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How to learn and hide the IP address

For a long time not a secret that each user of the World Wide web leaves traces of the stay, communication, interaction on the Internet. Whether it be communication at a forum, viewing of the sites or downloading something from the Internet, an essence one – information on your actions remains and if there is on that a reason, the people interested in it can catch it.
For a long time not a secret that each user of the World Wide web leaves traces of the stay, communication, interaction on the Internet. Whether it be communication at a forum, viewing of the sites or downloading something from the Internet, an essence one – information on your actions remains and if there is on that a reason, the people interested in it can catch it.

Anonymity on the Internet

Who can be interested in you, you ask? To watch your stay and actions in the Internet?
We answer: anyone, depending on in what you are engaged in the Global Web.
For example, if you use paid services on the Internet, naturally, there is a risk to be caught in skillfully set a trap swindlers who can find out all passwords, logins and addresses from your most valuable purses. It is necessary to you? By no means, and for this purpose it is necessary to secure itself not only by means of anti-virus programs, firewalls and so forth, but also by means of such, we will tell honestly, not widespread, but very effective methods, as anonymity on the Internet.
Анонимность в Интернете Business even not that you can potentially fall a victim of shadowing, breaking from malefactors. But you after all do not distribute on the street to each passer the phone, the residential address and a series of the passport? So why it is worth being exposed to such risk on the Internet? Especially, each your step, by the way, and mine too, remains on Internet open spaces very much for a long time. Having published the number ICQ at any forum, it is possible to find through ten years it … and also your IP, messages and other personal data which can use in the same place.
Or we will follow other example. You contain the blog or quite often visit any Social Network, like VKontakte or Schoolmates. By itself that you on such services have some valuable personal information, for example: photos, video, notes – and ochenya would not be desirable to lose it. Alas, as practice shows, people treat too irresponsibly the LJ and accounts on Social Networks and, often, become the victims of swindlers, it is possible even the acquaintances who wanted to play a trick. It becomes elementary, you will not even notice how the person will get on your personal page, will change it or, God forbid, will remove. Agree, it would be unpleasant. But if you use anonymous connection to the Internet, it becomes a real problem for the potential malefactor.
Anonymous stay in the Network very often helps out in a situation when forbade you an entrance on any forum or the site. Well, for example, if you violated rules at a forum and received for this punishment – Bang, this unpleasant situation can be bypassed. Again to us the proxy server which will allow to come again and again on the closed resources on the Internet will come to the rescue, without being afraid of any blocking, checks and other "punishments".
If to speak about the people who are engaged in illegal actions in the Network then even the speech cannot be about stay in the Internet without Proxy. Though this article is also designed for people who want to secure themselves, but would like to warn that any hacker, the burglar, the illegal distributor something in the Network – surely uses anonymous technologies of work on the Internet. So why and to you not to follow so wise decision, to hide itself from others eyes! Are not able? Without panic, now we will teach.
Let's allocate the main reasons for use of anonymous stay in a network:
  • You considerably will increase safety during the work with money (whether it be purchase, sale, an exchange something);
  • If you want to secure the Diary (LJ), Mail, an account on the Social Network (Schoolmates, VKontakte), Anonymity on the Internet – the best addition to main types of protection;
  • You will not leave traces of stay in the Network, therefore, anybody does not learn about you (for those who wants to hide stay on any site);
  • You will be able to get to any information that it is blocked for you (if you were banned, i.e. forbade an entrance on the site or a forum, it is possible to get with hardly any trouble at all there again);
  • You are given the chance to get access to the sites which are closed for the whole countries (on some sites there is a blocking of the whole states, for example, Russia, and so you will be able to bypass it with ease);
  • If your provider blocked any sites for viewing, you will be come to the rescue just by this technology – Proxy!
So, from bases to the theory …

