Properties of a hawthorn
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Properties of a hawthorn

Herbs are capable to help not only at colds, cough, wounds, a hair loss, but also at serious diseases. Today we will talk about a hawthorn – the friend of cores. This bush though prickly, but here by force and properties is allocated by the mighty. And not only cardiologists carefully studied and recognized hawthorn fruits, it is recommended to apply it and at other diseases.

Herbs are capable to help not only at colds, cough, wounds, a hair loss, but also at serious diseases. Today we will talk about a hawthorn – the friend of cores. This bush though prickly, but here by force and properties is allocated by the mighty. And not only cardiologists carefully studied and recognized hawthorn fruits, it is recommended to apply it and at other diseases. Also will share this knowledge with the readers of

General information about a plant

In medicine long since widely use for treatment flowers and fruits of a blood-red hawthorn, here its Latin name – Crataegus sanguinea. Believe that the name went from the Greek word "cratanos" that means "strong" or "strong". And it is valid, wood at a tree strong, firm, he with firmness transfers all of trouble of environment and there can live more than 300 years. Ancient Greeks considered that prickles of a bush are capable to drive away evil ghosts because of whom there are diseases therefore over a door of the house suspended branches. The first mentions and notes of a hawthorn were found in books of the philosopher from Ancient Greece Feofrast. And here Dioskorid recommended a hawthorn at diseases of digestive system, kidneys, bleedings, obesity. In the 19th century many doctors considered as important opening identification at a hawthorn of valuable properties, after all then it became a find when other means did not help with treatment of cardiac illnesses at patients.

Many pay attention to this bush from family rozotsvetny, sometimes it looks as a tree, reaches height to five meters. Branches its brilliant, brown, are supplied with the large prickles which are extended to four centimeters. A form of leaves obratnoyaytsevidny, peristonadrezanny, the basis wedge-shaped, edge krupnozubchaty, there are stipules. More often leaves naked, but some types have an omission from two parties. In the summer their color dark green, and by fall – orange-red. White or pinkish small florets form shchitkovidny inflorescences. Fruits bright, most often blood-red or orange, their diameter to 10 mm, and a form spherical, extended or pear-shaped. The ripened fruits sweet and tasty. Inside there are three firm trihedral stones. The bush only two blossoms or three days, and fruits ripen late fall – closer by October. The plant starts fructifying when reaches ten-year age or later. The smell of fruits, according to some researchers, strengthens self-confidence and the abilities.

Chemical composition

In fruits there are a lot of sugars, more fructose therefore they can be eaten at diabetes.

Triterpenovy acids: ursolovy, oleanovy, krategovy.

There are flavonoids (kvertsetin, viteksin, giperitsin), phytosterols, also acetylcholine, tannins, pectin, organic acids is well-cared.

From vitamins are found: E, To, an askorbinka, carotene, routines.

It is a lot of micro and macrocells, for example, compound of potassium, iron, calcium, selenium, chrome, cobalt, silicon …

At flowers the structure is similar, but flavonoids much more.

Pharmacological properties of a hawthorn

And now let's look, what positive impact the hawthorn has on an organism.

  1. Perhaps, the most important action – cardiotonic. Improvement of tireless work of a cardiac muscle, the prevention of processes of aging of our "motor" is noted, violations in a warm rhythm are removed. Thus there is a selective expansion of coronary (coronal) vessels and the same happens to vessels in a brain. Thus there is a supply of a myocardium and brain with oxygen better. And all this thanks to triterpenovy components and flavonoids.
  2. Atherosclerotic action – flavonovy connections clean vessels, reduce to norm cholesterol level in the blood course at regular course application of preparations from a hawthorn.
  3. The hypotensive, calming and normalizing a dream action.
  4. Increase of vital forces and amount of hemoglobin.
  5. Improvement of work of a thyroid gland at its hyperfunction.
  6. Increase of a lactation at women.
  7. And in the ancient time the hawthorn was used as anti-inflammatory and astringent at ponosa and problems with digestion.

Indications to application:

  • cardiovascular diseases: vibrating arrhythmias, stenocardia, paroksizmalny tachycardia, ischemia, a kardialgiya, atherosclerosis, a hypertension, after heart attacks;
  • hypererethism, epilepsy, neurosises, sleeplessness, especially in the period of a menopause;
  • short wind, hypostases, migraine;
  • excessive activity of a thyroid gland;
  • gipolaktiya at the feeding women and dyspepsia at kids;
  • in Tibet for treatment of a liver and zhelchevyvodyashchy ways.

How to apply hawthorn preparations?

It is possible to prepare during blossoming white or pinkish florets of a plant. Or in September-October to start collecting the ripened fruits. And still to acquire easily these medicinal raw materials in the next drugstore. It is possible to make curative tincture or to buy it ready prepared. Do broth of fruits of the house. And from flowers – infusion.

For preparation of flower infusion take a tablespoon of florets and fill in in a circle with a cover (or in bank) 300 ml of boiled water. After closing by a lid it is possible to cover a towel, substances necessary to us will so best of all be drawn. In 15 minutes it is already possible to filter the medicine. Divide it into three receptions and take these portions for half an hour before plan to eat.

Now we will prepare broth from the available fruits. At first we should shatter them. We boil 250 ml of water and we throw our raw materials (one tablespoon) there, we mix, we bring to a condition of boiling, we diminish a spark and we cook 15 minutes. Now cover broth, and let it potomitsya on the switched-off plate still some time. It is necessary to accept the filtered broth on a tablespoon three times during the day. Then the dose can be increased to one third of a glass by each reception.

Insisting of fruits is allowed to be carried out and in a thermos. It is one night better to do it. And in the morning at you the preparation will be ready. Fill up one or two tablespoons of balsas in a thermos in the evening and fill in them 250 ml of boiled water. Well cork everything. Next day for three receptions drink a ready preparation.

Tincture becomes for 70% alcohol, it is taken by 500 ml. The shattered fruits this quantity will require 50 grams. In two or three weeks the dosage form will be ready for filtering. Then liquid of yellowish-red color with a small smell has to turn out. The single dose depends on a state and a disease, approximately from 20 to 30 droplets. Number of receptions too variously if a course, three or four times a day is conducted. And if sudden pains arose in heart, it is necessary to accept 30 droplets. It is better to drink tincture before meal.

It is useful to eat fresh beautiful and juicy fruits in the fall. Only do not eat too much!

Whether there are contraindications and undesirable effects?

As the hawthorn considerably reduces pressure, fresh berries more than one two hundred-gram the glass cannot be eaten! Otherwise there will be symptoms, characteristic for hypotonia – drowsiness, slackness, weakness. Hypotensives in general should observe big care if they want to undergo treatment this plant. warns that at incorrectly picked up dose there can be an oppression of a rhythm of heart. Do not drink preparations on a hungry stomach, in such cases spasms in intestines were sometimes noted. Also do not neglect consultation at the good doctor.

If after reading of this article you have a desire to put a decorative hawthorn on the garden site, Mirsovetov will only be glad. Graceful leaves, beautiful white florets and bright fruits of this bush will decorate any territory. Let the hawthorn will help you to be healthy, dear readers!

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