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How to become the stinker

You are a woman. It became heavy to you to live? You fears and especially constantly overcome what men do not pay to you attention? And if there was at you a novel – everything quickly comes to an end. You were offended again. How not to give itself in offense? How to make so that your feet had men? will tell you how to begin the real woman – to become the stinker.

Certainly, in our modern time the image of the stinker became popular. The stinker is a word does not sound so ustrashayushche, as, for example, in the 80th or in the 90th years. Now it is the term means the following: the successful woman, clever, developed and in any situation acts right – thinks "the cold head". And still – solves any problem with cunning, will manage to deceive the person in own favor and so that deceived, will not even guess. Presently each modern girl has to find above-mentioned skills. Especially that which wants to achieve success and to construct the career.

With what to begin

How to become the real stinker – a difficult task. A lot of time is necessary to study everything thoroughly and to learn to operate itself, the feelings. So, first, it is necessary to find confidence. And confidence in the acts. Then – to learn to think, be quickly firm – or to hold the ground, i.e. to argue the point of view. This council does not mean at all that something came to you silly to mind and you persistently prove it. At all not! The stinker is first of all the clever woman who is able to manipulate, in particular – attention of an opposite sex. For the sake of men of the woman are capable of any acts. In what essence of the stinker? Yes that they with ease seize attention of men, and then leave them in uncertainty. That is, the man came across a hook – he understood that in it became interested, and the female stinker – grows cold, abandons the man, but does not push away, but does not allow it to believe that it captured her attention.

What it, stinker?

Always desired, unique. Female riddle. Men understand not at once that get under its influence. And later – that completely are within her power – "under a heel". And to achieve desirable, it is not obligatory for young and mature ladies to wear expensive clothes, furs and diamonds at all. The basic rule of the stinker – to be able to attract to itself people around. To attract imperceptibly.

Female stinkers – special. They are able to attract in the environment of people necessary to them and to use their influence. Stinkers have habits of a wild cat as, possessing natural intuition to keep at, will never allow "to climb" in soul to foreign people.

Rules of the stinker

  1. To be inimitable.
  2. Self-assured.
  3. To love itself and to praise.
  4. To set the purpose and to seek to reach it.
  5. To be persistent.
  6. Problems of people around – not your care.
  7. To be indifferent to everything.
  8. To defend the opinion.
  9. To use charm.
  10. To be sexual.
  11. To possess good taste.
  12. To watch the appearance.
  13. To be unique and to be allocated from bulk of people.

Necessary knowledge

You decided that the image of the stinker is yours, do not forget that besides the found glory, attention of an opposite sex, you can gain hatred and envy from your contemporaries. And also, also men whom you rejected can join their ranks. Be ready to that to you, perhaps, will revenge. It is not necessary to recede – their actions to you have to be indifferent.

And the main thing governed: it is impossible to pretend to be to be the stinker. It has to be experienced by you.

Who will never be able to become the real stinker

Romantic natures will never be able to become stinkers. Girls who try to overcome in themselves sensuality and tenderness. Female sensitive creations will not be able to become stinkers and if give out wished for the valid – will only earn the status of "hysteric woman".

Are not subject to the stinker and sensuality, tenderness and caress. Of course, all these receptions, in the form of sloppy sentimentality, potseluychik and obnimashka it is possible to use on the way to achievement of the purposes, but no more. Reached the purpose – and it is remarkable.

The real stinker does not transfer those persons who believe in love and romanticism.

Principles of success

Success or accident? What waits for you on the way to the desirable? Let's understand the basic principles of relationship of the man and woman and we will learn to be "the iron lady".

Appeal. Step 1

Each lady throughout the life was a hunter. Its production – the representative of a strong half of mankind. What occurred? The woman tried to win the man, and he escaped. And if you managed to achieve it, for a while. Why? Yes because the man is afraid of behavior of the woman who at the first step of the relations already constructed "gold locks" and everything classified. The man in perplexity, really his attractive lady despaired to find to herself the young man and is ready on any relations. Here and interest in it at the man quickly dies away. Conclusion: not to look for easy ways, – appreciate you got that hardly.

Appeal. Step 2

Those women for the sake of whom men are ready on any acts – at all not beauties and not special. The main thing governed, it to decide on, whether you need to keep the naturalness and to be such what you are actually. And if you let to the man know, what are ready to indulge his whims? He will decide that you in despair and will start "probing" you, trying to understand, how far you are ready to cave in. Conclusion: the aspiration of the person to please and execute any whim at the man weakens desire.

Appeal. Step 3

You – the magnificent natural blonde, at you are blue eyes and gentle skin. And suddenly you learned that your object of adoration prefers female dark-complexioned girls. And what? On the following appointment you appear at it – with black, as a resin hair, with swarty skin after a sunbed and brown eyes in lenses. What will your man think? That you completely at his feet. Conclusion: if you do every day that is pleasant to it, your efforts will not be rewarded.

Appeal. Step 4

Happens that in your relations there comes the period when the man does not call you day, two and three. He checks you and wants to understand how your relations develop. In this situation he looks how you will react. Thus – you completely under its control. If you are emotionally susceptible – in the future it will be bothered by such game. If do not give in on its tricks – will remain for it a riddle.

Appeal. Step 5

If you start depending completely on the man and he understands it – he will grow cold. And if he cannot receive something from you – will start going crazy and to achieve the desirable. The principle of the stinker works when the woman does not keep the advantage, it urges on the man, and it in every way starts doing everything that paid attention to it.

Appeal. Step 6

Any man, irrespective of age and the social status, will always treat you as you treat yourself. If you is charming, but it is not sure of herself, and will be. Everything will depend on how the woman will behave.

Appeal. Step 7

What the most important in the woman - the stinker and simply the woman? For the ordinary woman is a fear. She is afraid to remain one, is afraid to be without support and support. The woman - the stinker is never afraid to remain one. When the man is afraid to lose the woman, his emotional excitement reaches top as he as air needs to be sure of the forces.

So, what distinguishes the woman - the stinker from the ordinary woman? It not its character and not her personality. It is self-confidence. The stinker will never allow to humiliate herself, thus she is lovely, womanly and attractive. And in her behavior and acts it is possible to understand one – she is not afraid to lose the man.

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