What is IP

Each person, going on-line, gets a unique number. This number, actually, is also the so-called IP address. For reference use: numbers are issued automatically by provider – that firm or agency that provides you the Internet.
Пример IP адреса Communicating in ICQ, at forums or in LJ, we this number do not see that is natural – this address will not tell the ordinary Internet user about anything. Though bears in itself a lot of information …
For example, on IP it is possible to learn the state in which the person, his exact address, lives phone and firm in a case even that provides the Internet. It only the basic, actually, knowing the IP address and information on him, it is possible to find out a lot of things about the person.
    On a note: there will be no information how to learn the IP address of the person, yours the acquaintance or the interlocutor in ICQ. Here only knowledge how to hide the IP address, to make itself anonymous.
How will iron the IP address?! These are four numbers divided by points – X.X.X.X – (numbers can be from 0 to 255). For example, there can be such IP address – or such –, there is a lot of variations and at all different.
But what can tell us these figures? If it is honest, me – anything. However, I think, as well as to you. For obtaining information on the IP address, as a rule, use special services.

How to learn information on IP

Как узнать информацию по IP By the way, want to learn the IP address? Elementary! Follow the link And here you can see the arrangement in the world: least, if not yours personally, address of provider). However, there is a lot of interesting? Here and your IP address, your address, even the Windows version and the browser, but it only part of information, it is possible to learn much more.
Well, and here we will assume that you know the IP address of the person and wanted to learn in more detail about it, information on IP can be seen on the
On this site enter the IP address interesting you and receive detailed information on the person. I.e. if, suppose, the malefactor knows your IP address, he cannot learn more detailed information on you absolutely. Well, and the trick is farther, thus it is possible to leave a purse web money, the Internet diary, a check of ICQ and other valuable things. How to arrive? – ask a question? Very simply – to stay on the Internet under others IP address!
"Stranger" is does not mean that we will use some person for masking, and we use special IP addresses for such purposes. They are called still proxy servers (Proxy server).

What is the proxy server (proxy server)

The proxy server is a special computer with the unique IP address which can be used for masking of personal IP of the user.
Such proxy servers worldwide – thousands. In Italy, in Russia, in Canada, anywhere! In the majority they are free, but there are special organizations which for some payment provide the best proxy servers. On them and the speed of work is better, quality, plus any bonuses, but personally I prefer usual, because free that I advise also you.
Прокси-сервер – это специальный компьютер со своим уникальным IP-адресом, который можно использовать для маскировки личного IP пользователя
So, the main benefit of work of a proxy that they are located worldwide. I.e. You can work via the proxy server, for example, of Japan, Africa and though from Zimbabwe, so - your IP will be disguised under the person living on that district. And all this becomes the easy movement of a mouse for couple of seconds, whether well is delightful?
By means of a proxy it is possible to hide the real IP, so to bypass any bana, a ban of IP, blocking of the countries, cities and even own providers. It taking into account that your safety and anonymity strikingly increases. Very useful technology which as it seems to me, each person on the Internet has to be able to use.
And now from the theory to practice …

How to use proxy servers

Exists, at least two ways of use of proxy servers:
  • manually (search of a proxy, check on working capacity, installation and control);
  • by means of special programs (all cares the program assumes, you only need to enjoy the anonymous Internet, but one minus – programs, as a rule, paid).
Manual setup of the proxy server
In brief consists of the following steps:
  • Search on the Internet of proxy sheets (Lists with proxy servers)
  • Check on working capacity (By method of search or still what, it is checked - the proxy or not since quite often in a proxy sheets "dead" proxies come across works)
  • Actually, a choice of a proxy (A choice of not loaded proxy server, a choice of the necessary country, area and so forth)
Order of setup of browsers the approximately following:
  • Opera: Tools → Settings → In addition → Safety → Network → Proxy → Servers …
  • Mozilla: → Settings → the Network → to Adjust tools …
  • Internet Explorer: Service → Internet Options → Connections → Control of a network …
I will not go into details, this information will be published in the following article devoted just to control and use of anonymous proxy servers.
I will lay out only references to some proxy sheets which, undoubtedly, will help you to experiment with a proxy:

