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How to choose the TV on technical characteristics

Irrespective of TV type (whether it be projective or usual kineskopny), it has to conform to your requirements to its technical characteristics.
Телевизор, размер экрана, PAL, SECAM, частота, звук, разъёмы Irrespective of TV type (whether it be projective or usual kineskopny), it has to conform to your requirements to its technical characteristics. On those from them that most often matter upon purchase of the TV, suggests to learn in this article.

TV screen size

От размера экрана зависит комфорт просмотра телевизора The TV screen size, to be exact its diagonals, is measured in two sizes – centimeters or inches (it is usually specified in the name of concrete model). Depending on this size it is necessary to choose distance from which it is best of all to watch TV that blinking not so was strongly noticeable – it has to be approximately five times more than a diagonal. But for TVs with a frequency of development of 100 Hz the distance in three diagonals is quite admissible. If you the real film fan, it is very important what screen. The convex kinescope manages cheaper, but flat looks is more modern, the picture on it is displayed, so to speak, "more interestingly" and the sun and other light sources do not disturb viewing.
As for liquid crystal and plasma TVs, the size of the screen is also important. Viewing at a short distance does too noticeable granularity of the image that is not really convenient for perception of the image.
Also pay attention to a format of the screen and possibility of its change. TVs with a format 4:3 are suitable for viewing of telecasts more. At the same time the picture from the DVD player is transferred in a format 16:9. Though the majority of modern TVs already supports both of these formats, after all it is better to specify it. Otherwise if formats of the image are various, on the screen there will be black (horizontal or vertical) strips.

Systems of color (broadcasting) of PAL, SECAM, NTSC

The system of NTSC color is used in North America, Japan and the most part of Asia; the system of a broadcasting of PAL is accepted in Europe, on the Middle East, in Australia and New Zealand, SECAM is widespread in France, in the CIS countries and some countries of Eastern Europe.
Today TVs to support some standards. In practice you need the TV with support of PAL/SECAM because the system of NTSC color is hardly required.

Frequency of removability of shots (development)

This characteristic is important only for ELT-TVs. Frequency of removability of shots is called as development and is measured in hertz. Standard for elt-TVs development is considered 50 Hz. But now in the market models with a frequency of development of 100 Hz which advantage is the high speed of removability of shots that results in smaller fatigue of eyes are already presented. Especially, it is convenient if to watch the movie with subtitlings or to connect the computer to the TV. Minus of 100-hertz technology is "spreading" of quickly changing image and a difference in the price still considerable!

Sound format

The qualitative sound takes not the last place at a TV choice. It is impossible to demand high quality from small TVs because of small distance between loudspeakers. Therefore on TVs with a diagonal to 54sm it can be acceptable also a mono sound. Pay attention and to that the case of the TV did not jingle with a high loudness. It will be better if loudspeakers are bigger power, then they will be able to give out a qualitative sound at the smaller level of loudness. If you are going to watch only telecasts, of course there is no need to pay for a binaural sound because the vast majority of channels conduct a broadcasting in the mono mode. And if count on broader application (the videorecorder, a satellite televiyeniye), to you not to do without binaural sound. Reception of a binaural sound is provided in TVs by means of NICAM decoder. For fans of house rest it is better to choose the TV with Dolby Digital system by means of which it is possible to assemble the whole home theater, having connected to it a DVD player and columns. But it is better to remove after all a sound from the player.

Menu and remote control of management

Пульт управления телевизором не должен быть слишком громоздким The menu of the TV has to be intuitively clear and convenient, in language available to you. It can be even sign, but, once it having understood, you quickly will get used to it. The main thing that at the menu there was all main setting up the image, a sound and reception of a signal.
The remote control of control of the TV should not be too bulky and well balanced in a hand. It is very convenient if the buttons are pressed rigidly, but it is accurate. Also it is desirable that on them there were ledges that it was possible to find the necessary button in the dark to the touch.

Sockets and installation of the TV

Важно наличие и расположение в телевизоре всех необходимых разъемов If you want to have opportunity to connect the TV to any additional device, it is necessary to check existence of suitable sockets.
The standard of connection of S-Video is developed for videorecorders or video cameras. So if you are happy owners of those, be convinced available this entrance on the TV.
One more standard for connection is audio/video RCA. It is used together with videorecorders, video cameras, DVD players and other equipment. If the TV from a stereo a sound, the socket for a sound two; for mono, respectively, only one entrance. The option when on the TV there is only an audio RCA sockets, for example, for connection of a stereosystem is possible.
SCART – the universal socket via which bidirectional connection is carried out.
The VGA socket is used for connection of the computer, but TVs are not calculated on long continuous work therefore completely they will not be able to replace to you the monitor.
After connection of all cables do not forget to adjust TV inputs and outputs that is in detail described in the instruction, differently the system can not work. also recommends to pay attention and to an arrangement of sockets: let's tell, for a DVD player which will be constantly connected to your TV, entrances have to be on a back wall of the TV, and the parties which are taken out forward or on lateral sockets will be convenient for a video camera or the game console.
Your TV has to unite harmoniously good functionality and convenience of use! Successful to you choice!

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