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Advantage and harm of a protein

Every year people even more often reflect on the health. The correct way of life, the balanced food and daily trainings in the sports hall became norm. For those who seeks for achievement of certain results, actual is a question: whether it is possible to apply a protein to build up muscle bulk, and so it is harmful to a human body.

At first let's find out that represents a protein. Many will be surprised when learn that the protein is the same protein. For producers of sports food production with habitual all name "protein", seemed too simple therefore marketing specialists decided to appropriate it other name and called products, with high protein content "protein". Powder of a protein can be bought in specialized shop.

For each person of squirrels, he is a protein, plays large role. It is impossible to imagine a daily diet without products supporting squirrels. For the growing organism important that the child (and not only) drank milk, ate eggs, meat and fish. Protein is necessary to the person at any age for growth and forces.

If to consider a protein in powder which is on sale in specialized shops of sports food, it is intended for maintenance of forces after long trainings and increase in muscle bulk. The protein only from natural products is made. will open for you a small secret – the majority of milk plants make protein powder along with the main production (milk, kefir, sour cream, cottage cheese and cheese). By the way, the production technology of baby food and protein powder differs in nothing, both products are issued on the same equipment.

The main raw materials for production of a protein are a milk. A product this unique, contains in it many nutrients necessary for growth of an organism: carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and, of course, proteins. To receive proteinaceous powder, from milk, at first receive serum and by means of the special equipment receive a dry product. The protein received such is called in a way as "a serumal protein".

The second, not less popular protein for sports food is "casein". It is received too from a natural product – cottage cheese. It is a product, in turn, it was also received from milk. By the way, the majority of instant children's mixes consist of casein protein.

To people who lead active lifestyle and cannot live day without physical activities, it is just necessary to use protein. To eat couple of tens eggs in day, it is a lot of fish and meat, to drink a milk large bottle - not each person can afford it. So the protein will just be suitable for active people and athletes. If you are at work and there is no opportunity to have a bite, it is possible to prepare for itself protein cocktail. Protein of casein is acquired more long, unlike serumal therefore it is better to use it in the first half of day or for the night after evening training.

Still it is worth paying attention to the third type of a protein – vegetable protein which is received from soy.

Advantage and harm of a protein

Proteins, as well as I peep, and also vitamins and bioadditives need to be accepted intelligently. Each person needs to receive enough protein, and for those who plays sports – twice more. For example, if the young man plays sports and about 75 kg weigh, in day he needs to use to 140 g of protein. How to understand, how many it? Let's say that in liter of milk contains to 35 g of protein, in egg – 5 g, and in a portion of meat – about 30 g. Every day to use a large number of the products supporting squirrels it is unreal. Therefore to increase muscle bulk and to fill up a stock of the spent energy, it is necessary to accept a protein.

Before finding out in what harm of a protein consists, we will consider a product from a positive side:

  1. The serumal and casein protein is simply necessary for those people who want to build muscles and to burn fat. It is a strong antioxidant, it strengthens an organism and helps to cope with seasonal diseases. At the use of a protein (within norm) cholesterol in blood decreases, muscle fibers are restored.
  2. The main advantage of a soy protein – low cost. As a part of vegetable protein there is a lecithin which stops aging processes. This type of protein renders smaller load of kidneys that is especially important for those people who suffer from diseases of an urinary system. Soy protein helps to cope with excess fat, and also positively influences work of a thyroid gland. It will be suitable for the people keeping to a diet and for vegetarians more. To build up muscle bulk only on one vegetable protein it will not turn out.

Speak about harm of a protein everywhere. Still opinions of doctors are shared. Someone considers that the protein has pernicious effect on a human body, and someone on the contrary, claims that the protein is capable to work wonders. It is clear only one – protein is construction material without which it is impossible to reach certain results. Along with this version, there are people who consider that the protein influences man's health. And it partly the truth because the protein can negatively influence work of male genitals. Why so occurs? Mirsovetov explains: it appears, the reason of failures of an organism that athletes (and not only) accept a protein not by rules but because they so wanted. If to start drinking a protein independently, without recommendation of the trainer or the doctor, the health can do much harm. Accept a protein only according to the schedule, observing certain proportions. If not to adhere to norm, it is possible "to earn" many side effects. Among them not only weakening of a potentiality, and interruptions in work of a digestive tract, emergence of allergic reactions, weakness, disorder of intestines. To people, whose organism does not perceive squirrels, it is necessary to refuse reception of a protein completely.

Coming back to a potentiality subject, It should be noted that in a protein there are no harmful substances which can influence work of male genitals. And here steroid preparations are just pernicious for men. Therefore if you decided to begin reception of a protein, do not buy a cheap soy protein which can contain a phytoestrogen (a female sexual hormone). This vegetable preparation has negative impact on a man's potentiality if to accept it uncontrollable and in large numbers.

It turns out that if to observe a dosage which was developed by the doctor or the trainer, impact of a protein on an organism will not be negative. In a complex to receive good result and to keep health, it is important to follow such rules – is balanced to eat, have a rest after the exhausting physical trainings and to sleep not less than 8 hours per day. Otherwise, even without reception of powder protein decrease in a potentiality can be noted.

What contraindications

Each person has to receive necessary amount of protein in day. If it is not enough, it can negatively affect health. But it is possible not for all people and it is necessary to use protein. It is necessary to refuse completely the use of a protein to those people who have diseases of kidneys or the individual intolerance is noted.

For those people who do not suffer from a renal failure not to do much harm to an organism, it is necessary to drink in day a lot of liquid (to 4 liters). It is connected with that the protein contains a large amount of nitrogen. This substance is output from an organism together with urine. If not to drink a lot of liquid, nitrogen will start collecting and load of kidneys will increase. So it is just necessary to observe the drinking mode at the use of a protein, and it has to be only the cleared water - juice, milk and tea are not considered.

At competent reception of the protein made of natural raw materials with observance of technology about any harm of the speech cannot go. So get a qualitative product and observe a dosage.

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