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Highlighter for the person

Current trends in the world of fashion generate all new ways of decoration of a female body. In this regard the cosmetic industry presented to public attention such means as a highlighter.

What is the highlighter?

This term came from the English word "highlight" – to allocate, emphasize. The highlighter is also engaged in it – focuses attention on advantageous features, emphasizing their beauty, and distracts a look from appearance shortcomings. By means of this cosmetic it is possible to disguise small wrinkles, to lighten dark sites of skin, visually to correct a face form, to give the correct form to cheekbones, a nose and outlines of lips. Thanks to a light shade and the maintenance of microscopic reflecting particles, the highlighter creates effect of an internal luminescence of skin.

It is necessary to remember that such means cannot hide an epidermis problem. You should not apply it on sites where are present rash, inflammations or enlarged pores are only will emphasize shortcomings.

Types of highlighters

Highlighters differ in the form, texture and color. There are vysvetlitel in the form of cream, liquid, compact or friable powder, and also small balls – meteorites. Colors are presented by rather wide palette: from hardly noticeable nacreous, white and golden shades to the bright variety of colors applied in a glamourous make-up. Mirsovetov will tell in detail about each of types of highlighters and will help you to choose the correct option.

Highlighter handle

Such clarifier looks as the handle with a small brush on one of the parties. It is rather compact and has some color options. It is convenient to use it in that case when it is necessary to place small accents: to emphasize a contour of lips and corners of eyes, to lighten a zone under an eyebrow, a back of a nose or a chin.

Its minus consists in small volume. Means of such format cannot be applied on big sites of the person.

Cream highlighter

It has soft texture of cream which when drying turns into the thinnest layer of velvety powder. Covering a face, it outlines its contours, gives to appearance the magic shining look. It is possible to use such means on any site of skin.

Minus of a cream highlighter, as well as highlighter handle, rather small volume is.

Liquid highlighter

This type of cosmetic is simple in drawing. The liquid texture is evenly distributed on a surface of the person, giving it a flickering look. Such highlighter has the sufficient volume at the expense of what it can be applied terms on extensive sites. Application of a special brush for use of a liquid vysvetlitel will help to emphasize face contours optimum.

Shortcoming: not always pertinent glossy type of skin.

Flickering powder

This type of a highlighter is the compact means supplementing the main make-up. Powder is presented in the market of cosmetics in various color variations. It is necessary to select the necessary shade depending on characteristics of skin. It is most convenient to put means with a brush for blush. Thanks to large volume of flickering powder, it is possible to use it rather long time.

Among minuses it is possible to note the following:

  • powder is capable to strengthen a greasy luster of the person;
  • such highlighter is inclined to be hammered into a time and wrinkles.

Friable powder

This means is presented in the form of the friable powder which is in a brush for drawing. The compact option "two in one" is convenient to that excludes need always to have a separate brush. Profitability of such highlighter is caused in its large volume.

Compact palette

Treat pluses of this highlighter:

  • sufficient volume for drawing on extensive face zones;
  • existence of several shades in one means, possibility of their use in any combinations.


  • need to have one or several additional brushes for a make-up;
  • pronounced blinking of the person which not always is desirable and pertinent.


This means is presented in the form of a set of the balls of different color which are in one general box. They have reflecting effect, give to the face a uniform pleasant shade and can be used instead of powder. However it is necessary to add that it is better to apply on the fat or combined skin previously usual powder in order to avoid grease gloss.

Color variety of highlighters

Using a highlighter for creation of a unique image, it is necessary to consider the color pigments which are its part. Often the palette of vysvetlitel is presented in the form of white, dairy, golden, silvery, light-beige flowers. And for a glamourous make-up fashionable now it is possible to find also gentle-pink, lavandovy and fialkovy tone. It is best of all to select a highlighter shade depending on your complexion:

  • clarifiers of peach scale will be suitable for the skin possessing olive or yellowish tones;
  • gold shades it is perfectly underlined and will refresh suntan;
  • pinkish and lilac tone will give a gentle look to reddish skin, at the same time such colors will make old owners of a dark or yellowish face.

As it is correct to apply a highlighter

It is necessary to remember that the highlighter only supplements the main make-up, is the last touch-up of an image. I.e. before use of such means skin has to be freshen, rather humidified and to have equal tone. Then it is necessary to allocate those zones, which you wish to emphasize, and after to put a highlighter. Let's provide some rules of use of a vysvetlitel:

  1. If you have a narrow forehead, apply means on its lateral zones and whisky, then carefully shade. For this purpose to make a low forehead is visually higher, lighten a site under hair.
  2. To raise a little eyebrows, draw over them the thin line a suitable highlighter and shade towards a forehead.
  3. Clarification of a zone under eyebrows will help to increase eyes, but such reception is contraindicated if you have heavy, hanging eyelids. Deeply put eyes can be corrected if by means of a compact highlighter to put the small end in the middle of a mobile century, and then to shade. A small amount of a vysvetlitel in corners of eyelids will make a look more open.
  4. For a visual face rejuvenation emphasize the highest points of cheekbones. The same reception will distract attention from small wrinkles or circles under eyes.
  5. Outline a contour of an upper lip a highlighter, and under lower put the end and shade. Such manipulation will make lips more volume and especially it is useful to those who does not like to use lipstick. Possibly to reduce too big mouth or to hide the outlined wrinkles too, for this purpose put highlighter tochechka in corners of lips and pound borders.
  6. The narrow strip of the clarifying means applied on a nose back will make it is thinner and is more graceful. Too small nose can be increased by means of the easy shining patches of light on its sides.

Subtleties in use of a highlighter

As well as any means, a highlighter has the features of use:

  • you should not apply clarifier on all face zones at the same time – these can achieve the phosphorescing effect;
  • it is contraindicated to apply a highlighter on problem skin as it will not hide reddenings and spots but only will emphasize them;
  • this cosmetic is not intended for a daily make-up but if to use it for creation of a festive or evening image, you will be simply irresistible.
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