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As hotels of Europe are arranged

Across all Europe there is a large number of hotels of various price categories and various degree of comfort. The majority of them are arranged by the uniform principles. Of course, everything is directed on that the guest felt at home and did not need anything. Nevertheless, you need to know some simple things.
Across all Europe there is a large number of hotels of various price categories and various degree of comfort. The majority of them (for convenience) are arranged by the uniform principles. Of course, everything is directed on that the guest felt at home and did not need anything. Nevertheless, in order that stay in hotel did not cost you additional forces, time and money, you need to know some simple things.


Process of settling in all hotels is identical and we think much is well familiar. You need to show the passport and to fill in the hotel map. You are given out a key – a plastic card which at release of number you will have to hand over to the administrator.
If you move into not in hotel, and in apartments, you should pass still inventory process. It is that the employee of hotel at you will check according to the list all things which are in number (except for furniture) and you sign paper that at your settling all these subjects really were available. Be attentive! It is better if the employee not only calls to you each thing, but will point to it.
If your stay in the city long, recommends to remove apartments as in such numbers there is the kitchen for accommodation. To eat at restaurant pleasure quite expensive.


You moved into and, having turned on the crane, found out that from there goes either only cold, or only hot water. Cranes practically in all hotels and offices of Europe are arranged as "lever". To include-switch off water it is necessary to move the handle up-down, and to the left-to the right is a hot and cold water. Turn on the crane and wait some minutes if hot water does not go, address to the hotel administrator.
Heating, as a rule, can be adjusted independently. For this purpose on each battery the regulator is installed.
Simply turn the handle before the necessary division. Besides, in the majority of hotels internal conditioners are installed, they will also help to create necessary temperature in number.
In a bathroom you will find some towels. In hotels usually there is a plate which says that if you want that the towel was changed, put it on a floor, otherwise the maid will not change it for the pure.
In apartments such plates, as a rule, are not present: all towels, a bathing dressing gown and bed linen change once a week. If you wish to replace them earlier, report about it to the administrator.
In many hotels (depending on quantity of stars) also existence of bars is provided in numbers. The prices of drinks are specified or on the capacity in which they are, or in the bar, or together with a room key to you will issue the price list.
This pleasure is paid separately, at release of number.
Having turned on the TV, you will see the greeting addressed to you. For transition to viewing of programs press "Ok". In hotel, besides free channels, there are also paid. Be attentive! At departure from hotel you should pay the seen movies. Usually, in number there is also a price list where it is specified what of channels are paid and the prices of them. To use this service, you need to include, the channel chosen by you. In 1-3 minutes the screen will go out and there will be only a sound then there will be a message that the channel paid and for viewing continuation you have to confirm the desire it to make, having pressed the offered button. From this point you will have to pay everything that looked.
Practically in all hotels the breakfast is included in cost. As a rule, it is a buffet. In the different countries of Europe abundance and the range of the food given by a breakfast it is various. For example, in France be ready to that because of a table you will leave with easy feeling of hunger. The country is famous for the gourmet addictions, but, alas, not for generosity. does not recommend to you to take out food from restaurant. Awful it does not threaten you with anything, but it is necessary to worry some not absolutely pleasant minutes. You can go down simply twice by a breakfast. The personnel watches that you took out nothing, but not behind that, how many times you came to eat.
You will find explanatory documentation in any number of any hotel of how to use phone (namely how to contact the hotel administrator how to call on external numbers and on a mezhgoroda) how to order food in number how to send things to the laundry, in a laundry and how many it will cost to you. Besides, in hotel it is possible to take a map of the city (as a rule, they are at a rack of the administrator and are free), and also cards with the address of hotel. It will help you not to be lost with the unfamiliar city. If business cards and the map under review are not present, ask them for the administrator.
Different hotels it is tided up with various frequency. If you want that at you cleaned (not according to the schedule), hang up a card which reports that number needs to be put in order on the door handle.
If you wash things independently and you need to stroke them, the iron and an ironing table should be asked also the hotel administrator, to you will allow to take away them in number, or will show the room which is taken away especially for this action. The first meets more often in hotels, you will need to report in what number you live and when intend to return, the things taken by you; the second – in apartments.

Release of number

At release of number in order that to forget nothing, advises to take out all things in a corridor and once again to look round. Remember that search and transportation of the forgotten things you will carry out only at own expense. So be attentive, leaving number.
If you lived in apartments, you should pass the same process of inventory. The employee of hotel will verify existence of things in number with that list which you signed when settling. If something is absent, you will be obliged to pay a money equivalent of the gone thing.
Keys from numbers are given to the hotel administrator.

If to you something is not clear or you are not confident in something, address for explanations to the personnel of hotel if you travel as a part of tourist group, to the attendant.
Successful travel!
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