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How to bring down high temperature

Normal body temperature of the person fluctuates ranging from 36,5 to 36,8 degrees Celsius. Its decrease, mainly, says that the organism does not have enough own resources for development of thermal energy.

Increase of temperature of a human body in 90% of cases is reaction of immunity to something alien - on viruses or bacteria. However, it is necessary to mention special conditions of an organism (for example, thermoneurosises) to which infectious activators have no relation. But about them later.

How to define temperature increase of a body

Most of adults at temperature increase feel weakness, a fever, dizziness etc. These are symptoms not of temperature, and the main disease. Anyway, progress of equipment if did not reach the peak, provided us a good choice of means for measurement of body temperature – glass with a mercury column or electronic thermometers, thermometers pacifiers, remote sensors etc.

Let's consider that on diagnostics of the increased temperature we coped with the main objective.

Reasons of temperature increase of a body

Before beginning fight against continuously growing body temperature it is important to have idea of the possible reason of the developing illness at least remotely. Except respiratory (a SARS, ORZ, colds and flu, bronchitis etc.) also other troubles can attack an organism. For example, sharp surgical pathology or the even previous trauma. Therefore, in attempts to reduce temperature, it is impossible to forget about need of consultation with the doctor by no means.

Besides the sharp diseases causing sudden temperature increase of a body there is a number of states at which the organism (and, more precisely, our brain) reacts inadequately. These are thermoneurosises about which I already mentioned in the beginning of article. Such states arise against stresses, a syndrome of chronic fatigue, neurologic frustration, tumors of a brain influencing the center of thermal control. But at such states body temperature seldom exceeds a threshold of a mark of 37,8 degrees, though is followed by violation of health.

How to bring down high temperature of a body medicines

Now we are almost not limited in a choice of the means capable is effective also short terms to bring down high temperature of a body. But cases of a boomerang effect are unfortunately frequent: wanted as better, and came into most serious conditions as response of an organism to chemical. Therefore I provided in the table for readers of very short, but the most important information about the means which are most often used for decrease in high temperature of a body.

Amendments to it will be very much.

  1. The majority of febrifuges is capable to oppress the respiratory center and to strengthen a bronchospasm (narrowing of airways). Therefore it is important not to exceed dosages at all and to watch a condition of the patient.
  2. It is important to know that any means, except the Ibuprofen, is not allowed for use for small children. But for everything there are exceptions therefore ambulance crews on high temperature at children do "lytic mix" - Analginum + the Dimedrol + the Papaverine or No-shpa (necessarily). The Dimedrol as antihistaminic (antiallergic) means of the 1st generation interferes with development of side effects and complications from use of analginum. Actually, such mix can be done and in house conditions, having replaced the Dimedrol on, for example, Suprastin or Klaritin.
  3. Restriction on the frequency of application of any above-mentioned means common: no more than 4 times per day, i.e. not more often than each 6 hours. If you cannot reach wished (or safe) the level of body temperature, means of different groups can be alternated every 4 hour.

For example, the child can give at first the Ibuprofen in an age dosage, and in 4 hours (if temperature rises again) – already one of paracetamol forms.

Physical methods of fight against high temperature

Besides medicines, both at children, and at adults, apply physical methods of cooling of a body. Only it does not mean at all that the person can be thrust into a bathroom with ice (though it is very rare, in order to avoid damage of a brain, such happens it is just necessary).

The most widespread way is rubdown of all body water of room temperature. During an illness of people sweats, skin fat is strenuously developed, pores, and already following rise in temperature more difficult are clogged up to stop. Rubdown promotes clarification of a time, but not in "cosmetic" understanding habitual to us, and sufficiently for normal breath of skin.

On area of wrists and whisky it is possible to put the ice cubes wrapped in a pure napkin. The principle is simple – the blood passing on the vessels located there cools down and cools other bodies.

As solutions for rubdowns it is possible to use 20-30% the alcohol or 9% vinegar (table) divorced in a glass of water. All delusions concerning extent of absorption of alcohol and vinegar in skin are absolutely groundless. At high temperature of a body solutions in such concentration evaporate in some minutes and do not get to blood. It is checked by indicators and blood alcohol content tests for a long time.

And finally I will remind readers of that it is not necessary to self-medicate. In article measures of fight against temperature before survey of the doctor are described or during already appointed treatment when the organism needs time for fight against an infection. It is not necessary "to force down" temperature below 38 degrees at children, and adults (in the absence of diseases of a brain or spasms) – is below 38,5 have some.

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