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How to keep health of a backbone

The backbone is a basis of our skeleton to which muscles fasten. In fact, the backbone is a basis of all our body. Its maintenance in a healthy state will favorably be reflected in a condition of all organism. However, unfortunately, often we start caring about health of a backbone already when felt the first symptoms of a disease.
The backbone is a basis of our skeleton to which muscles fasten. In fact, the backbone is a basis of all our body. Its maintenance in a healthy state will favorably be reflected in a condition of all organism. However, unfortunately, often we start caring about health of a backbone already when felt the first symptoms of a disease. offers you simple councils, using which, you warn many diseases of a backbone and keep its health for longer period.

Influence of sedentary work

With what such large number of diseases of a backbone is connected today? Was considered earlier that only the hard physical activity is capable to cause injuries of a spine column, however now is established that everywhere widespread motionless, "sedentary" work does much more harm.
It is known that the people having "sedentary" work have much more bigger risk of development of diseases of a backbone. And it is not sophisticated, after all during motionless hours-long sitting there is a stagnation of all liquids of an organism that except the approaching osteochondrosis leads to some other diseases, such as obesity, gynecologic diseases at women, prostatitis at men and a problem with sight. Long sitting leads also to tension of muscles of a back that aggravates problems with a backbone.
The hypodynamia (insufficient physical activity), the wrong poses during sitting at a table conduct to huge number of diseases: osteochondrosis, radiculitis, scoliosis. It is possible to avoid it everything, actively playing sports: visiting the pool, a gym, eating properly and using services of the massage therapist.

Factors of health of a backbone

Factors of health of a backbone include healthy nutrition, sufficient physical activity, gymnastics for a backbone and observance of security measures at the raised loadings.
In the conditions of a hypodynamia himself needs to think out additional opportunities to move. Train the muscles "between times". Develop a habit to come to a balcony or to the street in each hour of the working day. Forget about the elevator, train, rising on steps. Do mini-charging at least 5 minutes within each hour.
Huge harm renders circulation high-heeled. Dear women if you have a suspicion on deterioration of health of your backbone, forget about a high heel. The beauty beauty, and health is more expensive.
Every day surely begin with small gymnastics. Especially favorably exercises affect back muscles, however do not forget and about a press. The beefy press helps "to hold" a backbone in front.
Well hanging on a horizontal bar affects a backbone. Thanks to it the backbone stretches under a body weight, the distance between vertebras increases. Today there is a wide choice of exercise machines which help extension of a backbone.
It is noticed that the smoking people have usually more problems with a backbone, than at the non-smoking. Lead a healthy lifestyle, and it will favorably be reflected in your organism.

As it is correct to sit

As it was already told, the "sedentary" working day harmful affects ours health. How to sit as much as possible to facilitate load of a backbone?
Surely sit exactly, do not stoop. Try not to zasizhivat long on one place. Do small warm-up within 5-10 minutes in each hour. Equip the workplace so that you necessarily had to get up, for example, put the printer far away from a table.
I recommend to readers of to pay attention to in what situation sit. Do not sit up in one pose more than 15 minutes, constantly change position of feet, hands and a body. Try to put the computer directly before yourself, but not sideways to relieve themselves of need unnaturally to turn the head aside.
Get to yourself the most convenient chair which will repeat all natural bends of a body, for example, the chair similar to the automobile. Adjust height of the chair or chair, it has to be approximately at the level of knees. Your seat has to be the most comfortable, not squeeze a muscle of buttocks, feet. Track that your clothes, for example, tight jeans, also did not squeeze tissue of feet, joints and a backbone.
If during your work you are compelled to drive the car till some hours, get to yourself special orthopedic pillows and linings for maintenance of a backbone in the correct situation.
Try part of the daily work it being necessary to carry out, for example, get up when you speak by phone. Even if you at least from each working hour will go or stand 10 minutes, it will already make useful impact on an organism in general.

As it is correct to stand

To learn it is correctly to stand also important, as well as to sit, and to lie. The most important to try to liquidate tension in a backbone, muscles and joints.
Do not wait until your feet become numb, change a pose more often. If there is an opportunity, it is better to resemble, stretch or knead a few back muscles. If opportunity is not present, serially transfer weight that to one foot, to another not to manage to feel fatigue.
Pose, natural to backbone, not when you cost it, having rolled out a breast a wheel and having removed shoulders back. This pose promotes a zatekaniye of muscles of a back. Much more favorably for a backbone a pose if to rise exactly, to lower a little a chin and to pull in buttocks.
It is correctly to stand, it is necessary to use the correct footwear. We already spoke about harm of heels. It is best of all to choose convenient orthopedic footwear without heel.
If you have to stand often having bent down, for example, when washing a floor a mop or cleaning by the vacuum cleaner, try to make the handle of the vacuum cleaner or a mop is longer to minimize an inclination. If you have a "standing" work during which you are compelled to bend or be bent constantly, for example, you are a massage therapist, learn to stand in the correct pose: the movements during performance of massage, cleaning by the vacuum cleaner, etc. have to happen not due to bending and extension of a backbone, and mainly due to work of feet. For this purpose bend feet in knees a little and make the movements in knee and coxofemoral joints.

