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Honey wrapping for weight loss

Many women dream of harmonous legs, smooth velvety skin and a slender waist. On what only the victims do not go women in achievement of the purposes. The most effective procedures which help to lose excess weight and to get rid of cellulitis, honey wrappings are considered. And it is optional to visit SPA salons to indulge itself favourite.

Useful properties of honey

Honey – one of the richest with microcells a product which by right is considered curative. It appears, the composition of honey is very similar to composition of plasma of the person. Its magic qualities can be used successfully in cosmetology. Thanks to the structure honey normalizes a metabolism, brings toxins out of an organism and sates it with vitamins of group B, PP, E and C, nourishes skin, normalizes blood circulation in fabrics, removes excess liquid, possesses the healing properties. And in combination with other components honey wrappings work real miracles, and you can personally be convinced of it.

Types of honey wrappings

Honey wrappings for weight loss depending on a way of their influence share on two look:

  • hot wrappings - under the influence of the warmed honey vessels extend, in them blood circulation that promotes release of harmful toxins and slags from skin and subcutaneous fat improves. This type of a wrapping is especially shown at fight against cellulitis;
  • cold wrappings – the principle is opposite to a hot wrapping. In this case internal cleaning bodies work on removal of slags and toxins under the influence of cold honey from skin.

Both of this types of a wrapping are equally effective so the choice remains only for you.

Useful tips

If you wish to achieve the maximum effect from honey wrappings, surely consider the following recommendations:

  1. Use only high-quality natural honey for procedures. Artificial honey does not contain useful substances, and low-quality honey can do much harm more, than bring benefit. If doubt quality of a product, test it – gather honey in a spoon and drip in it a little iodine. The product should not change color on blue, it is an indicator of that honey tried to thicken by means of starch or a flour. If honey reacted "hissing" as if soda was extinguished vinegar, means on it did not regret chalk. The dropped-out white deposit says that sweetened honey with sugar.
  2. At the first procedure apply structure not on all body, and on only one problem site. It can be only hips, buttocks or a stomach.
  3. Do not wrap up a body a film very hardly, it can break blood circulation that will lead to deterioration of health, dizziness, nausea.
  4. The effect from procedure will be in case you carry out them a course – at least 10 times in 3 weeks. It is recommended to combine honey wrappings with physical activities and swimming. In this case it is better to alternate procedures – day of wrappings, day of swimming and gymnastics.
  5. To apply on skin the moisturizing and nutritious cosmetics after honey wrappings it is not necessary.
  6. Consider contraindications to procedures. recommends not to do honey wrappings for weight loss in the following cases:
    • honey is very strong allergen. If you are among allergic persons on this product and its components (propolis, wax and a uterine milk), refuse wrappings with honey, having replaced them with other ingredients;
    • honey wrappings are contraindicated the sick varicosity, diabetes, a hypertension having fungal skin, gynecologic and cardiovascular diseases, oncology in the period of acute infectious diseases;
    • in the period of periods too it is better to refuse wrappings not to cause bleeding.

Wrapping stages

All process of a wrapping consists of the following stages:

  1. At first it is necessary to prepare correctly skin for a wrapping – to clear of the died-off particles and toxins. For this purpose it is possible to use a cosmetic or self-made body scrub.

    It is possible to make it by means of the honey – apply a warm product on the skin sites planned under wrappings and do on them the clapping movements. You will see that in 5-10 minutes honey became gray or dark brown. Wash away the remains of honey and continue procedure further.

  2. After cleaning it is necessary to kindle honey on a water bath and to heat it to temperature which does not exceed temperature of your body. Do not boil honey at all, it will lose all the useful properties.
  3. Add other components which are provided by the recipe to honey.
  4. Apply warm weight with the massage movements on skin sites which you consider problem.
  5. When finish, wrap up skin sites with honey food wrap and go about the own business, and can be wrapped up in a warm dressing gown, relax and have a rest on a sofa with the book or behind viewing of the favourite movie.
  6. After a session of a honey wrapping do not eat any food, do not carry out physical activities, drink green tea or a glass of freshly squeezed juice.

Recipes of honey wrappings for weight loss

Recipes of wrappings with honey exists much. Choose that option suitable your organism and skin. Any structure which you plan to apply on skin for the first time, needs to be tested on a small site. In case of reddening and burning from this structure it is better to refuse and choose more sparing option.

Wrappings pure honey.

The simplest option of a honey wrapping - it is exclusive from one pure honey:

  1. Kindle honey and apply on the necessary sites of skin then turn back food wrap.
  2. After that be wrapped up with a warm blanket or put on a terry dressing gown.
  3. In 40-60 minutes remove a film and make massage, wash away the honey which remained on a body under a warm shower and wipe skin a towel.

Wrappings honey with mustard.

Mustard in structure with honey strengthens the warming effect even more, thereby strengthening blood circulation in fabrics.


  • mustard in powder – 2 tablespoons;
  • apple cider vinegar – 0,5 h. l.;
  • sugar – 2 h. l.;
  • salt – 0,5 h. l.;
  • kefir or sour cream – 3 tablespoons;
  • honey.


  1. Mix all components to homogeneous mass. Do not add honey yet.
  2. Put capacity with the turned-out structure in a warm place for 24 hours.
  3. In a day add to the defended structure honey to proportions 1:1. If to you it is a lot of it, divide weight into parts and only after that add honey. Leave other weight on the following time.
  4. Apply mix on problem sites and massage them.
  5. After that wrap up a body a film and wrap up with warm fabric, a blanket or put on a dressing gown.
  6. In 40 minutes can remove a film, make a light massage and wash away the honey remains warm water.

Wrappings with honey and dairy products.

Honey in combination with milk very well polishes skin, doing it smooth and velvety. At desire instead of milk it is possible to take the kefir or natural yogurt prepared in house conditions.


  • natural honey – 2 tablespoons;
  • milk (kefir, yogurt) – 1 tablespoon.


  1. In the small portions add milk to honey and properly mix that homogeneous mass turned out.
  2. Apply structure on skin and massage it a little.
  3. Wrap up a body food wrap and be warmed for 40 minutes.
  4. Act further as well as in the previous options – remove a film, make massage and wash away the honey remains warm water.

Wrappings with honey, olive and essential oils.

This recipe is especially recommended for dry skin. Essential oils in combination with honey will make your skin soft and elastic.


  • honey – 3 tablespoons;
  • olive oil – 1 tablespoon;
  • essential oils (grapefruit, orange, tangerine) – 2-3 drops.


  1. Mix honey with oils and properly mix everything to homogeneous mass.
  2. Process structure leather and massage it then wrap up with food wrap. Do not forget to be warmed for bigger effect.
  3. In 1 hour remove a film and make massage.
  4. Take a warm shower, washing away the honey remains from skin.

After the first course of honey wrappings you will see positive result – your skin will become smooth, gentle and velvety. Completely it will not be possible to get rid of the started cellulitis, but its reduction will be very noticeable. If prior to procedures you did not forget to measure the volume of a waist, hips and a stomach, will be able to be convinced that they became 2-3 cm smaller.

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