borrows artistic touches of other people. Despite it, the anime only becomes more various and saturated, remaining unique and recognizable style. It so strongly took roots that even if Japanese animators try to create something especially "European", they do not manage to leave from a traditional manner of an anime.

Features of style

The main feature distinguishing style of an anime from other komiksoidny styles is the developed symbolical graphics which allows to display the most difficult human emotions only several strokes. The smallest nuances transfer character of the hero, tell his story … In this anime it is similar to drevnevostochny techniques of drawing when one line could tell to the viewer the whole plot.

One of the most important distinctive features of an anime is the image of eyes. Their size and degree of gloss testify to that, the hero is how young – the character is younger, the more more brightly it has eyes.

Growth of the hero also plays an important role. High and stately figures say that is the courageous and brave character, and the comical and small sizes – a sign of youth and childishness.

The western comics are, as a rule, focused on stories about super - heroes and a fantasy. The anime is not limited to fiction, and covers a full range of human life. Among stories the anime is also fantastic legends, historical chronicles, horrors, dramas. It is a full-fledged genre which is open for any subject. It follows from this that target audience are not only children and teenagers, but also adults.

Drawing of a girl's face

There can be a professional anime artist any person, regardless of the level of art skill. Everything that is necessary for you – practice and patience. All portrayal is carried out by a pencil, and only final contours become the handle, a marker or ink. It is possible to paint drawing with a water color or by means of the graphic editor if you prefer to draw on the tablet.

Draw a circle and divide it vertical line in half. It is necessary for symmetric display of features. Over time you can draw a vertical line in different variations depending on a face type and turn of the head.

Slightly above the middle of a circle draw a horizontal line for designation of an arrangement of eyes of the character. Besides, depending on a face type, position of eyes can change. As you draw the girl, she will have big eyes (the young character). It is an important point which it is always necessary to remember when drawing an anime.

Pupils also play large role. Big pupils with several patches of light say that the character is surprised or pleased, and widely opened eyes with tiny pupils designate horror and fear.

Trace girl's face details. A nose, as a rule, direct and slightly pointed, a mouth small with narrow lips. Boys have a nose more, than at girls. If the character joyful, the nose is drawn a little above put and do it to more roundish.

Eyebrows are a powerful tool for expression of emotions, both in real life, and in comics of an anime. If the character is angered, he will have sloping eyebrows. The eyebrows raised up reflect amazement, straight lines – indifference, etc.

Trace hair. Here it is possible to show all the imagination because there are no special rules for drawing of hair in an anime. Hairdresses of characters as well as structure of hair, can be the most various and unusual!

Finish drawing, having traced contours paint or ink. By tradition artists of an anime use for this purpose a water color or natural ink.

Drawing of eyes

Eyes – the most important means of expressiveness in art of drawing of an anime. Before to start thinking out characters, learn to draw eyes. Pay it special attention as the slightest mistake can spoil your drawing or transfer the wrong mood of the hero. By and large, if you learn to draw eyes in style of an anime, so you practically mastered this interesting science!

Despite accurately stipulated rules of a graphic representation of eyes, there are no strict templates which can be applied to this or that character. Eyes can be with eyelashes and without, from one patches of light or with a scattering of small reflections, with a round raduzhka or at all without it.

At the image of eyes it is possible to show all the imagination, but it is necessary to remember some simple rules:

  • the more eyes, the are younger the character;
  • a large number of patches of light speaks about "openness" of the hero to the world;
  • male eyes narrower and small, and difference from the female.

Drawing of any eye can be divided into some standard stages:

  1. At first to make an eyeball sketch according to face proportions.
  2. To draw the line of the top and lower eyelids, to create an eye section. Than eyes are wider, especially and "children's" the character will seem naive.
  3. To draw a raduzhka according to the direction of a look of the hero.
  4. To draw eyebrows. The bend of eyebrows can be chosen voluntarily, but remember that male and female eyebrows considerably differ. Position of eyebrows on a face (highly, low, slanted, direct) creates mood and character of the hero.
  5. To finish details – a patch of light on a pupil, eyelashes, etc.
  6. To erase auxiliary lines and to enjoy result!

The special attention should be paid to patches of light. They can settle down on the raduzhka, and can cross it. Patches of light happen not only bright white, but also translucent, to clear or indistinct boundary. The contour of a raduzhka and a pupil will be brighter and thicker, the more expressive an eye of your character will turn out. Try to draw different types of eyes and choose what will be pleasant to you most of all!

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