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Types of a headache and their treatment

Around the world millions of people have a headache which fluctuates from a moderate attack to intolerable pain which, as a rule, is caused by increase of intra cranial pressure or migraine.
Виды головной боли и их лечение Around the world millions of people have a headache which fluctuates from a moderate attack to intolerable pain which, as a rule, is caused by increase of intra cranial pressure or migraine. The headache can arise quite often at absolutely healthy people, owing to change of weather or overfatigue. Often such pains quickly pass without the need for acceptance of drugs, or after reception of any anesthetizing medicines.
For not absolutely clear reasons some yet, women have headaches more often than men.
If you are disturbed by the long and repeating headaches, you should not neglect visit to the doctor-neuropathologist, and also medical examination as chronic head pain can be harbingers of any serious violations in an organism.


Migraine is the pulsing headache arising periodically, most often after awakening. During a dream, pain usually is not felt. On the force migraine can be from moderated to intolerable. Usually such pain affects one half of the head. Migraine can last till 72 o'clock, often is followed by nausea, vomiting, heavy shipping of light, loud sounds. Doctors still did not define that is the reason of migraines. It is known that the people subject to migraines have overactive areas in stem part of a brain. There is an assumption that the changing level of hormones influences this part of a brain, and, perhaps, women have from it migraines more often than men (for example, a menstrual cycle, pregnancy and other hormonal factors).
Hormonal fluctuations are only one explanation of developing of migraine. Also stresses, hunger, sleeplessness, smells, bright light, sharp products, food preservatives, weather changing, etc. can be the reasons of migraine. Tendency to migraines is, as a rule, descended.
To the patient who is disturbed by migraines, appoint a computer tomography, and also various blood tests.

The headaches arising because of the increased or lowered intra cranial pressure

Most often, such pains arise because of tumors of a brain and intra cranial hematomas. Such pains are characterized by vomiting, drowsiness, dizziness, arise usually at night, or early in the morning. For exact diagnosis of such headaches appoint a computer tomography, they are treated, as a rule, by means of surgical intervention.
There is also other form of headaches which arise owing to increase of intra cranial pressure, but without any educations in a brain. Such pains can be met at young girls or women, with a weight exceeding norm. Along with headaches there can also be sight violations.
Symptoms at such pains – pain in a forehead, temples, a nape or all head. It can be provoked owing to change of weather, overfatigue, a stress.

"Hortonovskaya" headache

Such type of a headache often meets at men. Pain is characterized by attacks, is very strong and drilling, extends, as a rule, round an eye, on a temple and a forehead. Attacks usually arise at the same time. During such attacks it is impossible to take alcohol.

Tension headache

Such headache usually is caused by tension. There is emotional (stresses, experiences) and muscular tension (tension of muscles of a neck). To the people having headaches of such look appoint a computer tomography, and also visit to the neuropathologist or even to the psychiatrist as the headache of tension can arise owing to the latent depression.

Headache owing to concussion (a craniocereberal trauma)

Such headaches, as a rule, can last within long years after a trauma and are followed by alarm, irritability, decrease in concentration of attention, dizziness. The patient usually worries that his state becomes even worse, starts having a depression. At the headaches caused by concussion, as a rule, sanatorium treatment, anesthetics is required.

Cervical headache

The cervical headache can be both the average force, and very strong. It is localized from a neck in a nape, in temples, eyes. Such pain can be followed by nausea, a poshatyvaniye, dizziness. There are usually owing to sharp cervical movements, exhaustions, colds, osteochondrosis.
Spasmodic headaches it is easier to treat, than migraine, but almost with all headaches it is possible to cope with the help of medicine and methods which can use independently.

Treatment of a headache

  1. At headaches it is possible to use the patented sedatives, such as aspirin, an ibuprofen, naproksen, paracetamol, tempalgin and other drugs which range is rather wide.
  2. The hot shower will help to weaken spastic headaches as hot water relaxes muscles on a back surface of a neck and head.
  3. Cold compresses cool painful area that narrows blood vessels and reduces a painful pulsation. Wrap a package with ice cubes in a towel and apply on painful area approximately for 10-15 minutes.

Alternative treatment

  1. Pyrethrum maiden – a curative grass which was used for treatment of headaches hundreds years ago. It contains components which remove spasms of blood vessels in a brain. If you use fresh pyrethrum maiden, use one leaf in day. The dose of tablets or capsules should not exceed 300 mg a day. Tincture of a fresh plant needs to be accepted on 40 drops.
  2. As it appeared, such fragrant table spice as rosemary prevents some headaches concerning a stress. Rosemary allows to resist to spasms of blood vessels. The best way of use of rosemary – to make it as tea. Fill in one teaspoon of dry leaves of rosemary with a glass of boiled water, cover, let's be drawn 10 minutes, filter and drink.
  3. Other folk remedies about which curative properties it is possible to learn from the corresponding reference books.

Long-term decisions

  1. If you lead active lifestyle, use more liquid. At some people who are engaged in physical exercises, cases of attacks of migraine were often observed. It can be connected with organism dehydration. To prevent it, it is necessary to drink about two liters of water a day.
  2. Most often, cells of a brain at people who have migraines, receive insufficient quantity of necessary components, so and energy. The only known way by means of which it is possible to increase energy production and to prevent headaches, consists in that. That it is necessary "to feed" periodically cells of a brain with the B2 vitamin, known, as Riboflavinum.
  3. Try to reduce caffeine doses, it can help to reduce the frequency of headaches.
  4. Adhere to the schedule of a dream. Be convinced that in your bedroom it is rather dark and silent, and interrupts nothing a sleep. When you sleep, your organism is restored, including a brain.
  5. Try to have a rest and spend more time in the fresh air. The lack of oxygen is also essential reason of developing of headaches.

Medical ways of treatment

  1. Medical examination is necessary for each patient who is disturbed by chronic headaches, as a rule. It is necessary to find or exclude dangerous types of headaches and to appoint treatment which will be the most effective, will yield the best results and will save appliances and time. Types of inspections which can be appointed to the patient:
    • reception of the ENT specialist;
    • reception of the neurologist;
    • reception of the psychiatrist;
    • general blood test;
    • special blood tests;
    • X-ray analysis of cervical department of a backbone with functional tests;
    • computer tomography of a brain;
    • computer tomography of additional bosoms of a nose.
    • Ultrasonography of vessels of the head and neck
  2. Ask the doctor on sedatives. Migraine medicine shares on two main groups: what prevent migraine, and what can quickly kill pain at attack. Usually to stop migraine which already began, doctors prescribe such medicine as: sumatriptan, rizatriptan, paratriptan and zolmitriptan.
  3. Manual therapy. The professionals owning technology of manual therapy can reveal and eliminate a cause of illness for some sessions.
  4. Massage.
  5. Acupuncture.
  6. Medical injections of Botox. Leads injections of small doses of the preparation Botox in mimic muscles to lasting medical effect – removal of headaches of tension, and also that is not unimportant, to smoothing of mimic wrinkles.
Remember that any pain is a peculiar signal of any violation or damage to an organism. A headache as, in principle and any other, is only a symptom. If you prefer to self-medicate, consider that abuse of medicines can lead to serious diseases of a liver, kidneys, a gastrointestinal tract, developing of an allergy. Do not neglect experts, the skilled doctor will always help to specify the headache reasons, to establish the diagnosis and to carry out adequate treatment. Health at us one, and it is necessary to care of it.
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