As it is correct to lie

In order that your backbone remained healthy for many years, use an orthopedic mattress and a pillow during a dream. The mattress has to be moderately rigid, that is not allow excess deflections of a backbone, but also not to be "as a board". The pillow should not be too high, the head has to lie in situation, the closest to a physiological bend of a neck. If for some reason it is impossible to you – try to use instead of a pillow the roller under a neck. When using the roller the head holds convenient natural position, the blood-groove in a neck and the head is not at a loss, are not overwound and the vessels feeding a brain are not pressed. If you have headaches, a high probability that they will pass after use of the roller.
Try not to sleep on a stomach, having turned the head aside. At this pose there is a great opportunity to jam the arteries bringing blood in a brain.
After the alarm clock rang out in the morning, do not jump from a bed too quickly. Make small gymnastics, stretch and only after that accurately get up.

As it is correct to lift and transfer weights

The biggest damaging effect is had on a backbone at the wrong carrying of weights:
  • it is impossible to twist a backbone during heavy lifting is one of the most dangerous movements;
  • if you cannot lift weight and choose between "to drag" and "push", unambiguously to push better, it is much safer for a back;
  • to lift heavy it is necessary not "backbone", but "feet". That is if you want to lift a heavy box, it is necessary to sit down with a direct backbone, to take a box and, having unbent feet, to rise. If you are bent with direct feet, take a box and after that try to lift it, straightening a backbone, it in a root is wrong as the backbone at this moment experiences very big strain. It is possible to use also lowering on one knee, from this pose to rise very conveniently as you have opportunity to help yourself the second foot;
  • do not carry weight one hand, the best way – to spread out them to two parts to bear two hands. This council is not observed very often by women, preferring to carry heavy bags on one shoulder that adversely affects on health of a backbone;
  • when carrying weights, try to hold them as it is possible closer to the body not to displace the center of gravity;
  • if you need to lift something above the head, look as lift weights weight-lifters – they at first breakthrough lift a bar on a breast and at the same time squat, and then lift a bar at the expense of a leg extention.


For maintenance of a backbone in a healthy state it is necessary to adhere to the balanced diet which we already described in the article "How to Keep Health of Bones and Joints". In the general words, it is necessary to eliminate products, unhealthy, to add to a diet the vitamins and microcells necessary for maintenance of a backbone in a good shape. The basic necessary elements are a calcium, manganese, magnesium and phosphorus. It is necessary that the food was vitamin-rich And, groups B, C and D and also to use qualitative proteins and fats.
Mirsovetov it would be desirable to pay special attention of readers on harm of excess weight on health of a backbone. It is very important to normalize the weight, after all all extra kilos render additional load of each vertebra. Do not try to dump all excess weight in two weeks, experience shows that gradual transition to healthy nutrition with gradual weight reduction is much more useful to a human body.
Pay attention to emergence of a crunch in muscles or a backbone. The crunch is not always a symptom of a disease, but often it speaks about adjournment of salts in muscles. Reduce consumption of table salt, hot and marinated dishes. It is also possible to carry out clarification from salts bay leaf. For this purpose take 5 g of bay leaf, fill in with three glasses of water, boil 5 minutes and fill in in a thermos. Insist not less than an hour, and then during the day small drinks drink all broth. It is very important to drink broth small drinks during the day, drink all volume of liquid at once it can to be hazardous to health. Repeat clarification three days in a row. After a clarification course the crunch usually becomes much less. It is possible to repeat clarification about 1 time in half a year.

Some exercises

Physical activity is very important for health of a backbone. Swimming and yoga is especially recommended. Combine physical exercises with a contrast shower, rubdowns, douches, massage which intensify processes of a power exchange in back muscles.
We present you one of the most known exercises for a backbone which can be done independently as prevention and treatment of pains in a back. Take a plastic bottle, pour in it hot water. Water has to be rather warm to warm up muscles, but not too hot not to melt a bottle and not to burn skin. As the option, a bottle can be wound with a small towel. Then lay down on a floor (on a rug or a carpet) and enclose a bottle under feet. Now accurately try to give a ride to a bottle under a back along all body, especially being late in lumbar area. It is necessary to give a ride to a bottle from the tailbone to the head basis several times. Not less than two times a week at a healthy backbone are desirable to do this exercise, at an aggravation it is possible to make several times in addition.
Also you can carry out the elementary exercise which many call "kitty" because of similarity to this animal. For this purpose kneel, put hands on width of shoulders. Very slowly and accurately round a back up, having pressed a chin to a breast. Be late so for some time, then accurately and slowly curve a back on the contrary, having thrown the head up. Do this exercise several times.
If you have any symptoms of beginning backbone disease, it is desirable to consult with the doctor and to ask it to appoint to you specially picked up set of exercises. From the most popular complexes it is possible to note a set of exercises across Norbekov, across the field of Bregu, across Bubnovsky, etc.

And the last council is one of the most important. It is known that long stresses have an adverse effect on health of a backbone as during a stress muscles spazmirutsya and the metabolism is broken. Therefore watch your emotions, treat life more positively, learn to relax despite everything, and then you will manage to keep health for many years.
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