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Review of Grand Ring 5 hotel *, Kemer, Turkey

Turkey is the hospitable country located on the Mediterranean Sea, which is so fallen in love to most of Russians. Especially in this southern country very conveniently and economically to have a rest to families with children. In September, 2012 we went to a trip, having chosen hotel nearby of Kemer, near the airport – Grand Ring 5*. Also I want to share with you the impressions.
Turkey is the hospitable country located on the Mediterranean Sea, which is so fallen in love to most of Russians. Especially in this southern country very conveniently and economically to have a rest to families with children.
Here about rest by a family with the small child in this country the speech in this article will also go.

Flight and cost of travel

We went to a trip in September, 2012, having chosen hotel nearby of Kemer that it was located near the airport. On pocket expenses took with themselves dollars, however, as it appeared, some goods in little shops, in the markets, at the airport, it was more favorable to buy in euro. Everything depends on a ratio of courses of these currencies of time at the moment.
Weather stood all September amazing as we on an arrival were assured by the guide of our tour operator meeting us at the airport and having in buses.
At registration of the permit of travel agency we were assured that the visa fee is cancelled, and the visa for us will open directly at the airport. We live in the Orenburg region, permits got at Pegas Turistic.
With us the daughter of 1,5 years traveled. On it we did not take the air ticket, it at us settled down on hands. Flight Orenburg-Antalya took about 4 hours, and it was not really difficult to fly on hands with the child. For children till 2 years it is allowed not to pay the permit, only for hotel surcharge of 50 dollars is necessary.
Total, at a discount tour operator and fuel collecting (on 40 dollars from the person), the permit for 7 days with flight from Orenburg to us cost 52 thousand rubles.

Turkey and placement in Grand Ring 5 hotel *

At 18.30 local antaliysky time we landed in Turkey. Air temperature was 30 degrees. It would be desirable to notice that in Turkey darkens very much early and promptly. After 19 hours it is already dark there. In the evenings temperature reached 27-28 degrees. Very soft, velvet September.
We passed passport control at customs very quickly, unlike Russian. Service at the airport at the worthy level, baggage moves without delays and delay.
After receiving baggage we went to buses. After loading we were carried on hotels. We reached our Grand Ring hotel a little more than an hour in spite of the fact that it is located in 40 km from the airport. The matter is that at this time across Antalya there are a lot of traffic jams.
In hotel placement too was very fast, and 10 minutes later we were already in the number. As in the tourist voucher we noted that newlyweds, in number we were waited by the laid table with a plate of fruit and a bottle of wine. A bed, to be exact, the arena, but quite convenient was also provided for the child according to our inquiry.
Number, as well as it is declared, with a total area of 23 sq.m. The room spacious, with a high ceiling, repair quite fresh, furniture of a shponirovan under mahogany. There is a small refrigerator and the safe, it is necessary to pay extra for the last. In number we were waited by a wide double bed, a big table on width of all room, with a mirror on a wall, the TV, the coffee table with a chair nearby settled down. Separately it would be desirable to note a spacious balcony, on length of all room. We were placed on the 5th floor, and windows of our number with a balcony came to the pool, and the sea in the distance was seen.
Behind hotel a beautiful massif settles down.
Отзыв об отеле Grand Ring 5*, Кемер, Турция
Three-storyed bungalows of hotel are located on the first coastline where there is a pool, beach bar, and the main five-floor case settles down on the second coastline.
Отзыв об отеле Grand Ring 5*, Кемер, Турция
Отзыв об отеле Grand Ring 5*, Кемер, Турция
To the sea it is possible to pass on the subway which is directly connecting cases of hotel.
Отзыв об отеле Grand Ring 5*, Кемер, Турция
Round the main case one more pool, children's hills, the disco club, children's mini-club, a swing roundabouts, bar and restaurant is located. Also on the first floor there are some little shops on souvenir products, costume jewelry and jewelry, clothes and headdresses.

Food in Grand Ring 5 *

The meals at the hotel, as well as in the majority of hotels of Turkey, are carried out on all inclusive system. The breakfast moves at the main restaurant with 7 to 10 o'clock in the morning. A late breakfast for late from 10.30 till 11.30. From 12.30 till 14 o'clock directly a lunch at restaurant. From 12 o'clock it is possible to have dinner and on a beach. It is worth noticing that on a beach do fine pizza and flat cakes which do not move at the main restaurant.
Food very various. But if conditionally to divide, among meat dishes chicken meat and veal dishes prevail.
Set of various salads and garnishes. Rice at them special, and very tasty.
Always there is a lot of pastries, it is very various. But it is worth counting the forces and opportunities then not to suffer with a stomach.
Among soft drinks the divorced juice like Yupi prevails. We for the daughter carried juice with ourselves, and drank Shveps (our mineral water), Cola.
Among alcoholic drinks skilled tourists advise to drink whisky with Coca, all the rest is one level lower.

Beach of hotel

The hotel owns a beach 90 m long along the sea. The pier from which the entrance to the sea is more preferable because of a pebble beach covering is in the middle located.
Отзыв об отеле Grand Ring 5*, Кемер, Турция
Despite difficulties with calling the sea, you take huge pleasure from bathing in it, after all it crystal-clear and transparent.
As we woke up in the 7th mornings, after a breakfast came to a beach. All plank beds were completely filled to 10 o'clock in the morning. Plank beds free. To each guest of hotel beach towels on the security of 10 dollars apiece are given.
From 10th morning and till 18 o'clock on a beach the bar works at a beach. The number of approaches is unlimited. It is possible to drink tea, coffee, any drinks.
To the 11th morning the stall with Algid's ice cream where give out on 2 pieces in hands opens, it is worth approaching a stall from the very beginning as in 15 minutes ice cream comes to an end.

Animation in hotel

Throughout the day the animation group consisting of 4 people entertains guests of hotel.
At 12 o'clock classes are given in water aerobics, further there are competitive rounds, dances. And after all this it is possible and to be supported.
In the evening at 21 o'clock the children's disco which proceeds till 22 o'clock begins, and further already there passes the disco for adults.
There it is pleasant to children. With them dance, studying the different movements under various songs, and even under "Buratino".
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