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How to choose skates

With approach of winter the increasing popularity is gained by such sport as skating. And presently it is possible to skate both in the summer, and in the winter with great pleasure, now there is a wide choice of good skating rinks.

Give together with we will understand what skates exist and how to choose ice skates. After all a lot of things depend on a right choice, first of all, this convenience on a skating rink, and secondly – is minimized injury.

What skates happen

Skating (running) skates are applied only for professional sports and used by athletes only for arrivals on speed on a special skating track.

Running skates are the only type of skates on which all types of skating competitions are carried out. Edges of such skates are located so that to increase push length at the movement. An edge of running skates are located not rigidly, allowing the skater to concentrate on the main thing and not to pay attention to small mistakes in technology of driving. Boots very low are also calculated on the free movement at sharp pushes of the skater. Such professional skates are made under the order and made specially under the athlete's foot.

Hockey ice skates. Differ from all types of ice skates in high protection. The boot of the hockey fad is made of synthetic materials and to the touch the soft. Also hockey skates reliably fix a foot that is important at fast acceleration and sharp stops. Edges of hockey skates differ in high durability.

At a choice of skates it is worth paying attention that hockey skates are used only on indoor ice rinks where temperature is not lower than five degrees. In big frosts such skates cannot be used.

Pluses of hockey skates: reliable fixing of a foot when driving at any speed and the excellent durability of skates.

Minuses of hockey skates: inexpensive models of hockey skates are less comfortable, than, for example, the walking. At a low temperature and in professional skates it is impossible to ride outdoor ice rinks.

Hockey skates for driving on amateur skating rinks are chosen by men and young guys. They are attracted by strict design of skates. As a rule, hockey skates of black color. An edge on hockey skates – direct that facilitates sliding on ice. In case of the emergency braking on forward part of skates special trenches are located.

Hockey skates are chosen by people who already learned to ride a skating rink and reached the average level or great skills of driving on ice.

Figured skates. A basic purpose of figured skates - to learn to hold balance, to be able easy to develop, turn and even to jump. In a word - it is beautiful to ride.

Edges of skates are equipped with teeth ahead (unlike hockey skates). The teeth located ahead give the chance to the person to do driving fascinating and various, for example, to jump and go on "socks". Edges not such as hockey skates, they have more on width and length. Edges are steadier and promote comfortable driving. The edge of the figured fad has dredging which is called "fillet". By means of this special dredging it is easier for figure skater to do various exercises, spirals, jumps and rotations.

Distinctive feature of figured skates from other ice skates that the boot has a heel which evenly distributes the center of gravity of the person. Material of the boot is made of strong qualitative materials. For example, skin which perfectly breathes, stretching a little, takes the form of a foot and holds heat. For the best rigidity and wear resistance to a boot, some models of figured skates have some layers of skin.

The lining in figured skates too has special value. On cheaper models the lining serves as a heater, in professional models of figured skates the lining plays a shock-absorber role, reducing load of the figure skater's feet. Choose models of figured skates with a plastic sole, it the easiest.

Height of a boot has no importance in driving, but to the beginning figure skater, the man, the woman or the child, will learn to ride more conveniently figured skates with a low boot which will not bring discomfort and to interfere with a bend of an ankle joint at knee-bend.

Pluses of figured skates: the boot is made of the qualitative material taking the foot form. Easy, not high. Special edges and "fillets" give the chance to the figure skater easily to carry out various exercises.

Minuses: figured skates are not warmed therefore before an exit to ice it is necessary to put on special thermosocks. Teeth with which edges of figured skates will become equipped with a hindrance when driving on rough ice.

Walking skates. Such skates give the chance and to ride ice, and to walk. Are expected on fans to ride simply a skating rink and not to carry out difficult elements. Teeth on walking skates are located above, edges as well as at hockey skates.

Boots of walking skates soft and comfortable, are warmed that allows to ride outdoor ice rinks at any temperature and in hard frosts.

Often boots of walking skates for convenience of putting on are equipped with fasteners, as in roller skates.

Some models of walking ice skates are equipped with a sliding boot. It is convenient and easy to put on such models. Models of sliding skates usually choose for children as the child's foot correctly "sits down" in a boot. The child can easily put on such skates.

Pluses of walking skates: the warmed soft boot, opportunity to ride in a hard frost and outdoor ice rinks. Are convenient at putting on.

Minuses: not densely clasp a foot, it is impossible to execute various pirouettes.

We try on skates by rules

Take with yourself socks in which you plan to ride, it is desirable not really thick and volume, it is better woolen or buy special thermosocks. Put on skates and lace up them not hardly so that the foot was densely recorded in a boot. If you feel that the foot freely was placed inside, the risk is high to sprain a foot when driving on ice. Resemble in skates, listen to the feelings. If to you it is not comfortable, presses or somewhere presses, refuse such skates. Try on other model that suited you not only on length, and and on width. If the foot rested against a back, so you correctly picked up the size and model of skates. The boot of the fad has to fit a foot well.

If skates are got for the child, take a boot of slightly bigger size, considering that the child's feet quickly grow.

Remember that all new skates need to be worn in.

We look after skates correctly

After visit of a skating rink it is necessary to wipe edges of skates dry fabric, it is obligatory to put on special fabric covers edges. Covers protect edges of skates from blows the friend about the friend when transporting. It is impossible to leave on long storage skates in plastic covers as edges of skates can quickly become blunted and start rusting.

It is impossible to dry skates on the battery. It is best of all to dry skates in the warm room.

Before an exit to a skating rink of an edge of skates it is necessary to grind. Service of sharpening of edges is provided practically by all ice skating rinks.

Also remember, the material of which skates are made is more qualitative and better, the more comfortably in them will ride and they will serve to you more long!

Driving pleasant to you!

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