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As it is correct to play in bookmaker office, part 1

Since ancient times of people liked to conclude a bet. Former "an eagle and a reshka" turned into more serious types of disputes. Now rates on various sports competitions in bookmaker offices are very fashionable. But here how to play and thus not to remain in minuses and with an array of problems, I tried to understand today.
Since ancient times of people liked to conclude a bet, thus proving the superiority over other people. Former "an eagle and a reshka" were transformed to more serious types of disputes. Now rates on various sports competitions in bookmaker offices are very fashionable. But here how to play and thus not to remain in minuses and with an array of problems, I tried to understand today.

Types of players

At the moment it is possible to allocate two types of players: the first are those people who play in order that with big passion to watch sports broadcasting, and in case of a victory of a favorite team to receive a pleasant bonus. Usually in the West, similar players understand that such game is not way of earnings at all. And the player is always ready to loss of money. He actually pays for pleasure. And if carries, can return the money.
The second type of players – professional bookmakers. These people do not play at random any more, and purposefully work for a prize. Here both the statistical analysis, and the theory of probability, and a weight more of various trifles enter the course. These people invest the money to get profit and definitely are not ready to easily to leave the money. Such type of the player unlike the first can put even against a favorite team if considers that will be so more favorable. These players do not know the word passion and personal addictions because, first of all earnings, and then on earned it is possible and to have a rest.
Problem of players from the CIS countries that they try to gain income from game as the second category, but play rather as the first. Sometimes they are lucky, but the strip udach soon comes to an end. The player tries to recoup, gets to debts and so on …
Therefore the first council from at game against bookmakers: do not play for money which loss will be for you essential, do not reach a certain professional level yet (not to confuse to a successful strip in game).

Principle of work of the bookmaker

How there takes place game at the bookmaker, similar offices why are organized? Let's assume two teams A and B. Iskhod play games is possible in three variations: a draw, a victory And, a victory of B (for reduction of quantity of possible results, many players recommend to play tennis as there cannot be draw). Probability of that one of these results will drop out we will take equal 100%. By calculation of various factors the bookmaker comes to a conclusion that the team A will win 50 percent of cases, team B in 40 percent, and the draw happens in 10 percent of cases. Than the high probability of a victory of one team, subjects is less than a coefficient on a victory. Therefore the player does not have a difference on what result to put, he will win all the same with identical probability. But then there is no benefit to the bookmaker as if the equal part of players will put on each event – that money will simply be redistributed.
Here also the main dirty trick is covered. Those coefficients which were calculated by the bookmaker never are exposed to the game line. The bookmaker always somewhere consciously underestimates, and somewhere increases coefficients to get profit. But bookmakers too people and professional players calculate the wrong installation of koeffitsint and earn on it.
Fortunately for bookmakers of such players there is not a lot of therefore 90% playing finally remain in loss.

Before starting playing

Before continue to read, I want to ask you, what type of the player you are going to become? If you want to play on pleasure, further reading this article will allow you to spend time simply pleasantly. If you are going to be the professional player, I want you to warn that the myth about fantastic life of people who devoted the life to rates – is far from reality. As I already spoke, 90% of players bring in the income to bookmakers, remaining in loss. Ten-twenty percent of profit as a result are very quite good result for other ten percent of players. And only less than 1% really have good profit. But they are the huge talents having a wide experience and professionalism. Their game is very far from game of fans and all others. You are this one percent?
But there is more to come. If it seems to you that game on rates are an easy money, you very strongly are mistaken. Game in bookmaker offices will take away still bigger amount of your time, than some other work, after all professional game is rather investment activity, than simply hazardous hobby.
Did not stop you written above, and you continue to read? I am impressed by your determination. Then we will pass directly to preparation for game.
For a start it is worth deciding on a choice of office. Here already everything depends on your preferences. If you live in the large city – that can choose something in city boundaries. If you live in the small settlement where static offices are absent, or to you simply laziness to go there, can choose the Internet bookmaker. If you preferred the second option – that recommends to choose larger bookmaker office because on the Internet there is a great number of the deceivers ready gratuitously to accept your money.

Mistakes of the beginning player

You decided to become the professional player, started analyzing matches, developed some tactics. Also started winning. And here you had 100 dollars and as a result of a successful series they turned in 500. And passion starts overflowing you, all your tactics fall, you start pursuing further increase in profits and here you incidentally lose a half of the sum. "Anything terrible", – you think, and continue game. And as a result remain with anything though could remove 400 earlier or even 150. Here it, the first mistake is a lack of discipline and strong influence of emotions and passion.
Professional game, as well as any other type of investment activity, demands a lot of time, but not always it is. And then the player starts staking instead of intelligent rates on risk and, naturally, as a result loses.
You should not borrow on game or to take from the vital articles of your budget. Use only that it does not grieve you to lose tomorrow. After all you do not know the end result of your game. Be always ready to risk and opportunity to lose.

At this stage you can consider acquainted with what results can be expected at game in bookmaker office. I will pay to rates and the main strategy in game more attention in the following part As it is correct to play in bookmaker office, part 2.
All benefits to you!
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