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Female hormonal violations

Health of all organism, in particular the sexual sphere also depends on a hormonal background. And, besides, the hormonal balance influences mood, reactions and finally character of the woman. So, for example, scientists say that the lion's share of stains for "the unclear reasons", actually occur because of violation of activity of a thyroid gland.
The hormonal background of the woman is that in many respects defines all her life. It forms appearance: growth, weight, skeleton structure, skin and even hair color.
    Interesting fact: Scientists found out that the raised maintenance of the female sexual hormones which are responsible also for work of reproductive function is painted by the woman's hair in light color. For this reason men at the subconscious level prefer blondes to brunettes.
Health of all organism, in particular the sexual sphere also depends on a hormonal background. And, besides, the hormonal balance influences mood, reactions and finally character of the woman. So, for example, scientists say that the lion's share of stains for "the unclear reasons", actually occur because of violation of activity of a thyroid gland. Women complain of headaches, sharp differences of mood and irritability. Not to mention intimate life, intensity and which quality it is absolutely subordinated to action of hormones.

Hormones and hormonal background

These biologically active agents are developed in many bodies of the woman, for example, heart, a liver, a brain, fatty tissue. But their main producers are the endocrine glands united in the general endocrine system: Гормоны вырабатываются во многих органах женщины, например, сердце, печени, головном мозге, жировой ткани
  • thyroid gland;
  • parathyroid glands;
  • pancreas;
  • adrenal glands;
  • ovaries;
  • hypophysis;
  • gipotalamus;
  • vilochkovy gland.
Glands allocate hormones which are transferred by blood to various bodies and make on them impact, defining functioning of all organism.
There are more than 60 hormones, the balance between which contents is called as a hormonal background. Unfortunately, the balance this very fragile is also extremely subject to influence of various factors which treat:
  • age;
  • stress (especially long);
  • viral diseases;
  • medicines;
  • sleep disorders;
  • heart attacks;
  • autoimmune processes;
  • tumors;
  • heredity;
  • violation of weight;
  • smoking and drug addiction;
  • digestion violation;
  • parasites.
In this article will consider the most widespread female diseases caused by violation of a hormonal background.

Hormonal violations during puberty

For the first time, face to face, the girl faces the power of hormones over herself in, a so-called, transition period. Dear mothers! Treat with attention to the daughters in this time, difficult for them. The organism of the girl endures physical regeneration in an organism of the young woman capable by the birth of new life. It is not so simple process. And very often at this particular time the hormonal system gives the first failures resulting in such anomalies as premature sexual development, its delay or absence caused by a shortcoming or surplus of hormones of an organism.

Premature sexual development
Впервые девушка сталкивается с властью гормонов над собой в, так называемый, переходный период Occurs because of violation of secretion of a number of the hormones including regulating functions of sexual glands. Chronic infections, frequent catarrhal diseases, patrimonial injuries, intoxications alcohol and other substances become the reason it. The age, most dangerous to this disease, from 12 to 14 years.
Mother should pay attention to food of the daughter, in particular if consumption of food increases, but thus the child all the same complains of hunger. In addition very rapid growth, emergence of acne rash not only on a face, but also a back, a breast have to guard. The girl can test indispositions in the form of dizzinesses, fast fatigue, perhaps, headaches. Manifestation of secondary sexual signs begins prematurely, despite violation of a menstrual cycle. Many are disturbed by problems with arterial pressure. There are some frustration in the psychoemotional plan which in common people and it is accepted to call "transition period". Usually it is expressed in the form of excessive aggression against a certain depression, tendency to a depression, excessive sensitivity to actions and words of people around.
Treatment of this disease is begun with weight reduction (a diet, physical culture, physical therapy). It is necessary to get rid of chronic infections. But, sometimes after all it is necessary to resort to drug treatment which is defined only by the doctor.

Delay of sexual development
It occurs because of a lack of sexual hormones of the teenager's organism. Mother should starting worry about it when in 15-16 years there is obvious an underdevelopment at the girl of secondary sexual signs, and periods rare or do not come at all. First of all, problems of nervous system (neurosises, strong stresses), to brain diseases (encephalitis, meningitis, injuries and so forth), inflammatory processes, and also physical resets and defective food are the reasons.
Treatment of a delay of sexual development in girls is carried out by preparations of sexual hormones. Violation of weight (dystrophy or obesity) can sometimes become a cause of illness, having cured which, the delay is eliminated. However, mothers should remember that administration of drugs can be carried out only on doctor's orders – the endocrinologist.
    Sexual development of the girl is influenced strongly by good healthy nutrition and reasonable physical activities. Therefore, mother has to watch closely a diet of the daughter and not overload it with sport.
    Besides on sexual development the psychoemotional state has active impact. Therefore both for prevention, and in a complex of treatment it is desirable to add consultations of the psychotherapist.

