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How to meet New year 2014

Everything is thinner and the detachable calendar card is thinner every day. Eventful days fly quickly, not far off already disturbing date – on December 31 when all of us meet New 2014.

Not to do everything in a hurry, do not postpone preparation for a holiday for the last week of the expiring year. Let's think over and we will plan everything in advance. And questions, as always, are immemorial: where, how in what to celebrate a winter holiday? And than to surprise and tasty to feed guests and members of household? for the dear readers found out about useful information from astrologers, designers, culinary specialists and other competent experts and wishes to share it with all who was interested by a subject of a meeting of New year.

We wait for year of the Horse

The Chinese calendar prompts to us that the wooden Horse will be a symbol of the coming nearer 2014 blue (or blue). Though there are some astrologers giving to the Horse green color. Inhabitants of the East, especially, Chinese, love and wait for year when the Horse dominates. It is one of signs which shows generosity to all: gives to idlers real chance to put "counter" on "dark horse" and to catch solid profit; and hardworking in general will be adequately rewarded for the everyday efforts. Astrologers prophesy that in 2014 the Horse prepares for us good luck, stability, acquaintances and cheerful communication, distant trips, a combination of discretion and ardent, fascinating passion. At Chinese the horse is associated with wisdom, pure reason, nobility, good nature. Year will bring to creative persons many fresh ideas, wise thoughts. Also there is a wish to believe that all good of forecasts will come true! And year of the Horse will begin directly on January 31, 2014 – Chinese so counted.

Where and how to meet 2014

There is an opinion that this winter holiday should be celebrated in a warm circle of the relatives, darlings and dear people, that is with the close-knit family. It very much even will be pleasant to the hostess of the next year, after all a horse – an animal house, kind, peaceful, devoted. And still Horses on temper a free wind, open spaces, change of a situation, numerous travel and walks. Therefore on the eve of a celebration or in New Year's vacation it is possible to plan an interesting trip. Visit of friends, night club, a concert, festival is welcomed. Festive and noisy actions, theater, circus – the Horse and it will approve, she likes all spectacular and kids will be delighted! Departure in the first days of year on the nature – the rural areas, a camp site, a horse-racing complex – fresh air, mass of impressions will be excellent idea. Walks on horses, communication with noble animals will be remembered for a long time, will bring many positive emotions and advantage for health. And in big cities it will be obligatory driving on the decorated sledge with bells is organized is too will bring joy, ringing laughter. And the most adventurous natures can safely buy the train ticket and go to the distant countries, towards to adventures and new feelings. A ski resort, Argentina, Finland, Germany, Thailand, China - any your desire. If only thus to have the suitable company of adherents and enough finance. The main thing, meet year cheerfully, with jokes, humour, smiles, laughter. Dance, play with children, let off fireworks, sing, dream. Then the Horse by all means next year will give to you many reasons for pleasure and good mood. Borrow optimism, dynamism, cheerfulness, vigor at the patroness of year.

Dress and hairdress

It is desirable that fabric for a dress was natural – silk, wool, cotton, lyon.

The women of fashion adoring heels – your "hour of triumph" came (more precisely, "starlit night")! Safely choose footwear high-heeled and "clink", how many want. Wooden jewelry will be very pertinent. For example, large beads, unusual kulonchik or tempting bracelet. As flowers of New 2014 are recognized blue, blue, turquoise, green. And pick up jewelry with stones of these flowers – then as astrologers speak, to your house the cash flow will pour down. And here the jewelry having violet, yellow or red stones let will have a rest in a casket to other case. One more successful option of a choice of color for clothes - let it will be similar to horse color, for example, white, brown, beige, black.

The naughty animal will approve the attractive mini-dresses fitting miniskirts or clothes of loose fit. The main thing that she emphasized grace of your figure. The smart decorated long dress will be suitable for restaurant, and for other purposes it is useful to have in clothes a new dress or a suit with an average length the Hairdress too has to be in harmony with a dress. The ringlets and ringlets which are freely lying on shoulders – well will perfectly look as not to compare them to a horse mane? Owners of long hair can braid thick braids with tapes at color to a dress is will emphasize natural female beauty. Also accurate "horse" tails with wooden hairpins are welcomed. Do not forget to add the image with flower aroma – flowers cast memories of fragrant boundless meadows on which horses like to walk.

We decorate the house

Some days before a celebration of a holiday carry out grandiose cleaning in the apartment, cleanliness is inherent in horses. Put bathroom equipment in order, it is considered that if from the crane or a pipe water undermines, together with it the house is left also by happiness. Touch all subjects, things. If found something broken or broken, for example, failed cellular, – throw out the burst vase or a glass, a mug with a crack, without being sorry at all, all this extends positive energy from an organism. The people living in an environment of the old, broken things often are ill – there is no wonder! Long ago it is known that all old prevents to come to the house to the new.

As we wait for year of a blue Horse, in an interior presence of blue color is desirable. For example, blue Christmas balls, tinsel, garlands, serpentine, vases, cloth, curtains, divanny small pillows. A figure of a snake, the hostess of the expiring year, advise to put in a glass low vase on the shelf placed in West side of the house, having enclosed under it coins, after all she dominates even all January, 2014. But it is already time to greet and the Horse – this mascot we will place already in east part of the room, on a wooden plate or a carved board. Under feet the figure can enclose branches of fennel, parsley or oats. Especially trusting in signs even sugar lumpy and carrot put that to cajole the Horse. As ornament over an entrance door hang up jingles, hand bells, a horseshoe (it will bring good luck and wellbeing). We dress up composition from pine branches or a fluffy fir-tree – and our house is ready to the holiday loved since childhood. We are glad to guests and good news!

Ideas for a holiday table

Than tasty to surprise and please relatives, friends at a New Year's table? After all and the hostess of the next year there is a wish to please. Here some offers in this respect:

  1. It will be pleasant to a horse if on a table there are dishes containing vegetables: carrots, beet, potatoes, cucumbers, greens. Carrots in Korean – one of options.
  2. Chinese assure that on a New Year's table it is necessary to put fish dishes. And if in your company adhere to east traditions, it is possible to prepare the salad respected by many "Herring under the Fur coat".
  3. Adore konyashka crackling croutons, sushka, here and include them in various salads, snack which recipes without effort will find and on the pages. It is possible to roll in slices of chicken fillet which was pickled previously with fragrant spices in a sukharny crumb, and then visited the lyezena.
  4. Cutlets are pertinent, after all it is possible to add the oat flakes which are previously wetted in milk to forcemeat. We know that konyashka are not indifferent to oats.
  5. And apples on temper to horses, they will go to pie, a souffle or for roasting with a goose.
  6. It will be healthy if you bake house oatmeal cookies of a various form, Then it can be turned in a foil and to suspend on the decorated forest beauty. The smell of tasty pies, rolls or a pie will give to your dwelling heat and a cosiness.
  7. Drinks are pertinent: fruit drinks, juice, milkshakes, koumiss, mineral water, liqueurs, champagne.
  8. Fruit, clusters of grapes will perfectly look in wooden vases, bread – in a wattled dish of a round or oval form. Chinese still recommend to put a wooden saltcellar on a table, on their beliefs, it will provide with health of members of household for long year.

Not to offend the Horse, it is better not to put on a table of a dish with a horse-flesh.

In New Year's Eve evening not too tire yourself with preparation of a large number of dishes – after all ahead many days off, Christmas, other festive dates – that's when will show the culinary masterpieces. And date of exact arrival of year of a blue Horse still ahead. wishes to the readers: let all preparations for a New Year's celebration will be joyful, pleasant, with creative approach and surprises.

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