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Heating of the private house

Each owner of the private house needs to resolve an issue what will be heating in the house. In an ideal it is the issue needs to be resolved at a construction stage, but perhaps and to reconstruct the heating system which is already available in the house if it does not suit the owner.

Resolving such important issue as heating of the private house, it is necessary to consider certain factors.

  1. Whether you live in the house constantly or visit the house arrivals.
  2. What sizes of the house.
  3. Whether there is a possibility of connection to the main gas pipeline.
  4. What type of fuel is most favorable in your conditions.
  5. Climatic features of your region.

Answers to these questions will give you an objective idea of what has to be the heating system for your house. will tell about main types of heating in private houses, having noted the main pluses and minuses of the most widespread heating systems.

Oven heating

The most ancient heating device – the furnace, on former is demanded by mankind. Partly it is explained by that not always there is an opportunity to be connected to the gas pipeline and rather low price of solid fuel. But not only these reasons induce owners of houses to install the furnace in the house. Not seldom the furnace serves as alternative to the gas or electric equipment, insuring owners against unpredictability of municipal services. Sometimes owners prefer to use the combined way of heating when in a toplivnik of the furnace the copper to which connect system of water heating is established. In this case the furnace efficiency noticeably increases. After all it is considered one of shortcomings of oven heating slow warming up of the room. The furnace heats up itself and only in the beginning after that gives heat to environment. The system of water heating allows to warm up evenly and quickly the room, and the furnace hot heated will warm the room the heat for a long time.

The furnace is used not only for the purpose of heating of the room today. Not seldom the furnace or a fireplace become very significant element of an interior, allowing to create special color, to feel the calming effect of live fire, to listen to the pacifying sounds of the crackling firewood.

In order that the furnace effectively warmed up the house, long held warmly and fuel materials were economically spent, it is important to think over a furnace design competently. Besides, at the device of oven heating the correct planning developed especially for the house with oven heating comes out on top. To bake it is necessary to have in the center of a thermal contour. That is, if it is planned that the furnace has to warm some rooms better that rooms were adjacent. In the house there can be some thermal contours and, respectively, some furnaces.

Minuses of oven heating:

  1. It is necessary to allocate specially time to heat the furnace. It is important to control this process from beginning to end. It is impossible to leave the furnace without supervision.
  2. Care of the furnace too will demand additional cleaning. It is necessary to delete ashes, to clean a grid-iron lattice, to maintain purity of walls and, besides, to carry out preventive repair.


  1. Autonomy. You decide how many time to heat the furnace, how many to use firewood and do not depend on falsities of public service.
  2. Simplicity and availability. For a fire chamber of the furnace it is possible to use firewood, coal, vegetable garbage – all this rather inexpensive types of fuel. There are furnaces which work at sawdust and straw briquettes. Simply to Istopit the furnace. Any person can master it. And this process even is pleasant to some.

Electric heating

Electric heating of the private house can be executed in several options, thus, the owner of the house has a good choice how to design heating system most expediently. As a rule, electric heating starts being considered seriously, when there is no opportunity to bring gas when it is about heating of the big area to the house. Of course, the electric power the most expensive energy carrier, but at reasonable approach it is possible to lower financial costs of heating significantly. 3 options of electric heating are generally used: electric copper, programmable convectors, infrared heaters and heat-insulated floors.

  1. The electric copper consumes a lot of electric power and, besides, its work requires a certain power. Far not everywhere there is a technical capability to receive 10–15 kW on the house. Installation of the new transformer or replacement of a power line can be demanded that, of course, is interfaced to additional expenditure. Therefore before buying an electric copper, it is necessary to find out in detail a situation with electric equipment in your district. Perhaps, it makes sense to put the multiphase counter that it was convenient to regulate work of electric equipment taking into account time of day. However installation of an electric copper has the mass of pluses in case it is required to heat the big area as costs of heating of the big area practically do not differ from heating of the small room.
  2. Electric convectors are good that perfectly cope with heating of one room. They are more economical than an electric copper therefore if in the house of some isolated rooms, electric convectors are very convenient.
  3. Infrared heat-insulated floor. Today this type of electric heating becomes more and more popular. Impresses efficiency of a heat-insulated floor. Infrared waves heat not only a floor, but also everything that is in a zone of their action. Heat goes from below, and it is especially comfortable. The difference of temperatures between a floor and a ceiling makes some degrees. Such floor easily and simply is mounted. Sections of a floor can be laid practically under any covering, but the ceramic tile best of all for this purpose approaches. The heat-insulated infrared floor is an energy saving type of heating, however it costs not much very not. It must be kept in mind also that infrared heating is contraindicated to people with oncological diseases.

The conclusion concerning expediency of electric heating in the house arises by itself. The electric heating system beautifully looks, practically does not demand your participation, works in the automatic mode. Essential minus is only continuous increase in prices for the electric power, and also periodic interruptions in power supply.

Gas heating

Most of owners of private houses prefer natural gas as fuel. The gas system of heating is convenient, easy-to-work, heating by gas will manage much cheaper than electric heating. For the private house as heating devices the gas copper, or gas convectors is most often used. Models of gas coppers differ the generally with a power from 4 to 15000 kW. Gas coppers can be wall, and can be established on a floor. The last are, as a rule, more powerful. The gas copper of a certain design can not only warm the room, but also provide hot water supply.

Structure of gas system of heating of the house business rather troublesome. It is necessary to make and agree on the project of heating system of the house with gas service. Installation of the gas equipment and start of system can carry out only authorized services. The owner of the house incurs expenses for connection to the gas pipeline and purchase of the equipment. But stable giving of heat to the house will become result of these efforts.

Gas convectors are convenient to that can work not only from the main gas, but also from a cylinder with the liquefied gas. Such convectors are good for a country house.

As the only serious minus of gas heating it is possible to consider potential of explosion of gas and possibility of poisoning at gas leak. However it is easy to eliminate these risks. It is enough to choose the correct gas equipment suitable on power and to follow all service regulations.

Liquid-fuel and solid propellant coppers

The coppers working at solid fuel (coal, firewood), concede on power to gas coppers. Recently interest is caused by pyrolysis coppers in which burns down not only fuel, but also the gas which is formed when burning. The efficiency of a pyrolysis copper is higher, than at the usual solid propellant. Fuel is considerably saved.

In Russia coppers on liquid fuel also are often applied to heating of the private house. Such copper is more often choose where the district is not installed gas, where interruptions in electricity not a rarity. Installation of a liquid-fuel copper requires the certain room as at combustion of liquid fuel there is a smell and a soot.

Mirsovetov pays attention and that at a choice of this or that heating system it is important to pay special attention to warming of the house, excepting loss of heat. Only in this case heating will be really effective.

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