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Displaziya of coxofemoral joints

According to the national program full survey by experts of the child has to begin in 1 month. The list of narrow experts includes also the surgeon-orthopedist. What surprise and frustration at mother when the orthopedist, directing the kid on ultrasonic research of coxofemoral joints, "displaziya" makes the diagnosis. Not everything is so terrible if in time to notice and correctly to treat.
According to the national program to which most of local pediatricians tries to follow now, full survey by experts of the child has to begin in 1 month. The list of narrow experts includes also the surgeon-orthopedist. What surprise and frustration at mother when the orthopedist, directing the kid on ultrasonic research of coxofemoral joints, "displaziya" makes the diagnosis …
Mirsovetov hurries to calm: not everything is so terrible if in time to notice and correctly to treat. For a start it is necessary to find out that represents a disease, then – because of what it arises, and at the end we will learn to treat it correctly.

Disease of a sort from antiquity

Дисплазия тазобедренных суставов Many experts consider that to a displaziya of coxofemoral joints all children are born. But here further progressing (deterioration) comes at the wrong leaving, observance of the mode, etc.
Displaziya as that, is violation of a structure and properties. Therefore, if it is about joints, we speak about violation of structure of a cartilage, its limited mobility, the increased density sometimes approached to density of bones.
The reasons and occasions to such violation a huge set. It is possible to begin with the wrong way of life, alcohol, tobacco smoking in the first months of pregnancy when not each woman knows about the situation. During this period there is a laying of all bodies, the first structures, them which organism sections will develop further are formed. Further the major role is assigned to factors of environment, ecology, and also an inactive way of life and irrational food of the pregnant woman.
Summing up the result on prevention of a disease, it is possible to tell that above-mentioned factors are capable not only to stimulate a displaziya, but also to be the reason and other diseases.

We examine the kid carefully

Малыш From the first days it is most than others, except for neonatolog in maternity hospital, the child is seen by mother. Therefore it is so important to show consideration for all changes happening to the kid. You should not be afraid to ask the local pediatrician, you should not overestimate the opportunities and knowledge.
Daily during the swaddling of the child, change of a diaper, bathing it is worth paying attention on:
  • mobility of legs;
  • their visual symmetry.
At the kid lying on a back till 1 month of a leg are in the bent or halfbent state. It is possible to suspect a displaziya of coxofemoral joints if one of legs sags or another is lifted more strongly.
    There is an opinion that at any displaziya of TBS of a leg of the child of different length. And it is wrong! Each healthy person has length of extremities always the different. And it is normal. To mother, understandably, often difficult adequately to estimate proportionality of legs.
At a vykladyvaniye of the child tummy legs bigger are straightened and folds on an internal surface of hips become better visible. The quantity of folds, their arrangement has to be strictly symmetric.
    On numerous statistical data, mothers show the first concern which is connected with a displaziya, concerning asymmetry or various quantity of folds on hips of the kid.
So, the main symptoms which any rather attentive mother can notice are listed above. There is also a number of special symptoms thanks to which the surgeon-orthopedist can make the diagnosis to a displaziya. For example, "click symptom". It is probed by thumbs of both hands put on area of joints at a certain deep cultivation of legs. BUT you should not try to define it independently. At due practice to do harm similar manipulations it is almost impossible. And here young mother, without wishing that, can provoke dislocation or an incomplete dislocation of a joint which will respond to conservative (non-invasive) treatment much worse.
Therefore at the first suspicion or concern it is necessary to consult with the pediatrician and to take the direction to the orthopedist.
On ultrasonography of coxofemoral joints various changes, most often, it simply a difference of corners of a turn and absence or a displaziya of fabrics are possible.

We treat a house displaziya

After statement of the diagnosis of a displaziya the orthopedist has to make certain recommendations. But, often, it is difficult to mothers to remember from the first and a complex of physiotherapy exercises, and the rule of care of the kid. Therefore Mirsovetov recommends sequence of the actions directed on restoration of function of joints and recovery. Физкультура при дисплазии тазобедренных суставов
  1. We put the kid on a pelenalny little table and we undress.
  2. We remove a diaper.
  3. We do the light massage consisting in strokings and easy grindings of skin.
  4. We do not forget to spread on a tummy.
  5. When air bathtubs come to an end, we put the child on a back, palms is established on knees, and fingers – on hips. Around, quietly and smoothly, we start parting legs in the parties, focusing on knees. We seek to press all external surface of feet from a surface of a pelenalny table.
      IMPORTANT: observe a measure, it is not necessary to follow simply the movements of the kid or to make excessive efforts. Choose "golden mean".
  6. Watch closely emotions of the kid: if starts crying, do not hurry to finish procedure. The reason of crying can be covered in a meteorizm or gripes.
  7. One more important detail: a leg at which joint the displaziya more, will also fall less. At first. But gradually, at the due mode, legs will begin to be taken away absolutely equally.
  8. Dressing the kid, use a rigid framework from above of a diaper. It can be hardly curtailed diaper. Legs of the kid thus have to remain in the divorced situation.
It is necessary to apply this "simple" way not less than 2 times a day for at least two months.
It is worth mentioning that the displaziya can be several degrees. Therefore massage and physiotherapy exercises will help treatment at an easy displaziya. And here at average degree the complex turns on special tires and struts.
Now, during an era of the Internet, it is possible to find the mass of information on possible treatment and average, and a heavy displaziya. However mother should remember one very important detail: better than others the doctor who saw the child will help. Therefore Mirsovetov recommends not to do an experimental being of the kid, and strictly to follow reasonable advice of the orthopedist.
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