Diseases of a thyroid gland

Щитовидная железа играет одну из ведущих ролей в здоровье женщины The thyroid gland plays one of the leading roles health of the woman. Metabolic rate is influenced by hormones triyodtironin (T3) and tetrayodtironin (T4), sekretiruyemy a thyroid gland. And regulation of an exchange of calcium and phosphorus is carried out at the expense of the hormone allocated by parathyroid glands (adjoining to thyroid).
Unfortunately, in a female organism the thyroid gland often happens a weak link. According to different data, diseases of a thyroid gland in most cases meets among women.
    In the CIS Belarusiya's inhabitants, the central and east regions of Ukraine, the republics of Central Asia and Transcaucasia, regions of Siberia, the Urals, Central Volga area are most of all subject to diseases of a thyroid gland.
There are some violations of work of a thyroid gland to which symptoms it is necessary to pay attention.
Hypothyroidism – insufficient function of a thyroid gland which leads to the low maintenance of hormones of a thyroid gland in blood. Congenital violations, heavy deficiency of iodine, surgical intervention, radiation therapy of tumors can become its reasons.
Symptoms: block, memory violation, a depression, locks, can meet anemia. Skin becomes dry and edematous, hair often drop out and become fragile.
Irrespective of the reasons the hypothyroidism is treated by tireoidny hormones. In parallel can write out the preparations promoting work of a liver, lowering the content of fats in blood and also vitamins A and E are appointed.
If a hypothyroidism not to treat, its life-threatening form – a gipotireoidny coma can develop. Overcooling, physical injuries, stresses, ORZ, poisonings can cause it. In blood becomes very few hormones of a thyroid gland which are responsible for a metabolism. And it leads to its strong violation.
Symptoms can gradually be shown. Weakness, puffiness and dryness of skin, delay of the speech, pressure decline become one of the first. Further oxygen starvation, violation of warm and kidney activity can develop. Bring out of a such coma only in reanimation, with application of synthetic hormones and preparations of iodine.
Thyrotoxicosis – excess function of a thyroid gland which most common cause the craw is.
Symptoms: nervousness, emotional unbalance, hypererethism, tremor. Women are disturbed by the increased perspiration, feeling of internal tension, inability to concentrate, problems in communication. The main symptom of a thyrotoxicosis is tachycardia. The woman starts looking exhausted, she shows muscular weakness when walking and spasms. Because of a metabolic disorder often there is an unsatiable appetite, but thus the woman does not recover. There is, however, one pleasant symptom is that skin becomes humidified and velvety, as at children.
Extreme degree of a thyrotoxicosis is tireoksichesky adenoma – a benign tumor. Very high content in blood of hormones of a thyroid gland turns out to be its consequence. At women this disease meets by 4 times more often than at men, especially between 40-60 years. Treatment of a tumor is carried out by either a surgical method, or radioactive iodine. The last method is highly effective and at the same time not so expensive.
Tireoidita – an inflammation in a thyroid gland.
a) Subsharp tireoidit is an inflammation of a thyroid gland, with destruction of its cages. Especially strongly this disease is widespread among women from 20 to 50 years. As a result of the postponed viral infection follicles of a thyroid gland are damaged and broken off that leads to emission of hormones in blood and developing of a thyrotoxicosis which is replaced by a hypothyroidism later. Most often the illness begins with unpleasant feelings during the movement a neck and when swallowing. Having made the diagnosis tireoidit, the doctor appoints hormones for his treatment – Prednisolonum, dexamethasone, kenakort, metipred (no more than 2 months). The sharp form of a disease can proceed to from 2 to 6 months, however, if the subsharp tireoidit not to treat, it can proceed till two years and, as a result, pass into a chronic form!
b) The autoimmune limfomatozny tireoidit – the most widespread disease of a thyroid gland happening at women by 10 times more often than at men. And, in spite of the fact that generally it is fixed from 40 to 50 years, recently this illness have more and more women of young age and even children.
The autoimmune tireoidit is a damage of cells of a thyroid gland by antibodies and lymphocytes. The cause of illness is considered heredity, and the provoker – respiratory viral diseases, chronic infections of airways, caries, radiation.
Long time tireoidit the autoimmune can not let know about itself. There can sometimes be unpleasant feelings or mild pains in a thyroid gland, feeling of a lump in a throat when swallowing.
At an initial stage of a disease can appear gipertireoz with symptoms inherent in it (see a thyrotoxicosis). However, eventually, in 5-15 years it is replaced by a hypothyroidism which degree amplifies at decrease in immunity.
Treatment is carried out by medicamentous preparations only on doctor's orders, and depends on a disease form. If function of a thyroid gland is increased, appoint the tireostatik reducing the level of hormones in blood (tiamazol, merkazolit), beta adrenoblokatory. In addition try to reduce quantity of the developed antibodies by means of such drugs as voltaren, indometacin, etc. nonsteroid anti-inflammatory preparations. It is in addition necessary to apply the preparations increasing immunity.
If function of a thyroid gland is reduced, treatment consists in acceptance of synthetic hormones of a thyroid gland.
This disease never passes up to the end. But against treatment its progressing considerably manages to be reached long remission.
    Important! Effective prevention of diseases of a thyroid gland is the use in food of sea products which are so rich with iodine, and use in everyday life of iodinated salt. Remote from the seas and oceans of areas doctors advise inhabitants periodically to accept iodinated preparations, for example "Yodomarin". The main thing, REMEMBER THAT daily norm of consumption of iodine – from 100 to 200 micrograms. The uncontrolled use of iodinated preparations can harmful affect functioning of a thyroid gland and, on the contrary, provoke the above described diseases!


