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Care of a domestic raccoon

If the measured course of your life for quite some time now started weighing you, and the soul asks thrills, the exit arises itself: get a raccoon! No, it not a silly joke. Whether you know, what where this charming fluffy fidget, always fascinating adventures and fun grew roots? Whether it is necessary for you to cheer up?

Enot-poloskun – the charming madcap who will teach you to live to the full extent. The small animal got the status of a pet relatively recently. Let's note at once what to share the house with this kid and furthermore the apartment in power not to each. It only in appearance the raccoon seems a big plush toy. Actually it is necessary to look for such prankishes and madcaps still! No, we do not try to frighten you at all or to convince what to a raccoon near the person not a place but if you seriously think of acquisition of such extraordinary friend, honestly wonder "and whether time, forces and patience will be enough for education of the kid at me?" Sincerely we hope that our article will help you to answer this question.

Enot-poloskun: how "to nashkodit" in 1 second

We not incidentally decided to talk about features of character of it of the handsome in the beginning: tactics of care of a raccoon also depends on them. You with a high probability receive the tender and sociable friend if take an animal still a crumb from the cultivated parents. But even if to you the kid fell into hands straight from the wood, do not despair: its good manners can train, having spent for it slightly more time.

We pass to the most interesting. The image of a lovely and clumsy enotik cast by the Soviet animated film "The one Who Sits in a Pond" not absolutely is true. The healthy and full small animal is an unrestrained volcano of energy if the kid is hungry, his activity simply "reads off scale". It is undesirable to lock a raccoon in a cage, but in the conditions of the apartment it is the only thing to do for the owner to have a rest a little from the pet and to bring an order to the room where he froliced. Really, in the apartment there will be no town where the raccoon would not stick the curious nose, and any shelf wherever the tenacious pad of a small animal rummaged around. The small animal in view of the natural inquisitiveness can pogryzt, tear off and sort everything what will only reach. Especially carefully watch that the quick raccoon did not reach a garbage can!

The first half a year of life of the pet – the real test for durability and coolness for his owner. In the conditions far from the nature, the raccoon-poloskun matures slowly. Polovozrely the small animal will become by a year, and here will cease to behave as the silly little chap only to two-year age.

Conditions of keeping of a raccoon

It is heavy to compare a raccoon to a cat or a dog – special conditions of accommodation with you under one roof will be necessary for such specific pet. Where there will live a small animal, depends on your opportunities. It can be a big cage for spending the night, the spacious open-air cage in which the kid will carry out the most part of day, or the whole room for its games.

If you live in the house and you have a personal plot, take care of that the pet had a wooden lodge which is a little raised over the earth. The dwelling of a small animal can be fixed not too highly on a tree – there the raccoon will climb up on a trunk and branches.

If the sizes of your house allow to allocate to a raccoon the certain room, leave for it there a lodge where he will sleep, a tray with a filler for a toilet and a basin with water. By the way, water procedures – the biggest weakness of a raccoon. It will lap with the great pleasure in water, and also with maniacal enthusiasm will begin to rinse food slices there. The small animal usually carries out hygienic procedures itself provided that fresh and clear water in a basin will be always. Purposefully the raccoon is bathed if he strongly is soiled with something, but thus it is better not to use shampoos and other detergents. From time to time dense hair of a small animal needs to be combed a special massage brush, and at the beginning of spring when the raccoon starts fading strenuously, this procedure has to become regular.

To avoid troubles in the form of injuries of the pet or the spoiled things, all potentially dangerous and valuable subjects from the room where the raccoon lives, clean. Also clamps on doors of cases and bedside tables will be not superfluous. Thirst of a raccoon for knowledge of all new can be dulled a little if from time to time to leave near its lodge fabric rags, the read magazines, use subjects not necessary to you (an old alarm clock, for example). These things by all means will interest a small animal and will distract him from establishing order in other part of the room.

Education of a raccoon

Be not under a delusion, thinking that in few days train the fluffy fidget in rules of behavior in a civilized society. A raccoon – a small animal not only clever, but also capricious. Education of this animal is based on one very important condition: inform to a raccoon that from you two main you, and half-affairs it is made! Consider that with special eagerness apply for superiority in a family of a female of raccoons. Is admissible to lift a cub by the scruff when he was too played – so in the wild nature with the silly little chap mother usually arrives, proving these his helplessness and the superiority.

Answer with caress and an obligatory titbit as encouragement obedience of a raccoon. Some owners of these pussies use the clicker acquired in pet-shop.

Raccoons, by the way, very much like to bite, but to disaccustom them to this, in our opinion, bad habit it is completely impossible. Biting "interlocutor", the small animal thus communicates with it. The hearing of a raccoon perceives high-pitched sounds badly: the pet will quicker react and will understand you if you talk with him a deep voice. Sometimes it is simply impossible to pacify the played kid one words! Listen to council of the skilled: the empty plastic bottle will help to have indelible effect on the fidget. Knock it near a predator (the sound will turn out rather volume and loud) and right there say team by a strict voice. Soon you will see that for the educational moments one words will be enough.

"To exhaust" you and your unruly pet will be helped by walks outside the apartment. Only do not forget to get for a raccoon a lead and an obligatory accessory in the form of a muzzle.

Than to feed a raccoon

Raccoon – a predator, but a predator extraordinary. Except meat, fish, seafood and eggs, the small animal with pleasure regales on vegetables and fruit, nuts and different porridges. Cookies, potato chips, corn sticks and a cat's (dog) forage – the real delicacies for a raccoon. But remember that it is necessary to adhere to that diet which your pet would have in the conditions of habitat therefore by no means it is impossible to limit food of a small animal to specialized dog food and cats. Natural vegetable and animal food – above all!

Frankly speaking, the raccoon is quite gluttonous. The little rogue will not miss an opportunity to pull together something food from a table therefore store products in a place where his tenacious pads will not be able to reach.

The maintenance of a raccoon with other pets

The raccoon will surely make friends with an animal who will not concede to him neither in the sizes, nor in force. As you already understood, this is a cat or a dog. And here days of a small rodent or the bird living in the neighbourhood with a predator are considered. When the persistent raccoon reaches weaker to eat him – only a matter of time.

Relationship in a triangle "the owner – a raccoon – a dog/cat" too not always develops most in the best way. The proud and independent raccoon will surely develop war for your attention and love. Between pets fights and hostility are possible. Try to behave with them so that nobody felt forgotten and deprived of care.

By the way, egoism of a raccoon can extend and on people. So, the small animal can behave very inconsiderately with your friends. Biting and being scratched, the raccoon eliminates potential competitors in fight for your attention.

Mirsovetov hurries to warn: never use a physical brute force in relation to the pet. Remember that a raccoon, first of all, an animal who by all means will apprehend your actions as attack! In the wild nature all inhabitants of the wood have heard a lot about stern temper of this fluffy handsomes – even elks and bears quite often avoid a furious raccoon. Possessing strong teeth and sharp claws, the small animal can be the serious opponent to an animal who several times surpasses it in the sizes.

To what manners of high society you would not teach a raccoon, he forever remains an animal, predatory and capricious. For comfortable coexistence with such pet sometimes it is necessary to go on compromises. Before getting an exotic small animal, honestly answer yourself a question, whether you will be able to get on with its instincts and uncontrollable temper?

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