Special programs for anonymous surfing on the Internet
Как узнать и скрыть свой IP адрес Actually there is a lot of them, to list everything it would be silly so I will give examples only of the most known and convenient programs for readers of
Mask Surf – the most convenient, in my opinion, program for anonymous surfing on the Internet. It is completely automated: itself it is integrated into Internet Explorer and FireFox, a beret from the bases anonymous proxies and right there imports them to the browser. All settings are intuitively clear, very simple and effective program in use. Supports Russian.
Proxy Switcher Pro – will scan a proxy, will check and will find for you a huge number of high-speed proxy servers. For everyone the proxy will specify the country in the form of a badge. Generally, it is very convenient, intuitively clear, and works with high speed.
Proxyassistant – right after start the program checks lists of proxy servers on the base, filters workers, and presents to you. From pluses – a wide choice of proxy servers, completely Russian interface and detailed statistics.
Look for references to programs, I only gave examples of the most known, checked utilities who cannot be found to any.
How to work with anonymous proxies, it will be told in the following article on this subject. Generally, study, try, experiment, this knowledge is very useful as already spoke, has to be known to everyone.
Fast and safe surfing to you!
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    Anonimoys//14 of December, 2008 Why to them to intercept your information? But theoretically it is possible.
Really what for? After all the whole world is occupied by honest people for whom anything others it is not necessary.? But theoretically it is possible.)))))))
The dude you che was born yesterday???
And me in general to a pobaraban.... at I rumple in some unimaginable way aipizhneg opredelyaetso as pendosskiya))
Though I for this purpose did not do Z.Y. to a nicha
exe on July 01, 2009
The person the good fellow who wrote this article of course, but current it forgot one important detail: Webmoney does not work through a proxy! secondly the majority of free proxy servers is opened by hackers with the purpose to intercept your data. Paid proxies also it does not make sense to take, 3500 rub a year hardly what user will pay. The only way it to cipher the data...
Katya on May 07, 2009
Useful article, the truth similar on the Internet too happen. It is a pity that did not answer questions. Here too interestingly how use of a mobile network where the address is appropriated on connection and remains to me belonging to the company can protect along with a proxy from malefactors? And it is how easy to find the user of a network of the cellular companies?
Voland on April 27, 2009
Also I can advise an excellent way skyt the IP by means of the VPN technology (Virtual Private Network). Very udrbno, and, above all anonymity.
Sergey on April 24, 2009
Fine article, I am a beginner and such "tops" as the proxy did not comprehend yet, but for itself something noted for example about the IP address. I will become more skilled I will try "cap of darkness".
Rush on February 27, 2009
Aimed to hide himself in a network. Read about use of the 'dedik' i.e. remote of the allocated servers here. Question: in what a difference between use of these dedik and an ipolzovaniya of a proxy of servers? It is written that dedik work week - month... and all. And I need 'to hide' myself periodically. So after all what most optimum way of anonymity?
N/A on February 08, 2009
Because it is necessary to do via computers of ordinary users, through some, plus samomy to be not houses, and, for example, in an Internet cafe.
Guest on January 28, 2009
Whether it is possible to find the person if he uses a proxy, and thus has dynamic IP from provider?
January oQ4Life 03, 2009
Funny of course, but as for me (the owner of use) I will tell frankly: all those putties for your "ip" - a hogwash. And at zhelaniy everything it is learned about you within 2-3 hours.
sandros_kmd on December 19, 2008
Yes... All this, of course, interesting. And if proksya it is taken by the same hatsker? As soon as via such server packages with your passwords from the same WebMoney or still anything go, they at once will appear in hands of criminals... especially it is possible to hide ayp by means of a proxy not from all... the one who very strongly wants to learn yours ayp, all the same recognizes him, and no proxies servers will help:)
Anonimoys on December 14, 2008
Why to them to intercept your information? But theoretically it is possible.
Lechy on December 09, 2008
Prompt, and can - whether owners of proxy servers to intercept my information? Somebody checks them for integrity? Or anyone can get to lists of proxy servers?
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