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The recipe of honey from dandelions

Many people heard about advantage of dandelions, but here delicacies cannot present them in the form. If you one of such people also want to feel new flavoring feelings, it is possible to prepare the real honey from dandelions: tasty and curative.

Advantage of honey from dandelions

In small bright flowers of a dandelion a large amount of vitamins and microcells which well influence a human body is concealed.

It is useful to use honey from dandelions to people who are sick with atherosclerosis, a scurvy, cholecystitis and gastritis. This delicacy stabilizes a blood pressure, struggles with an illness of a liver, gall bladder, eliminates hypostases, helps at poisonings and locks.

If the person is sick with bronchial asthma or bronchitis, he needs to eat honey from dandelions. And those who dreams to lose extra kilos, are allowed to use this sweet in a small amount. Substances in dandelions influence acceleration of a metabolism, complexion as a result improves and hated excess weight leaves.

Not without reason dandelions in ancient times were called "a life elixir". Also tried to use during a season of blossoming them as much as possible and more often in various dishes, including in the form of honey.

Collecting flowers

Honey from dandelions will turn out useful only if you collected flowers not at the road or in the polluted zone. Choose clearings between houses, there, where the soot from the working cars and dust from plants and factories does not reach. The best choice of a place for collecting dandelions – behind city boundaries, there least of all is settled on plants by heavy metals, dust and a soot. It is also necessary to pay attention to places where dogs do not walk.

It is best of all to use ware for collecting flowers glass or enameled. Because in them there is an oxidation process much more slowly.

As for time of collecting, it is better to pick flowers at midday. During this period the plant allocates the most large amount of nectar, and it directly influences taste of ready honey.

Preparation of honey from dandelions in the hot way

Each hostess has a firm recipe which she can supplement and change to the taste. Most often honey from dandelions is prepared in the hot way.


  • 300 flowers of a dandelion;
  • 2 glasses of sugar;
  • 700 g of water;
  • 0,5 lemons.


  1. Choose only well blossomed dandelions. Tear off yellow flowers without stalks and leaves. Well wash out that them under flowing water.

  2. Fill in dandelions with water, let some hours that all bitterness and substances, insalubrious for an organism, left will stand.
  3. Shift dandelions in a pan, gather waters, add juice of a half of a lemon or 0,5 teaspoons of lemon acid and zakipyatit on average fire, fasten fire to weak and cook flowers about an hour. Then switch off fire, cover a pan with a gauze and put dandelions to be drawn at the room temperature about 12 hours. It is best of all to make flowers in the evening, and since morning to continue honey preparation. While flowers are drawn in water, they give to liquid all the useful substances by which oduvanchikovy honey is so appreciated.

  4. When flowers were drawn, water will become mustard color. It is necessary to filter broth through a gauze, to wring out well flowers.
  5. To add sugar to broth and to cook on slow fire so far syrup will not thicken. Density of honey is chosen by you. On it about an hour of time will be required.

  6. Sterilize banks in advance, pour honey and close a cover. Honey can be stored about a year in hermetically closed ware and thus not lose the useful properties.

Preparation of honey from dandelions in the cold way

If to prepare honey in the cold way, it is possible to keep much more useful substances of a dandelion which are lost at boiling.


  • 200 g of flowers of a dandelion;
  • 400 g of sugar.


  1. Sterilize to bank and put in it a layer of dandelions, from above a sugar layer. Proportions 1:2.
  2. Layers it is necessary to make as much as possible, then juice will be well emitted.
  3. After the last layer it is necessary to press down all weight a tolokushka or a wooden stick. From that, how well you will trample down dandelions, taste of a ready-made product depends.
  4. Tie up a neck banks a gauze and put in a cold place. It is possible to the cellar, there bank there will be 2 months. If you want to accelerate process, deliver to bank for 2 weeks in a warm place for fermentation.
  5. After honey is drawn, it is necessary to filter liquid through a sieve and it is possible to try. It is better to store a ready-made product in the refrigerator.

Contraindications to the use

Despite huge advantage which bears with itself the use of oduvanchikovy honey, is at this delicacy and contraindication. If the person suffers from a sharp form of gastritis or at it in a stomach ulcers are formed, bilious ways are corked and there is a tendency to diarrhea, Mirsovetov recommends not to use honey from dandelions. Also if you are not sure of shipping of a product, it is better to eat at first a half-teaspoon of honey and to look at reaction of an organism. In general doctors advise to use no more than three teaspoons of honey that the advantage did not turn into harm in day.

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