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How to choose a parquet board

With development of the industry also our life develops. Earlier people did not glue wall-paper, did not paint a wall and did not put a parquet on a floor. In total from make-shifts – whitewash, wooden fellings. All materials were made manually, and on it a lot of time left.

With development of the industry also our life develops. Earlier people did not glue wall-paper, did not paint a wall and did not put a parquet on a floor. In total from make-shifts – whitewash, wooden fellings. All materials were made manually, and on it a lot of time left.

But with the course of centuries technologies developed, and modern people do not have need independently to cut trees to get an excellent floor covering. For them it is done by the special enterprises, providing to consumers a ready-made product – a parquet or a parquet board.

If you think that "parquet" and "a parquet board" are identical concepts, you are mistaken. The parquet board is not a parquet, it is the board consisting of the layers of wood moved with glue.

The parquet board differs from a parquet in quality, quantity of layers, width, and also service life. For example, width of a qualitative parquet board has to be not less, than 4 cm. At appropriate leaving and accurate use the parquet board from good wood will honestly serve you till 10 years.

The parquet from natural wood, in turn, has to be not less, than 1,8 cm. Such parquet, for example, from a pine, an oak, cherry will serve by 6-7 times more long, than a board. But also cost at a parquet is much more, than at its cheaper analog. Therefore most of our fellow citizens choose a parquet board.

Specialized shops offer the huge range of a parquet board today – from different wood, with a different covering. Therefore it is not surprising, what at buyers in shops eyes simply run up – how to choose a parquet board? What material will serve more long? How it is correct to put a board? Today we will try to answer all questions.

The best material for a parquet board

To choose a parquet board which will have the best ratio of the price and quality, it is necessary to understand the principle of production of a parquet board. already mentioned that the parquet board consists of layers.

The lower layer is a water-proof layer from wood of coniferous breeds – pines, fir-trees. Manufacturers of cheaper options of a parquet board replace wood of coniferous trees on an ordinary chipboard with addition of special pitches.

The second layer is directly the tree is a body of a parquet board or its basis. As a rule, this layer has to be the thickest. recommends to pay upon purchase of a parquet board to it attention – this layer will be hardly visible, but nevertheless you will be able to make out basis fibers. In a qualitative parquet board they will be always perpendicular to the first layer. It is the guarantor of durability of a product. Some producers make the second layer of MDF. Quality thus not much more decreases, and the price of such parquet board is much less.

The third, last layer is an interline interval with natural "wooden" drawing. Thickness of the third layer has to be within 4,5-5,5 mm.

For strengthening of a board all three layers cover with several varnish coats. Then the semi-finished product is sent to the special press car under the influence of which it turns into a uniform board without stratifications. Then the board is covered with a special UF-varnish and oil.

If to speak about the best type of wood for production of a parquet board, claims that it is impossible to choose from so big range. This choice has to be strictly individual. It depends on the room of use of a board, on design and on whims of owners. For example, for the sleeping room the parquet board from a pine, cherries or birches will be ideal. The floor of the room in which often there are many people – a drawing room, the dining room or a hall – will long serve if it "is covered" by a parquet board from an oak, an ash-tree and other strong breeds of a tree.

Today parquet boards from exotic breeds of trees are very popular and there are they much. But would not like to recommend to the readers to go on an occasion at fashion - as such material got used to other climatic conditions, and in our latitudes it will be short-lived – at any time the exotic parquet board can crack.

On what it is necessary to pay attention at a choice of a parquet board

Despite a variety of drawing, modern specialized shops offer a parquet board, standard in technical parameters, with a length up to 3 meters and up to 15-27 cm wide. An indicator of high-quality material is board thickness. The qualitative parquet has thickness from 8 to 24 millimeters.

The second, on what it is necessary to pay attention is drawing of the top layer. Of course, on each parquet board it the. But here the main thing, not "that is drawn", and "as is drawn". There are various techniques of drawing is selekt, in kind, gest, a universla, an antique, the classic. These drawings do not influence quality of a parquet in a certain way. It is more decorative characteristic. These patterns appear as a result of a cut which bears for itself different types of a pattern. For example, selekt is a uniform image, the antique is images which change, the classic – a textural pattern, gest – the mixed patterns. What of them you want to see at yourself in the room – depends on your taste. No recommendations can be here.

The last, on what recommends to pay attention of, so it is castle system for laying of a board. All covering depends on its quality. recommends to get a parquet board with T-lock systems, as they the most reliable. Also long to you also the board with Uniclic system will serve. recommends to you to ask for the selling assistant of shop, to check the parquet board acquired by you for humidity. Its optimum indicator - to 10 percent.

How to lay a parquet board independently

It is initially necessary to tell, we do not advise independently to stack a parquet board as this process demands special experience and abilities. Therefore it is better to address to experts.

But in order that the total covering turned out ideal, after purchase of a board open one box and lay out some ranks of a board. Pay attention to drawing – it has to be integral, with good polishing. Cracks and cambers are not allowed. If you found them - at once address to the seller.

Not difficult to get for the house a good parquet board – it is necessary to pay attention to quality of its execution, materials in the beginning. Only synthesis of quality, drawing and practicality will allow to put a durable floor covering in the house.

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