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How to choose a velosimulator

The decision on acquisition of a sports equipment for the house comes when you understand that to find time for visit of improving clubs and sports halls it is not possible as try. It is necessary to tell that more often such problem arises at people family.

Efforts and everyday interests are sometimes the most insuperable barrier to sport and beauty. Here also visits the person thought that if he cannot come to the sports hall, that, can be capable to locate strongly sports exercise machines in its dwelling. And in the native apartments it is always possible to arrange for himself hour of health. The velosimulator is interesting to that is the universal exercise machine. Works both for health, and for beauty.

Than the velosimulator is convenient

So far we will hold back advantage of occupations on a velosimulator for health. Will in detail tell about this slightly below. Let's consider obvious pluses of use of a velosimulator in house conditions in the beginning.

First, on a velosimulator all family members, including children can be engaged. Considering what school students are in great need in full physical activity especially today, a velosimulator - an excellent way to strengthen health, without leaving the house.

Secondly, the velosimulator has compact dimensions and looks adequately. Easily fits into any interior and does not take a lot of place. And the place in our apartments is always very much appreciated. In the conditions of the city apartment much more problems arise with the regular bicycle. After all it needs to be stored somewhere, wheels to wash, lower and lift on the top floors and conditions for cyclists leave much to be desired. The velosimulator is always available that is especially pleasant in a cold season.

The third advantage of such useful acquisition as a velosimulator is opportunity to train when it is convenient to you. Sometimes people are confused and hesitate to visit the general occupations in improving clubs. Then the velosimulator will help to adapt for physical activities at the beginning, and then you and want to continue and improve occupations. After all it very much carries away.

What muscles the velosimulator trains

The velosimulator belongs to category of cardiovascular machines. Being engaged on a velosimulator, we train respiratory system, heart, respectively, improves a blood-groove, and we increase the general endurance of an organism. As for muscular tissue, training on a velosimulator will not increase its volume, and will only increase flexibility and mobility.

The velosimulator, as we know, is developed on the basis of the bicycle, but after all it not same. When we go by bicycle, we involved muscles of feet, hands and a back, after all we not simply twist pedals, but also we keep balance.

When trainings on a velosimulator there is no need to operate. It is possible to sit it is weakened and to twist pedals. Generally the velosimulator trains and strengthens press muscles, gluteuses, muscles of a hip and gastrocnemius muscles. Thus occupations on a velosimulator one of the most effective ways of burning of calories. 1 hour of intensive loading on a velosimulator burns to 1000 calories.

Velosimulator choice

There is a lot of models of velosimulators. In any large sports shop will offer you some tens velosimulators possessing various characteristics. Not to get confused and buy the most convenient exercise machine for the adequate price it is necessary to consider:

  • your body weight and weight of those members of household who will be engaged on a velosimulator;
  • your material resources;
  • what results you want to reach, being engaged on a velosimulator.

The prices of velosimulators vary in the range from 3000 to 500 000 rubles. The price depends on opportunities and complexity of the device from landing type, on those materials of which the velosimulator is made. At a choice it should be taken into account your preferences concerning, whether you love simple and reliable designs or prefer to deal with a difficult technique, with great opportunities. Choosing a velosimulator, remember that to you has to be conveniently and comfortably use it. Cost is not always proportional to comfort. Try different models and look for that that suits you most of all.

What velosimulators happen

As landing distinguish vertical and horizontal velosimulators. Vertical quite well imitate the regular bicycle. Horizontal velosimulators appeared after veritikalny, and were developed for people to whom load of a backbone is for various reasons contraindicated. Besides it is much more convenient to people to use horizontal velosimulators with an excess weight. After all the design of a horizontal velosimulator allows to choose the most convenient pose, it is possible to be engaged lying or semi-lying, without feeling body weight pressure.

Krom like landing velosimulators differ as system of braking. Velosimulators happen mechanical and magnetic.

Mechanical velosimulators are, as a rule, cheaper than the magnetic. They are simpler on the design. Pedals rotate a flywheel, and you create feeling that you go by regular bicycle. Mechanical velosimulators happen two types.

Belt in which the system of braking is arranged by means of the belt falling on a flywheel. As a lack of such models consider emergence of noise at occupations.

The inertial. The system of braking works at the expense of the blocks attached to a flywheel from the outer side. Velosimulators of this kind can give really sports loading. pays your attention, dear readers that upon purchase of a velosimulator it is necessary to pay attention to massiveness of a flywheel. For effective use of a velosimulator the flywheel should not have weight less than 7 kg.

Now we will talk about magnetic exercise bikes. In such velosimulators the system of braking is arranged by means of the magnet close to a flywheel. Changing provisions of a magnet concerning a flywheel it is possible to increase or weaken loading. Advantage of magnetic exercise bikes is noiselessness, smoother course. It is considered that magnetic exercise bikes are more reliable because friction force taking place in mechanical velosimulators is excluded. However repair of such equipment will cost dearer, than elimination of malfunctions of a mechanical velosimulator. And are of magnetic exercise bikes more expensive.

Modern velosimulators are equipped with the necessary software. In the display it is reflected the loading level, pulse rate, measurement of the passable distance, quantity of the burned calories.

How to be engaged on a velosimulator

Occupations will have effect only on condition of a regularity. If you twist pedals occasionally, hardly it will bring notable benefit.

One more important factor of success – correctly picked up loading. It is possible to be guided by quantity of beating of the pulse in a minute. For beginners, it is desirable that quantity of beating of the pulse in a minute did not exceed an indicator 120 during training.

For persons interested to grow thin it is possible to begin training 2 hours later after meal. It is impossible to begin training at once after the drunk cup of coffee or the smoked cigarette.

If training on a velosimulator takes place not in the intensive mode it is quite possible to combine business with pleasure: to watch the favourite telecast, to listen to music or to listen to audio the book. On average training lasts 45 – 50 minutes.

These are the general recommendations. For each case it should be taken into account individual nuances.


On a velosimulator it is necessary to refuse occupations if the following problems with health take place:

  1. Asthma (frequent attacks).
  2. Tachycardia and stenocardia (frequent attacks).
  3. Thrombophlebitis.
  4. Diabetes.
  5. Oncological diseases.

It is necessary to consult with the doctor at a hypertension and hypertensia, and also at all cardiovascular pathologies.

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