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As the hairstyle is carried out by fire

"A hairstyle fire" - a novelty in the world of hairdresser's art. Sounds a little terribly, but in too time and intriguingly. Two incompatible things would seem: hair and fire, and result impressive!

Emergence of a method of a hairstyle fire

In spite of the fact that the hairstyle fire is considered a novelty, actually it not so. 1000 years ago hairdresses formed fire without scissors. But gradually tools forced out this "barbarous" method and about it forgot. And only in recent years more and more hairdressers began to come back to it and many already estimated advantages of this method. In Russia this technology was patented by Olga Kurbanova – the stylist who considers as the mission to do women by beauties. Today this procedure can be found in different hairdressing salons and salons and under the name "Hairstyle Fire", "Piroforez" and "Fire cut". But what name the hairstyle would not carry, the essence remains to the same – a hair core influence a flame. And the necessary effect is reached by a combination of medicinal properties of fire and influence of cosmetic preparations by which hair are processed before procedure.

Safety conditions which need to be observed during a hairstyle fire:

  1. Before to subject hair to fire influence, they need to be humidified well, then it is possible to avoid ignition.
  2. For each client preparations which apply in strict sequence individually are selected. In this technique fire acts as the conductor which brings useful substances from cosmetics to a hair.
  3. Each master has to have the certificate with Olga Kurbanova's signature which confirms its high professionalism. If such certificate in salon is not present, Mirsovetov does not recommend to you to address to this institution.

Indications for carrying out a hairstyle fire

Today the most widespread diseases of hair are:

  • fragility;
  • secheny ends:
  • dryness and porosity.

These three reasons lead to loss of a hair and therefore scientists around the world constantly look for means of fight against them. And the hairstyle fire is one of the most innovative methods. Hot scissors which influences only tips of hair, naked flame differs from a hairstyle in that processes a surface on all length of ringlets. Under the influence of fire the form and length of a hairstyle does not change, high temperature renders only the medical and restoring effect.

Under the influence of heat there is a polishing of scales which are overdried and injured, they densely nestle on a hair trunk surface.

In what cases treatment by fire is necessary:

  1. For the thinned hair.
  2. For the hair which lost volume.
  3. For dry, fragile and fat-free.
  4. For a dyed hair which became too porous.
  5. For hair which suffer after laying from the hair dryer and other devices.
  6. For people who love show even in hairdresser's salon. Approaches both to men, and women.

Carrying out procedure of a hairstyle fire

That procedure gave the expected effect, it is necessary to adhere to a certain algorithm. In the beginning it is necessary to apply various means which contain many vitamins, minerals and proteins on hair:

  1. Hair need to be washed the special clearing shampoo.
  2. Then the master does massage of the head, it is a compulsory procedure in good salons as thanks to massage, blood flows to roots of hair and delivers nutrients.
  3. Then the master greases ringlets with a thermoprotectant which will protect hair from influence of high temperature.
  4. Further it is necessary to put a brittle hair conditioner, it contains a lot of protein of which, in fact, and the hair consists in the structure. When hair break and split – it means that in them not enough protein.
  5. Further apply spray in which there is an oil of orange, camomiles, wheat on hair. Under high temperature useful substances from these oils get into structure of a hair, and they remain there within several months. At the expense of it hair look well-groomed and healthy.
  6. Now it is possible to start processing of hair fire. It is necessary to moisten a wadded tampon with alcohol, to set fire to it and to carry out this flame on all length of hair. As a result dry and porous hairs have to burn down. The ends of hair are soldered, locks become equal, and hair become stronger. Hair need to be combed diversely, but only from roots to tips. If hair of average length, are necessary for the master for work 6-7 wadded tampons. One tampon burns not more long than 3 minutes.

  7. If hair dry during processing by fire, the master applies the moisturizing spray. The special attention is always paid to temples and a zone about roots, as in these parts most of all pushkovy hair which easily ignite.
  8. After the hairstyle is finished by fire, it is necessary to impregnate hair with protective lotion, and then it is good to pound them a towel, then all melted-off sites will roll up from tips of hair.
  9. Further it is necessary to dry up hair and it is possible to look, what effect, usually after the first procedure is swept up the stunning result – hair look live, smooth and brilliant.
  10. That the effect from a hairstyle was even more, it is necessary not to wash the head after procedure three days because means which were used, have property to be absorbed gradually.

Some responses of those who already tried a hairstyle fire say that after procedure there passes even the headache and migraine, there is a feeling of ease, euphoria. And the effect for hair surpasses all expectations. In total in an hour of procedure the shock of the unruly electrified hair turns into the silky and smooth, shining locks. But, to support them in such state, it is necessary and houses correctly behind them to look after, apply the moisturizing lotions.

Advantages and shortcomings of a hairstyle fire

Under the influence of fire hair become:

  • less whipped and if to undergo procedure not disposable, and a course, it is possible to get rid of this problem completely;
  • minerals and amino acids, sated all necessary for growth of hair, and also at the expense of additional cosmetics - and a keratin;
  • visually increased in volume, also density of hair increases;
  • same brilliant, as well as after usual lamination;
  • without static electricity.

Negative moments of a hairstyle fire:

  • success or unsuccessfulness of result depends only on experience of the master. If you are not sure of its qualification, do not sit down to it on a chair better, it is possible to burn hair simply, and it already almost irrevocably, it is necessary to wait for many months before they grow;
  • if not to carry out procedure constantly, split ends appear again therefore the hairstyle fire needs to be repeated;
  • sometimes people give not positive responses, they simply do not notice visual changes. Though here depends besides on skill of the one who will see her and from a condition of hair to procedure;
  • high cost of procedure, for example, a hairstyle hot scissors leaves much cheaper.

If it is correct to look after house hair, the result from procedure can keep about 3-4 months. It is necessary to repeat a hairstyle fire if necessary that is when you already notice that ringlets became strongly injured. If you constantly resort to treatment by fire, the interval every time will increase because over time hair become more and more strong and steady against fragility.

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