Симптомом гиперандрогении являютсе появление у женщины усов и бороды This raised maintenance of man's sexual hormones in the woman's blood. Statistically from it 5% of women suffer, but in practice this percent is much higher as women, without knowing the prime cause, try to fight against manifestations of a disease of cosmetics or not to pay to them attention at all. In vain! If not to treat to a giperandrogeniye, infertility, impossibility to take out the child, and also baldness, formation of cysts and risk of development of diabetes can become its consequences, first of all. Therefore prior to the beginning of problems with pregnancy it is necessary to pay attention to the following symptoms:
  • the strengthened growth of hair on hands, feet, to a breast, a back, emergence of moustaches and a beard;
  • late arrival of periods at girls;
  • the irregular monthly – the delays alternating with plentiful allocations;
  • appearance of eels;
  • low timbre of a voice.
Giperandrogeniya can be descended, and can arise because of a tumor of adrenal glands and ovaries or pathology of other bodies of endocrine system. However, it can not be shown without special conditions such as long stresses, change of climatic zones, reloadings.
If tumors became the reason, expeditious treatment is carried out. If the disease is caused by other reasons, therapy which depends on the reason and the purpose of treatment is on doctor's orders carried out. When it is necessary to get rid of external manifestations of a giperandrogeniya, to normalize a menstrual cycle and to pass prevention of infertility, hormonal contraceptives with anti-androgenic action are appointed (Yarina, Rangning, Diane-35 and pr).
In case pregnancy is planned or it already came, the doctor defines the hormonal program for all term of pregnancy (it can be such preparations as Metipred, Dexamethasone, Dyufaston).
    If the woman after all managed to give birth to the child, and it is better than two, the hormonal background is, as a rule, normalized. Therefore the birth of children is a peculiar type of treatment of a giperandrogeniya.

Hormonal violations at a climax

Женский климакс – это период угасания детородной функции половой системы, сопровождающийся бурной гормональной перестройкой The female climax is the period of fading of genital function of sexual system which is followed by rough hormonal reorganization. Process happens for many years – menstrual and genital functions decrease and as a result come to naught. At this time the woman has the strongest hormonal shifts which can lead to serious consequences. First of all, development of female sexual hormones therefore in an organism becomes more man's stops. Changes in all bodies of a female organism turn out to be consequence.
The most typical manifestations of a climax are "inflow" which can appear after 40 years. This state lasting from 20 seconds till 3 minutes during which strong heat flows to the person and all upper body, comes strong sweating. Attacks I can be aggravated with feeling of shortage of air, violation of warm activity, unmotivated alarm and so forth.
Besides, the climax is accompanied by the mass of unpleasant symptoms: headaches and dizzinesses, tremor, sleeplessness, chronic fatigue. There can be a hypothyroidism and diabetes, diseases of heart and the urinogenital sphere. The climax is always accompanied by violations of nervous system owing to what the woman becomes irritable, whining, depressive.
Today there are ways helping if not to get rid completely of undesirable manifestations of a climax, considerably to lower them. A basis of prevention and treatment are the hormonal preparations containing an estrogen (female sexual hormones). Today doctors advise to accept them after 40 years. As a rule, oral kontratseptivna are appointed. Thus it is necessary to control surely the maintenance of hormones in blood at least, than once a year. Further special preparations for a klimakteriya are already appointed. The complex of medical actions joins a diet, reception of vitamins and microcells, homeopathic medicines, psychotherapy. In more difficult cases psychotropic drugs or neuroleptics, beta adrenoblokatory can be applied, kaliysoderzhashchy preparations, parlodet.
The woman too can help herself in this the period, difficult for herself. It is necessary to observe surely a work-rest schedule, to maintain physical activity, to avoid the situations injuring mentality.

I hope that all aforesaid brightly shows, on the hormonal background how many is important for the woman, and often and for her people around. If in time to pay attention to manifestations of hormonal violations, it is possible to avoid not only complications, but also emergence of many diseases. However, it is necessary to remember, that work of hormones is very difficult and peculiar system. Therefore by no means it is impossible to self-medicate and accept hormonal preparations without consultation and control from the doctor of the endocrinologist.
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