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Riding, councils beginner

Riding strengthens both a physical, and mental state. If you want to have the slender tightened body, to improve mood, to gain self-confidence, then it is exact for you! When are on horseback, practically all muscles of a body work. Will be able to feel it after the first occupation by riding: everything will hurt.
Девушка на лошади The modern rhythm of life does not allow to devote much time native and friends, and almost completely excludes communication with the nature. And it is sometimes it is so necessary, especially to residents of megalopolises. I offer you fine option of carrying out leisure with a family, friends, darlings in the fresh air. Horse walk – an excellent way to find composure, and weekly occupations much more will improve your physical state.
Riding – health of soul and a body. Everyone who at least once sat on a horse will agree with it. If you still doubt, whether it is worth testing as the equestrian, believe, you will not regret! Positive emotions are guaranteed to you against communication with a horse!
What decision you would not make – to be limited to single drivings in free time or seriously to play equestrian sport is will do you only good!

A sound mind in a sound body

"Treatment by a horse" has the scientific name – hippotherapy. Occupations with the instructor in the presence of the health worker help to get rid of various diseases of the musculoskeletal device, a digestive tract, respiratory diseases, nervous system.
Pay attention, occupations by riding have contraindications! It is high temperature, exacerbations of chronic diseases, diseases of kidneys, congenital fragility of bones, epilepsy, an allergy to hair of a horse.
If you want to have the slender tightened body, to improve mood, to gain self-confidence, then it is exact for you! Riding strengthens both a physical, and mental state. When are on horseback, practically all muscles of a body work. Readers of will be able to feel it after the first occupation: everything will hurt. But do not give up, you after all a beginner, and has to be. Regular trainings will create at you a correct posture, will remove a stress.

Where it is possible to learn to exploit

Школа верховой езды The choice of a venue of occupations depends, first of all, on that, where do you live. Possible options: hippodrome, horse-racing school, horse club, stables, private owners of horses. In a century of modern technologies by means of the Internet you without effort learn that is available in your city.
The price of one occupation with the instructor varies approximately from 400-500 rub/hour in the small cities of Russia, from 800 rub/hour today – in Moscow area; in Moscow, of course, is more expensive – one occupation will manage 1000-1200 rub and more. But there is an opportunity to save. However, it depends on the frequency of occupations by riding: some organizations offer subscriptions for a month that will significantly cut down your expenses.
As for the instructor, at first sight, of course, it will not turn out to define you suit him or not, but here after the first occupation everything will become clear to you. Each instructor has the manner of teaching, someone will tell two hours how it is useful to be engaged in riding, someone, using an offensive language (happens also such), will demand from you accurate execution of teams, and someone once will show how to get onto a horse, and will let out you in an open country. Here as will carry, people different happen, you should not wait for any certain behavior. I advise initially to take an interest as is trained, and to state the wishes if you are individually engaged.
Usually in order that the beginning equestrians adapted for situation, new to themselves top, the first classes give on a cord (an insurance, in the form of a band 8-10 m long). The instructor will watch your bearing, the correct position of hands and feet. Through one-two occupations you will independently operate a horse. You will teach to go at a trot and gallop. When you surely feel, you will be able to leave in the wood, a field or park. Horse walks in the fresh air will favorably affect yours health.


Экипировка для верховой езды In advance think over in what you will get onto a horse. You will need boots (boots), trousers, a jacket and gloves (in a cold season). Protection, in the form of a helmet and a vest, have to provide to you (let you be not frightened by the name "helmet", it is more similar to a helmet). Do not neglect necessary security measures.
The equipment in specialized shop will manage to you not cheap. I advise readers Mirssovetov not to buy everything at once, for a start old, but convenient things which are not a pity for soiling or spoiling will approach. Over time, if you decide to be engaged seriously in riding, it is possible to acquire professional equipment of the rider. Now we will dwell upon in what you can be engaged at first.
Footwear. Put on leather boots or boots with a firm nose training, on a small heel (no more than 2 cm). I do not recommend a sneaker for the reason that the foot will slip in a stirrup and can get stuck.
Clothes. Choose clothes seasonally, but do not forget: the main thing that it was convenient.
Let's begin with trousers. Best of all soft cotton trousers or body stockings will approach. If they not in covering, then they need to be filled in boots, or to get gaiters (laid on tops with fasteners). I advise later to buy bridges, special trousers for riding so are called. They are sewed from soft, material which fits feet tightly, but thus does not press. In area where feet adjoin to a saddle, use very strong material that allows to prolong operation term the bridge, after all because of friction usual trousers quickly wear out.
As for a jacket, it should not be volume and long, it is necessary in order that the trainer could control your bearing. For safety choose a jacket without ties, hooks and other.
Here, perhaps, and all main requirements.

