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How to carry out a bachelor party

Long courtings, ringlet choice on a ring finger and modest "Yes". Hurrah! We congratulate you, very soon and you will become the husband and the wife. And now it is a high time to have a rest a little from prewedding vanity and properly to have fun.

The bachelor party, probably, as well as a hen night, was thought up a little to relieve the tension before a wedding. It is known that all are involved in pleasant turmoil, including the young. That the car not of that color, a pie not such, shoes are not pleasant. And other similar nuances are capable to discompose any person, and especially, a loving couple. How to avoid vanity, to relax and have a rest before the wedding day, will tell

This tradition began to note a bachelor party the quite popular presently. And, apparently, that there is no groom who did not say goodbye to the independence with friends.

The tradition came to take a walk, properly, to us from Europe. By the European traditions the groom has to invite to himself home the friends, and through a couple of hours relatives and guests from the bride joined them. Everything together they had fun, treated, drank alcoholic drinks. And when there came evening, guests left, and the groom in proud loneliness went to take a steam bath in a bath. Such loneliness was caused by that thus the young man was cleared before the introduction in new life.

Presently it is accepted to note a bachelor party widely, with scope and so that it was remembered for a long time and left only pleasant memories.

Earlier this event was held on the eve of wedding ceremony, but now most of young men understand that on a celebration they need to look and feel on all hundred. And if the night before he has well fun with friends, about what cheerfulness can there be a speech? Therefore now it is accepted to carry out a bachelor party at least one week prior to estimated date of a wedding. It will allow to be prepared properly for action, and after it – to have a rest.

Secret rules

Now farewell to freedom can be noted differently: to invite friends to a modest lunch, or to spend time smartly and in a big way. Basic rules of a bachelor party are as follows:

  1. During so-called "lunch", young men congratulate the friend and advise it properly to be in charge of housekeeping and so on. Sometimes they are not informed in these questions, but everyone has to "sympathize" with the friend. Besides, they tell different stories native and friends who are married long ago. Such "condolences" and different councils to the groom serve as a peculiar check on stability.
  2. In such situation minute when it is possible to discuss the preparatory moments with friends drops out: to make the plan of repayment of the bride, to discuss the schedule of trips on the city, the plan of a photoshoot, visit of beautiful places and so on. It is necessary in order that then actions were coordinated and it was not necessary to run in the next shop behind a bottle of champagne or a box of candies for repayment of the bride.
  3. One more nuance of a bachelor party. You can invite those friends who for various reasons will not be able to be present at a wedding, and also those whom you were not going to invite to a solemn dinner.
  4. Where to carry out a bachelor party and to what time – the groom solves, and the witness has to deal with all other organizational issues.
  5. On your sincere holiday there should not be women. Any girlfriends and relatives of you and parties of the bride.
  6. The bride before a bachelor party needs to be shown the ropes softly. She needs to explain that you will go to a certain place with friends and will stay in the men's company. If it belongs mistrustfully, tell the address where will be if she wants, let will arrive and will look. In that case darling will have more trust.
  7. The venue can be chosen as the groom, and all together. At a choice it is necessary to consider possibilities of the groom, his desire and interests. Do not forget about a season. By the way, if the groom has a small budget, it is possible to develop and pay part of action.

Where to have fun?

Mirsovetov will offer the main directions for carrying out a bachelor party. If to you a reluctance to be engaged in the organization and carrying out a celebration it is independent, it is possible to become impregnated with ideas and to address to "festive agency". Experts will help to be defined, will make the scenario and will hold event.

We walk in club. Often such place pleases young men: loud music, noise, striptease, alcohol. But it is worth to remember that along with these benefits to communicate to friends it will not turn out as it is necessary to shout constantly to hear each other. If you chose such way of celebration – start celebrating houses. In that case you will be able to discuss all preparatory moments in a quiet situation and then to go "to come off". If you decided to note in the bar, in advance reserve a little table, learn the program of an institution. Do not forget that for you it can become expensive pleasure.

Bath or sauna. Now these institutions were improved and became an excellent place for carrying out collective actions. Complexes include sweating rooms, pools, a karaoke, billiards and so on. In such conditions it will be possible to communicate and do quietly everything that will want (naturally, reasonably). It is possible to shout, jump, run – generally, to have fun with all the heart.

The sauna is an excellent place for carrying out a bachelor party in a cold season. Besides, it is possible to choose an institution and to pay stay, and all necessary: to bring drinks and binge with itself.

Nature. This word has many values. It is possible to go with friends on fishing, to pitch tent, to fry shish kebabs, to cook a fish soup. If there is no desire to note in such conditions, it is possible to book some rooms on "recreation facility", and there already and outdoors to have a rest and to catch fish. In such conditions it is not necessary to carry with itself drinking water and coal. It is enough to take necessary things and products, and all "the entertaining stock" will provide you an institution. Consider that the bachelor party outdoors can be organized only in a warm season.

For active men – sport center. It is desirable for fans of sport to go to sport center. There it is possible and to swim for a while in the pool, and to play soccer, and basketball, and even to order a sauna and massage.

For fans of competitions and thrills, it is possible to go to club of a paintball. Only do not forget to discuss all nuances in advance and to take with itself all necessary.

It is also possible to go and to bowling. In breaks between games go to cafe and communicate.

Traditionally – bar. Classical venue of bachelor parties. Choose a suitable place, considering the price and the program. Of course, with the cultural program it will be more difficult but if to be prepared in advance, it is possible to order all institution and to carry out there the program. In the bar it is possible to sing a karaoke, to dance, hold competitions.

In a house situation. If on your bachelor party there are most close friends, then it is possible to carry out it and at home. But do not forget that after eleven it will be impossible to sing and to have fun. Also do not forget that in a house situation it will be more difficult to arrange games with competitions. Usually at first the company has a good time at home, and then goes to cafe.

Remember if you plan to carry out a bachelor party – try that evening was filled with the positive moments. Carry out it cheerfully that then was about what to remember. Good luck!

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