Rules of behavior with a horse

Занятия верховой ездой для начинающих On the first occupation at acquaintance to a horse you will be surely told about some habits of this animal, will hold a personnel safety notification, will show the main methods of management. It is possible that in an anticipation of new feelings you will worry and not really attentively to listen therefore in order that information on a place better was perceived, I recommend to study some rules in advance:
  • never bypass a horse behind, she can strike, having taken you for potentially dangerous object;
  • when feed a horse, offer her a delicacy only on the straightened palm that she did not bite;
  • do not do sharp movements, the animal can be frightened. Talk to it quietly, kindly and surely.
Let's not stop on how it is correct to clean and saddle a horse, you will see all this in practice. Especially as at first this knowledge will not be necessary for you as workers of a stable clean and saddles a horse for your safety.
Your first task – to get onto a horse. Do not worry, everything is much simpler, than you think. The instructor will tell, will show and will help. But all to readers Mirsovetov is useful to know and follow the following rules:
  • in a stable gets onto a horse it is forbidden. And, respectively, before bringing it to a stable after occupation, it is necessary to get down, weaken girths (it is a wide belt at a saddle which is tightened under a belly at a horse, the instructor will surely show you how to make it), to tighten stirrups that they were not hooked for something;
  • to get onto a horse, to get down and by the bridle follows her message on the left side. Before getting down, release feet from a stirrup;
  • watch that the stirrup was on wide part of a foot, the heel is lower than a sock;
  • do not throw an occasion, under no circumstances.
Now you on a horse!
Let's note some moments of management of a horse. Pick up an occasion, but hold softly, sharply do not pull. It is necessary to keep balance to you not only by means of hands, the main tension goes on feet. Densely press feet to the case of a horse. Send a horse shenkely forward (it is part of a foot from a foot to a knee). For turn to the right softly pull on yourself an occasion the right hand and act left the shenkely. For turn on the left, respectively, on the contrary – the left occasion, right shenkel. To stop a horse, pull an occasion on yourself.
Pay attention to the following rules:
  1. Do not allow a horse to hang the head.
  2. Hold a distance from ahead the going horse about 5 meters if other horse goes nearby, then 1,5 meters.
  3. Do not twist a horse on one place. If you need to be developed take a small detour.
  4. At the end of occupation after all exercises walk 3-5 minutes.
Занятия верховой ездой для начинающих That's all the basic rules which need to be observed, being engaged in riding. About other nuances you will be told by the instructor on occupations.
Finally, some more councils concerning behavior of a horse. Be always attentive. The horse can be frightened of a sharp sound. If you noticed approach of the car, dogs or still something that can frighten a horse, take an occasion well and by voice calm an animal.
If it happened so that you lost control, the horse you does not obey and rushes where to her took in head, do not panic! To pull an occasion on herself it is useless because the horse is much stronger than the person. Pull alternately both hands if it does not yield result, try to turn a horse, and at the time of turn sharply pull an occasion. To avoid such situation, feel a horse. It is much easier to stop it while it only starts leaving from - under control.
Persistently and surely achieve that the horse executed your commands. If it did not turn out from the first and, for example, it went directly when you wanted to turn, repeat turn once again that she understood: you – main.
Also remember, the horse should not feel your fear. That's all cunnings.

Without doubts, you fall in love with a horse, the beauty and grace of this animal will subdue you at first sight. Over time you study its character and habits. The fear (if it was), will pass, and there will be an irresistible desire regularly to exploit and communicate with a horse. For now you the beginner, enjoy new feelings! Progress to you!
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